I asked a gf to have sex with my husband

My marriage is sexless. I still love my husband but we just don't connect anymore. We are comfortable together. I have no interest in sex and he does not turn me on. I was out with a girl friend of mine and I said to her that my husband needs some sex she could come over and give him a treat. She was obviously shocked and I was super embarrassed and made a joke of it. Then a few days later I said it to her again. So she knows I am serious. I wonder.


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  • I know people are going to think I am a creep, but here goes. When I was a younger man between 25 and 27 years old. I fucked all of my 9 aunts and 11 of my older cousins. They were between 40 and 57 years old at the time.
    To this day all of the remaining living ones consider me their favorite nephew or cousin. I turned 50 back in February and well, all of them still give me unasked blowjobs when I see them.

  • My wife gave me her best friend for my 40th birthday present. My wife knew I was sexually attracted to her friend, every guy is, she fucking hot. We got a hotel room and my wife babysat her kids while we had sex. No lie, true story.

  • A few years back my wife and I were sitting watching a movie, out of the blue she tells me she has a huge favor to ask of me. I'm thinking its going to be something around the house she wanted done, but was shocked when she asked if I would sleep with her mother.
    Her mother was in an abusive marriage ,my father in law controlled her every move, after he died she basically became a shut in with very low self esteem. My wife was trying to get her to start dating and meet someone nice. Her mother didn't think any man would want her.
    My wife's idea was if I had sex with her it would build her confidence and she would maybe get out and start dating.It was an awkward conversation my with my wife getting upset with me when I told her she was crazy. I finally agreed to what she wanted just to make peace.
    My wife set it all up , I took her mother to dinner then back to her mother's house . We talked a little more over a few glasses of wine before I moved in and kissed her. That was all it took to bring out the woman in her. I found out quickly that my mother in law had been well trained by her husband in how to please a man. While she really isn't much to look at she was very sexual. In minutes she was on her knees looking up at me whiles sucking my cock, I ended up fucking her from behind in her living room, her on her hands and knees resting her head on the couch , it wasn't long before we were both cumming. We moved to her bedroom where things slowed down and we took our time pleasuring each other to orgasm.
    Every once in a while when we are in bed my wife will ask me to tell her about that night with I spent with her mother,she gets turned on and its like a competition with her to be better than her mother.

  • I am married and my husband let's me sleep with whoever I want he thinks it's sexy and hey I got to have sex everyday

  • A couple days ago we had a woman who asked her sister to fuck her husband because of a sexless marriage too.... why cant I have a wife who does these type of things...damn!!

  • Knowing this site it's probably the same person confessing

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