My niece did me in

Two weeks ago my 15 year old niece and I were playing and she started in teasing me and I told her if she didn't quit I would spank her. Well that lasted five minutes and she went right back at it so I grabbed her arm pulled her over my lap and as I did her sweat bottoms slid down a bit and I pulled them a bit further exposing her bare bottom and I gave he five good swats with my bare hand the last my hand rested on her a*s and she placed her hand over mine and held it there all the time she was squirming on my lap and all of a sudden I realized my co ck was getting bigger by the minute. That is what she was squirming on and my body was giving me away.
I told her to get up and she did but she didn't pull up her sweats she dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them and there standing before me was a 15 year old goddess that any one would love to have and as she stepped closer and planted a kiss right on my lips slipping her toung between my lips she teased mine with hers and I started to push her away but she sat on my lap and I could feel the heat of her puss right on my cock as she started to grind against me. It took about 10 seconds and I had a hard on like I've never had before and the thin fabric of the shorts I was wearing wasn't hiding a single thing and she continued to grind against me, yea she did it she put the head of my cock right against her puss and slowly slid down onto me and then she went wild. God I have never had a young girl before and she was fucking my cock like a pro. I could feel my orgasm building and I was doing every thing I could to keep from ejaculating inside of her, but it was useless I exploded in her and as I did she slid down onto me taking all of my 7 inch cock into her and she continued to rotate her puss on my cock making me cum more and more. God she was so tight and she kept right at me kissing me and yes I started in kissing her back how could I not and I slipped her sweat top off of her and there she was nude sitting on my cock still fucking me her young tits right before me as I took a nipple into my mouth and began to tease making it harder than it already was and I began to suck lightly and she held my head to her breasts and I took almost all of it into my mouth and she held me there tight. For nearly a hour she fucked me and yea my body gave in and I fucked her too. She made me cum in her and later while on the floor I came in her once more. For nearly another hour we laid there talking and she said she was watching some porn on her lap top in her room and she got all aroused and being I was her favorite uncle she wanted me to be her first. I told her she could never tell anyone for I would be arrested and sent away and she could only see me thru bars and she assured me she wouldn't tell a soul if I continued to please her and she'd please me. I took her virginity or should I say she used my cock to take it from her and there was the tell tail blood on my cock and balls. God I hope she don't get pregnant from this and I hope she can keep a secret for god forgive me but I want this young lady a lot more.


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  • My niece was almost 13 was teaseing me also. I said same thing that i would spank her. My sister spanks her when she misbehaves. She said i would not dare. I did and took her by arm and my cock took over as in a flash i had her shorts and panties of and spanked her hard and fast. She started crying and saying shes sorry. I used the excuse that i would tell her mommy i spanked her for teaseing me and she promised she wouldint as she thought her mom would for sure spank her and ground her. I was shocked also to see that she was still completlet hairless and a little wet. I rubbed my finger along her tiny slit and dipped finger in for a second and told her shes naughtie and that if shes ever bold again im going to spank her and threatend to tell her mommy about her teaseing me. That was almost a year ago and anytime im mind her i find an excuse to bare her little bum and spank her.. Shes started to get a tiny bit of hair now. Guess shes a late bloomer as her little boobs are no bigger than small oranges..

  • My name is Christy and if your name is Bruce then the story you told was the first day I took my virginity with your cock and to let everyone know I didn't get pregnant from that time or any of the times we've been together since

  • Tf ^

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