I was paid for sex

I once took money in exchange for having sex with a guy. I was desperate, I was going to be evicted from my apartment and I had nowhere to go. It was with a friend of mine, He proposed the whole deal and at the beginning I felt insulted but I ended up taking his offer.

We did it in a hotel room and the actual fucking probably lasted 20-25 minutes. I basically let him have his fun with me, he started fucking me on top, then both on our sides, then he put me on top of him and he finished fucking me doggie style. He told me I had to cooperate so I moaned, rocked my hips back and forth and in circles around his cock until he came

I felt like a prostitute of course, but he was cool about the whole thing and he was not abusive during sex, I mean he got very horny and fucked me hard several moments especially towards the end but it was what I had expected.

I was able to get out of that financial hole little by little a few months later, our friendship didnt continue, I mean I couldnt see him the same way after what happened, we saw each other ocasionally but I didnt want to talk to him, I wasnt mad at him, I just didnt want to talk to him

I never told this to anybody

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  • Hun you did what you had to do and I dont think you should judge yourself so harshly about it. I think you should have just relaxed and try to enjoy the sex, maybe play out a little prostitute fantasy that many of us have ;)

  • Yes you must have felt like a prostitute, but you did a favor to yourself, your act kept the roof above your head , what is more bad ... having good sex for money or living in the streets ?

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