Boner in class

Once, when I was 12, I copped a hard-on at school, during history class. This was actually pretty common for me, except this time it happened right before the bell rang and every one was getting up to leave for home. I set at my desk until all the other kids had left, but my history teacher was still sitting at her desk, looking at me, wondering why I hadn't left. She asked me if something was wrong and I said no, but my face was beat red. She got up closed the door to the classroom and then walked over to my desk, and set down on top of my desk, with her dress draped over with her upper thighs exposed to me. I could see her panties clearly outlining her pussy lips. My cock was now so hard I thought it was gonna bust through my blue jeans. She asked if I had a problem she could help me with and again I told her no, but she knew something was up, literally. She reached down between my legs and started rubbing the bulg in my pants and smiled at me and told me not to be embarrassed, because most boys my age have erections at school. She swung her legs around so she was directly facing me, on top of my desk. She pulled up her dress and slid her panties to the side so I could see her pussy. It was the most awesome thing I had ever seen in my life. She started rubbing her pussy while she continued to rub my cock. I came in my shorts in less than two minutes and she continued to rub herself for a few more minutes till she came. She then stuck her dripping wet fingers to my lips and told me that I must never tell anyone, or she will get me into the worst trouble in my life. I promised her I would never tell, and she told me if I ever had this problem again that I could come to her for help any time. I stayed late after class many times after that. She taught me everything there is to know about sex that year. Sadly, she moved away the next year. She was my favorite teacher ever.

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  • When I was in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade I attended a one room school house in Nevada and out one teacher was in her early thirty's or late 20's and I had the biggest crush on her. In class all I could do is stare at her and the way she moved about I'd get a raging boner and several times I came in my shorts without even touching my dick all because of her.

    Then one afternoon she caught me rubbing myself in class looking at her ass and tits. She didn't say anything to me right then but she told me to stay in my seat when the others went outside for recess and when she dismissed all the others for 20 minutes recess I sat in my seat and she came over and sat on my desk and her skirt rose up and I could see her panties and I got another erection and she said it was normal for boys to have crushes on teachers and she knew I was attracted to her because of all the things I wanted to do for her and the way I hung out just to be by her but she said it was wrong for she couldn't get involved with any of her students then she kissed her finger and put it on my lips and said that's between us and started to get up but fell off of my desk landing on the floor and she showed me her panties really well that time by accident. I reached out and offered her my hand and she took it and helped her up but as she got almost standing I sneaked a kiss right on her lips and she pulled back telling me NO but my hands were on her hips and I pulled her to me once again and kissed her again, this time tho she kissed me back and our lips remained together for nearly a minute.

    After that day I kissed her several times during the day when we were alone. Back then we didn't have sex ed in school but she taught me everything I know about women and how to please them, she even got pregnant by me when I was in the 8th grade. the following year I had to go into town for Jr high school and I learned she had a baby boy and she gave it my name and moved out of state to Oregon some place.

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