Enjoyed being molested

When I was 7 or 8 my babysitter rubbed my pussy and had me rub hers. I knew it wasn't right but I loved it! A few years later I was 12-13, a friends dad rubbed my pussy and twisted my nipples. I pretended to still be asleep but moaned and spread my legs for him. He got scared and ran. After that I got my friend Shannon to rub me every chance I got, I rubbed her too, but she didn't really get into it as much as me.
So I am wondering why I still fantasize about it and have always wished it would have happened more? I have a strong marriage and sex life, but me yelling my husband about these two incidents will make us both cum quickly!


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  • When I was growing up my parents would tell us about every time a kid was kidnapped, molested or raped in the news. They were doing it to scare us to be good and not talk to strangers and stuff but mostly it just made me jealous. I don't know if was true but it felt like all of my girl friends were being molested or had been molested or raped. When they talked about it they were complaining but the amount and way they talked about it, it always felt more like they were bragging. I felt really left out. What was wrong with me that no man or boy wanted to go after me? Anyways, I never got molested. I did get raped. I HATED it at the time. Now, it is one of my favorite memories. When I talk about it I have to be extra careful not to sound like I'm bragging

  • Tell us about the rape more and why it makes you wet now

  • My sister who was 18 had me play with her boobs one night, and told me how a girl likes it. I was 14 or 15. Then she had me fuck her, but just for a minute to show me what it felt like. She asked me if I came yet, and when I said no she said good. Then had me stop. It was a one time thing. But as an adult, I wish I had been more bold and pushed her for more. I've thought of all the blow jobs I probably missed out on if I had been bold enough to ask.

  • My parents hired a sitter for me who was still in high school, she was on her phone all day talking to her friends. One day she comes to my room and asked me to lie down on my bed, I did so then she tells me that I have to keep this between them. She gave me a smile and told me I was really going to like it but do not tell anyone about it. She pulled down my shorts and began stroking and fondling my penis then in one quick motion she put the whole thing in her mouth and began sucking on it. I know my mouth was wide open along with my eyes because it felt incredible, I actually lasted quite a long time and she stopped a few times and asked me how it felt. She asked again if I felt like I was going to cum, I had played with myself before so I told her almost. she sucked on me like mad and I finally came, she gagged a little bit because it shot right to the back of her mouth but she sucked it all up. She gave me about a dozen blow jobs practicing for her boyfriend and I am sure he loved it when she finally did it.

  • I started having sex with my stepmom at a very young age. It started out with her walking around naked after my dad left for work and turned into a feel then oral and finally sex. I loved every second of it and do not consider it bad. She would suck me off sometimes but most of the time I came inside of her. This went on for years and my wife is the only one I have ever told. She gets off on it too because she had the same experience with her grandfather starting when she was very young. She has no regrets either because she enjoyed it and we both agree that we are better lovers because of this. We talk about it often while we have sex and it gets us both off Everytime.

  • My mom hired the high school girl from down the street to watch me all day, it is a miracle I survived for other reasons but she was hot as a girl could be back then. One day she was on the phone with her friend for hours and she called for me to come over to her. She told me to drop my shorts because she wanted to see something, she was on the phone and I guess her friend was telling her about her boyfriends penis or something because she was looking at mine and telling her friend that she was seeing what she was talking about. She reached out with one hand and casually started stroking me while talking until I was hard as a rock and barely able to contain myself. She told her friend she would call her back later and hung up then without a word pulled me closer and swallowed my cock. She sucked on it hard and fast until I came then told me that I had been really good today so keep it up and I would get one of those again.
    I was the best kid I could be everyday and she gave me one hell of an education that summer.

  • When her husband ran off with another woman, our now single parent mother use to babysit me when my parents went out for the evening. I use to go to her place and stay overnight. It all started the first night when she embarrassed me by asking if I had a girlfriend; young and naïve I said no. Have you kissed a girl? I said no. Have you ever felt a girls boobs? Noooo; would you like to?

    Not wanting an answer she laid me down on the sofa and sat down unbuttoning here crisp cotton blouse and lay next to me. She opened her blouse more and cupped her breast and released it from her bra cup guiding her nipple into my mouth, just suck gently on it she said. At that age I did anything an adult said and the next moment I experienced the wonderful sweet warm milk from her breast. There, what's that like? she said, I just moaned Mmmmm and closed my eyes and suckled as she mothered me and as her hand wondered down to my blossoming cock which she made the most of.

    I had years of attention from her and I never regretted it, then suddenly one day she moved and I never saw her again. Like yourself I never regret those secret times with her and always long to relive them.

  • Sounds like you loved pussy before this happened you didnt know how to ask right

  • My sitter had me around her finger, she knew exactly how to control a kid. She came over and on day one she told me if I was good I would get to touch her. I asked her what she was talking about and she lifted up her shirt and told me I could touch her boob. She told me if I was good all day then tomorrow she would take off all her clothes and I could touch what ever I wanted, she was so hot I just stood there stunned. I was good and did what ever she asked me to do and the next day a few hours after I got up she came into my room, took off all her clothes and laid down on my bed. She told me okay you have about an hour. I touched her all over and ended up with a hard on every time.

  • When I was 6 I'd watch the lady nude sun bath on her stomach through the cracks in the fence. I really wanted her to turn over and let me see the rest, but she never did. I'm sure that if she took me into her house and molested me, I would have loved it.

  • When i was 9 my friends brother who was 17 or 18 pulled me onto his lap and started to tickle me until i wet my panties. He then said i better get you cleaned up. He brought me into bathroom and stripped me ane started wash my pee pee as i called it. It felt strange but realy good. He put me lyeing on floor and spread my legs and then put his finger in me. I realy did like it and it felt awssome. He done it for ages and then got me a pair of his sisters panties and he kept mine. After that i would climb onto his lap when i could and wiggle around. Sometimes i even left my panties of. One of my uncles when i was almost 11 also fingerd me and started rubbing my nipples and tiny budfing boobs..

  • My girlfriend invited me over to were she was babysitting a really young girl. She asked me if I wanted to see a little girls pussy and she would spread it open and I wouldn't have to do anything. So I went along with her. As I was watching her spread open the girls pussy, my girlfriend started to eat out the girls pussy. I was very very aroused with this. Then my girlfriend stood up and removed her pants and panties, sat back on the sofa. Spread her legs for the young girl.After a little bit of encouragement, the girl got between my girlfriends legs and began licking her pussy. My girlfriend said, as you can tell we've done this before. Then asked me, what do you think? Are you likening it? And I was likening it, I was as hard as a rock. She sucked me off in front of the girl, who watched with great interest. My girlfriend wanted us to have sex with the girl involved. But I couldn't do it, I wanted to but was more worried about being caught. My girlfriend told me that her aunt use to do the same thing to her when she babysat her. And that she liked it, and has fantasies about it. She admitted that she has done it ever since she has been babysitting as a young girl.

  • That's so lucky... she's a keeper marry her and make sure u fuck that lil girl... I wud

  • I was a really naïve kid. I used to wear little sport skirts skimpy clothes and nighties and had zero idea about the effect on men. I am so thankful that the adults around me were responsible enough to not do anything to me.

  • It's dad that that's something to be thankful for, when it shouldn't even be a thing

  • I would like to show you some things

  • Your a middle aged male pervert and this is your sick fantasy.

  • What's the fun in calling out people you think are making up stories. Wasting your time commenting when you could be jerking off on another site is really stupid. These comments are worse that the made up stories by far. What a sad life you must have.

  • Actually I'm a 46 year old female and this is true.

  • Can I come and help you out with some hard dick? G

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