Gave a blowjob to a co-worker

I got really drunk last Friday and I gave a blowjob to a friend from work. Im married so obviously I feel super bad for doing that to my husband but I mean I dont think my friend is going to do or say anything, I dont think anybody else noticed. It could be one of those things that just happened but will not have any consequences in nobodys lives.

My friend and I were sitting inside his car outside a club because as I said I got drunk while we were drinking and dancing inside with a group from work. I remember my friend started kissing me and I even remember fighting him off and saying no because Im married, but as I said I was drunk so I dont deny my involvement a few minutes later in all this mess. I remember he wanted to fuck me right there in the car and I said no again, but then he said something like "look how hard youve got me, give me a blowjob then baby" I dont know why but I guess at the moment I thought it was a good idea.

I bent down towards his seat inside the car, opened his pants and started sucking his cock. I guess at that moment women's instincts just took over because I started sucking his cock really good. After a few minutes he grabbed me by the hair and started cumming inside my mouth. I didnt feel like fighting him off so I just let him cum in my mouth and then swallowed.

I dont know, I just did it and then sat back in my seat. He was of couse all exited and gasping for hair when I finished. After a few minutes we got out of the car and went inside the club where everybody else was. To my knowledge nobody found out what happened


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  • Good girl... You swallowed.

  • A long time ago, a coworker felt in love with me. She was married and, obviously, not happy in her marriage. We started having sex outside work, in a motel. Sex was not so great with her, but she had huge boobs, so it was overall acceptable. One evening we were both working late. I wanted a blowjob. Walked up to her, unzipped my pant, pull my "you know what" out and more or less shoved it in her mouth. She was a bit of a submissive woman, so she did it. I came in her mouth and she spitted my cum in the bin next to her desk (yeah, she was a spitter - told you sex was not that great with her). A few seconds later, the janitor walked by and he didn't see a thing...

  • Work is a great place to get rid of sexual frustration, I get to have it anytime I want to do it.

  • My last office job was in a big building, connected to an insurance company. We shared space and heat, so, were familiar with each other, including holiday and the occasional friendly gathering. I became friends with several of their female staff, including one very hot, petite (ok..short) blonde who was married. "Gina" (name change) and I left at the same time one early evening, and she mentioned having to call her neighbor for a ride home.

    I, of course, offered, being a nice guy and wanting more time with her, even just on the road. She agreed, and, I took the rather longer, roundabout way to her house, winding up on a side road where I used to live. We pulled over to talk, and, boom...Her head went right down, hands undid my pants and zipper, and she went at my cock like crazy..Don't know where that came from, but I wasn't about to stop her.

    Gina gave me the best cock-working I'd ever had. Sweet, beautiful, soccer-mom type was wild on me! Apparently, she wasn't getting any action at home, took advantage of our few drinks and being alone in my car, and needed a good cock fix.. She later told me if I can keep this to ourselves, she'd continue pleasuring me, as knew I was nice guy, wouldn't hurt her, and, her words..Had a really tasty dick.

    We continued until she changed jobs about a year later, and my office closed. Damn I miss her..

  • Well it just is what it is right . maybe it was a hidden fantasy . who knows. any way enjoy the memory . I would love for my wife to be so bold with another man .

  • I have been with a company for about 6 years now and there is one woman that during every holiday party ends up in the men's bathroom sucking and screwing all she can get. So far no one has complained about her one bit, I got sucked off by her then returned later for a good screwing.

  • I guess when all the other male co-workers start paying more attention to you then you will know if anybody has been told about your outstanding oral skills.

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