Farm sex

Growing up on a farm has its good and bad moments. Some of my best moments were being fucked. Mom and Dad worked and so me, my older brother and younger sister were alone a lot of times. We had chores to do but after we had plenty of free time to try and find things to entertain ourselves. Some of my chores were to take care of the animals since I loved being around them, We had some pigs, goats, a couple of horses, a milk cow along with a bull and half a dozen cows in the pasture, my dad a couple of the miniature stallions, not the ones you call shetland ponies these were looked exactly like a standard horses gut was less than 3 feet tall, he also had a pack of hunting dogs, Of course there were the usual chickens, ducks, etc.. Taking care of the animals i was of course exposed to them fucking a lot. This got me to thinking how it would be to have one fuck me. I was already fucking myself with whatever i thought would feel good so I figured it would be really good with a dick that I wasn't controlling. I took one of the gentle hunting dogs into the barn and stripped down laid back on a hay bale and let him start sniffing and licking my pussy. I got on hands and knees and he mounted me. He was having a little trouble fining my pussy so I helped him and I was so wet and hot he slipped right in. It felt so good. He was pumping me harder and faster than anything I had felt before and then I felt him begin to knot up and he got even bigger. I had cum and so was he. We had to stay that way for just a bit before He could pull out. It was fantastic. I begin letting him fuck me anytime I could get alone and figured I wouldn't get caught. I had an idea I wanted to try and took three of the males dogs for a walk in the woods behind out house. I knew of a place that was isolated and I often went there when I wanted to be alone. I took them there and tied two to a tree and let one fuck me then tied him to a tree and let another fuck me. I did this to the third one too. It was so great having three dicks fuck me and my pussy full of my and their cum. As usual I wasn't satisfied with that and began looking at the miniature stallions. It amazed me at how much their dicks looked like a persons. They were small horse but their dicks were 10 to 12 inches long but not nearly as big around as a standard horses. I really wanted to see if I could take at least some of that dick in me and I took one out and began to play with his dick and he got so big and hard. I got so hot I stripped off my clothes and started to suck his dick. I was so into it I didn't hear when my brother walked in and saw what I was doing. It scared the crap out of me when he said "good job sis". I jumped up forgetting i was naked until I saw him looking at me and smiling. It was too late to try and cover myself so I looked at him and asked if he liked what he was looking at. He said hell yes and asked what I was going to do with the stallion. My brother and I had always been close so I figured I just as soon tell him about the dogs and how I wanted to try the stallion. He said he had an idea that would probably work and both of us would enjoy it. I asked what . He said he would fuck me first and then help me fuck the horse. I didn't have to think long before agreeing. He set up a bench and spread a blanket over it and I laid down on it and we fucked on it. after he had cummed in me and I had cummed as well h told me to just lay there and brought the horse over and walked him so he was straddle the bench with me under him. My brother said he was going to bring him closer to my head so I could play and suck the horse dick until it was good and hard and then back him up and I could slide his dick in me. Getting his dick hard again didn't take long and he start ed to hump some so my brother backed him up and I reached down and guided his dick to my pussy. Since my brother and i had just fucked and i had his and my cum I was lubed up and ready. When the horse felt the head of his dick slide into my pussy he humped forward and fill me with his dick. My brother held him back so he didn't push too far inside me. and he started humping me like crazy. My whole body would bounce every time he slammed into me and I started cumming and suddenly I could fell like there was a gallon of cum filling up my pussy it began to run out around the horse dick as he continued to pound me. Soon he stopped and just stood there with his dick still in me. I was worn out and happy. Soon i felt his dick begin to slowly soften and slide out of me. My brother walked him out from over the bench but I could only just lay there with horse cum running out of me. My brother came over and began to rub his dick on my tits and then up to my mouth and I opened up and let him fuck my mouth and when he started cumming he pulled out and shot his load over my face and tits. After that first time we did this on a regular basis and later even included some of our cousins and my brothers friends.


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  • Interestenting story did you ever think to try it with a pig too ?

  • Had sex on the farm too. I grabbed a bag and one of the dogs and hurried to the barn. Quickly undressed and put on the clothes from the bag. Soon the fucking started. Soon, it was going good, and I was about ready to blow my load, when my sister opened the door and gasped.

    She had seen me acting strangely and taking one of the dogs quickly into the barn and had followed me. She said she thought I had taken a female dog with me at first and was curious what I was doing. She got to the barn and heard sex sounds, and assumed I was fucking that female dog. She realised that wasn't the case when she found me on all fours wearing her clothes and jacking off, while the male dog on my back had knotted my ass and was now butt to butt with me.

    She watched in amazement at us. I blew my load and the dog was cumming in me. She lifted the dress and moved the panties, so she could see better that he was definitely inside me. She had all sorts of questions like it it when my first time was, how often I let him fuck me, did it feel good, how often I wore her old clothes, had I fucked one of the females too?

    I told her that I had been getting fucked for a few months and it had started one day with me wearing her panties and he ended up licking my asshole and then mounting and fucking me. I had only been with this one male, and he had been fucking me at least 2 times a week. I told her that I wore her old clothes every chance I could and enjoyed the feeling of him fucking me and when he was locked inside me knowing we would be stuck together until he was finished with me.

    She waited with me until he pulled out and helped me up. She gave me a hug and told me I could be like a sister to her.

    She told me if I really liked getting fucked, she knew some guys that were that way.

  • Wow, interesting story. Made my cock hard just reading it. Would love to play with a horse cock.

  • I to grew up on a horse ranch when I was at home till I was 24. I got introduced to sex with our Rottie at the age of 14 and a miniature horse a year later but after six months I was taking all of them in me, I love it when they ram themselves deep into you and their head flairs up as they fill you with their cum keeping it in you till they decide to pull out. I have taken them doggie and missionary and I love doggie the best for they burry their cock deep into me and Pretty Boy the 8 year old no longer need any coaxing to get him to do me as soon as I get down he's eager to give me a good fucking not just once but after he cums he'll stand there and after a few minutes he's ready to go again and each time gives me more of his cum.

  • All over your tits

  • That has made me so hard right now i just want to have a wank and bkow my load all over the place

  • Yes all over my face and tits

  • All over me

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