My sister's husband fucked me

I recently had sex with my sister's husband at my house while everybody else was out. I guess we just couldnt avoid it any longer, I have felt this very strong animal attraction brewing between us for a long time.

He put his arms around me, started kissing me and I just couldnt stop him. He took me to my own room, to my own bed and just started doing everything he wanted. He buried his face between my legs and started licking my pussy, after a few minutes he stood up, grabbed me by the hair and just shoved his cock inside my mouth, he didnt ask permission for anything, he just took it. I loved that.

He then started fucking me on top of my bed, he was rough, I mean he just grabbed me by the legs and fucked me very hard. I had not been fucked that hard since I was single and boyfriends wanted to fuck me simply because they were horny and wanted to fuck. I loved the roughness of it. It made me feel like a sexy slut and I loved feeling like that again. He told me to lick his chest and his shoulders while he was fucking me, I sure obeyed him.

After that he just fucked me every way he wanted, I think he screwed me in 4 different positions, he enjoyed my body and I loved the fact that he enjoyed it that much.

He knew I wasnt on the pill so after enjoying me for 20 to 30 minutes he just told me "Im gonna cum in your mouth" again he didnt ask, he just told me what he wanted. He pulled his cock out of my body and put it in my mouth, I sucked him really good until I felt his juices filling the insides of my mouth, I tasted it and swallowed it all, I loved the taste of his semen and I kept on sucking him because I wanted to have the last drop of semen out of his cock.

We fell on top of the table, exhausted, breathing hard, gasping for air, I couldnt believe it, I had not been fucked like that in such a long time and I absolutely loved it.

After a few minutes I walked him to the door and we said goodbye, I have absolutely no idea what will happen from now on, Im not going to look for it, but if he wants to fuck me again, I sure as hell will not say no.


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  • Well, I am the sister, and my husband is the one that fucked her. But I blame myself for sensible and merciful. It happens that my sister, yes the one that is not doing quite well with her husband, asked me if she could move in with her children from abroad now that mine are gone to college and there's plenty of room in my house. Her husband stayed back abroad and promised to visit every so often. I work util late a lot and actually spend a night away every two weeks or so. My husband starts early so he's back at home at around 3. My sister is always there, they have a couple of hours before her children get home. She cooks like heaven, what else can I tell you? The truth: I feel pity for my sister and I'm so glad she's getting her urges fulfilled. The other truth: it turns me on. Yes, the thought of my husband fucking my sister turns me on.

  • I’m almost positive my husband is fucking my sister too I was mad at first but I don’t want to lose my husband so I’m going to keep letting him fuck the both of us and it also turns me on

  • Am 16 I lost my virginity to my sister's husband. I love his fuck since then. What can I do to stop?

  • Come here

  • ....

  • Tried to get my wifes brothers wife. She said no then she said kiss me. It was a great make out session but no sex. I'll continue to work on it.

  • Good one

  • I am 22 married and my BIL has been fucking my eyes out twice weekly since the first time two years ago. I can't say no to him and if I did he'd take me anyway. He had me analy which my husband says he never will for that's dirty and he's cum down my throat countless times but he's fucked me from 9am till 4 pm and then just left me drained and weak from the fucking I have gotten just minutes before my husband is suppose to get home.
    Even when my husband invites him over for dinner he can't keep his hands off of me even had his cock deep in me and fucked me pressed against the counter as my husband is in the other room watching a fight on TV and I let my BIL have his way with me when he wants where he wants as long as he wants.

  • I am in the same position. It has been going on for 13 years; not everyday but every few months or so he just decides he wants me and I don't stop him. Afterward we go about our business like it never happened and he works out of town a lot so it makes it easy. I was single when it started but not anymore and he takes me more and more often now and it is making me not want sex with my husband. I'm not in love with my brother in law; it is purely just a fuck, I'm just not sure why I continue to let it happen.

  • Has he fucked you again? G

  • Its happened several times since that first time and its getting to a point where something bad is going to happen. After he fucks me I dont want my husband to touch me and I think hes starting to suspect something. I dont want to feel like a whore and have to fuck 2 men on the same day, I cant avoid that. Its been a mess lately

  • I'm 23 and our neighbor who's 47 took me in my kitchen two weeks ago now he comes over several times during the day when his wife isn't at home and takes me again and again and fucks me every way possible for at least three hours. Something about his animal behavior appeals to me and I can't say no to him.

  • I bet your a hotty and he can't resist you sexy 23 lets text hehe

  • How ur sis hubby can resist for halvn hour for such a wild sex

  • Well obviously she isn't giving him enough so you might as well take it for her. G

  • Sounds like great sex. What about your sister ?

  • So nice! I hope he keeps it up. Sounds great!

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