Showing my tits

I love exposing my tits to guys. Nearly all my blouses/shirts expose as much of my tits as legally possible and some even more. I have some that are nearly sheer but being of darker colors unless you look close you can't tell that you can see my tits through them. I have a swim suit that is like crochet with quarter size openings all through it that get small near my pussy and ass, but what I really like about it is the openings at my tits get small but the one directly over the center of my nipple is large enough so that when my nipples get hard from the cold or when i am excited the tip can poke through the larger opening. The suit is the same color as my nipples so that also cannot be seen unless looking close. Those get me hot knowing I am so exposed, but the ones I and my hubby like the best are the one which are sideless. Kind of like a mans muscle shirt with the sides open only mine is open nearly to the waist and go over almost to the outside edge of my nipples. They are made of very thin cotton so when my nipple are hard you can see them almost as well as if i had nothing on. They are also cut low so the top of my tits are showing/ I wear these when mu hubby takes me out to the clubs dancing. I love it when i'm dancing with guys at the club and they are rubbing the sides of my tits and once in a while I'm lucky to get a bold one and he will spin me around so my back is to him and his hands slide under the sides of my shirt and he plays with my tits while we dance.

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  • I really don't flaunt my tits off but I seldom wear a bra to hold my 35 C breasts, don't need to and there are times when my nipples give me away and when they get hard they are almost 3/4rs of a inch long and get very hard when they get rubbed by a rough fabric. When this happens which seems like a lot I get all sorts of comments and guys always try and cop a feel and some when holding me in a hug their hands somehow cup my breasts and play with my nipples and I melt in their arms and I let them do what they want.

  • Hot older sister shows hers off, too. Very low-cut, sometimes open shirts, tank tops, and barely buttons three buttons on those types of shirts. Sometimes, it's only the bottom 2, so each shirt side flies open and stays there. When it comes to bikinis, forget it..The tinier the better. She once walked through a part time job I had, in a black thong and hardly..barely there bikini top that her tanned, 38's burst out of and nipples protruded.

    We've gotten free lunches, gas, and a guy to assemble a desk just because she's so free with showing her marvelous tits. And if she befriends some new guy and they leave, giving her a hug and sneak an up or downshirt grope? She laughs and thinks its hilarious.. My friends have gotten their hands on her tits several times..

  • I live in a holiday town and I love to see braless and some see through tops mmm just love it. if you have it flaunt it.

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