Gave oral sex to my father... sorry

Ive never said this to anybody in my life before but one night when I was 13 years old I gave oral sex to my own father. Ive always been my dad's spoiled little girl, I always wanted to be close to him and when he would come home drunk and my mother would get furious with him, I was the one who would take him to a room and make him sleep.

Well thats exactly what happened one evening, my dad got home at around midnight and he was drunk; my mother was already sleeping in her room and she wasnt coming out to look after him, so I did. I took him to the guests room to make him sleep.

As soon as he layed down in bed he was out, I started to take his clothes off so he wouldnt sleep with all his dirty clothes under the blankets, I had done this before it was normal between us. When I took his pants down I noticed he had big hard on, honestly I had never looked at my dad's penis before but this time it was impossible not to see it.

At that age I had just started discovering about my sexuality, about boys, sex, dicks and so on, I guess I was curious because I had never seen a penis in my life so I pulled his underwears down. There it was, my father's cock in front of me, I remember thinking that it looked big and I even got scared imagining that a penis of that size is supposed to go inside my vagina when I would fuck boys in the future, it seemed like that would hurt a lot.

Still I was very curious about the penis, as mentioned I had never before seen a penis before, much less an erect and hard one. I couldnt help but wanting to touch it, I wanted to know how it felt, I remember I got close and put my hand around it and slightly stroke it.

I had seen porn videos online with my friends, I knew that women sometimes suck a man's penis and they seem to like it, I wanted to try! Believe me I knew this was my father and I knew I wasnt supposed to be doing this things with him, but I guess my female instintcs were stronger than that, I liked his penis, I liked touching it, and now I wanted to see how sucking it would feel like.

I basically bent down, opened my mouth and felt his penis going inside my mouth; I closed my lips and sucked it. As I said female instincts must be very strong because I honestly can say I liked sucking it, something about it made me feel very feminine, not like a little girl anymore but like a woman, so I kept on doing it.

This is the part where I really dont know if my father woke up or not, I dont know if he was half aware of what was going on, or if he didnt know it was me, I really dont know. Im honest in saying that I felt his body moved, and I can even say I felt his hand slightly grabbing me out of excitement of having his cock sucked. I really dont know, all I can say is got into it! I kept on sucking his dick probably for 6 or 7 more minutes until I felt his body starting to get tense, and then he started coming.

This is the part where I have to say I really wanst prepared for it, I mean I knew men are supposed to come when having sex, but I just never imagined how it was going to be and how much cum he was going to give. He started coming in my mouth and in my complete confusion I just took it, I didnt know what to do "with it" and I guess my first human instinct was to swallow , so I did. I swallowed most of my dad's cum and I guess at that point is when I started feeling sick about the whole situation.

I stood back up and my father was still supposedly sleeping, I didnt want to leave him like that because then it would have been obvious what happened, so I grabbed a couple tissues and cleaned the cum from around his penis, then I put his boxers on and covered him with the blankets. I went back to my room and I honestly couldnt sleep for the whole night thinking about what I had just done.

My father never mentioned anything to me and of course I never did either. Our relationship never changed and I honestly never found out if that night he even remembers having his cock sucked and if he knew it was me or not. I guess thinking that my father knew his own daughter was sucking his cock is a very disturbing thought to have so I guess I just wanted to vent in here or just want to hear what do you think about this whole mess, thanks


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  • That's a beautiful love story. I've been a loving daughter for many years. Daddy always said I was his favorite cumbucket and I'm so proud to still be daddies girl

  • Nothing wrong with this at all, don't feel sorry. Have sex with him!

  • Wow i did the same thing also

  • At what age did it happen?

  • I kinda did the same thing but mom died from cancer when I was 14 and dad started in drinking a lot coming home drunk I ended up getting him to bed and that meant undressing him and one day he had a boner and I did the same thing. I had given my BF at the time 2 before so I kinda knew what to do but dad's was a whole lot bigger and I barely could get my mouth around him and when he came in me I swallowed for I was told by my BF that is what I was suppose to do but dad came a lot more than he ever has and I gaged a few times but still managed to lick him clean.
    This went on for several times then one morning he said to me " you did something to me last night didn't you"
    I looked at him and said "what" and he told me and said if you want to you can do it when I am fully awake. I went to him gave him a kiss and I looked down and his robe was aside and he had another boner and I gave him breakfast and he gave me mine. For some reason I can't leave dad's boner be and he now lets me give him BJ several times a day and guess what he's not drinking nearly as much as he use to. Who knows because of me maybe I have saved him from a horrible death. Cereuses of the liver is no fun from what I have read.

  • I'm 15 yo and I've been giving dad blowjobs for 3 years. I love swallowing his cum. It's so salty and tasty.

  • Any pics

  • I first gave my dad a blow job when I was 9. His salty cum tasted fantastic. I am 17 now. Dad fucks me and I suck him off whoever we are alone together.

  • After years of begging my dad finally let me pleasure him. i was 16 but i was a nag for many years.

  • When I was 14 I confessed to my dad that he would be the only man I would let anal. Unfortunately he declined.

  • How do I get my daughter to suck my big dick

  • Send me a pick of your daughter maybe my daughter and yours can talk and she can talk your daughter into it earths_angel_81at yahoo

  • How old is she. My daughters sucks my cock..

  • Thats bad my dude yall gonna go to jail

  • I donno if you'll regret it afterwords, but there's still a good chance.

  • I would love to have my cock sucked by my daughter. I would pay her to do it.

  • Very possible he didn't know it was you, but I wish he did and you got into sucking his cock all the time, not just when he slept. Girls are the best when they give their dad blowjobs. Wish I had a gf who did that.

  • My daughter asks me every week if she can pleasure her father. I love her so much.

  • I love my father i wish he would ask me i would do it for him.

  • I suggest you ask him, if done right you can be successful. Fathers love their daughters.

  • My daddy loves me. Anytime he likes.

  • My father is 70 I am 50 and I still please my dad any time he asks me and I always will. The first time I sucked my dad's cock I was12

  • If my daddy wanted to have me analy I wouldn't say no.

  • I would have my daddy's baby if he would only ask.

  • When I'm old enough to conceive.

  • I am 15 and have been sucking off my big brother for years. Is that normal?

  • Absolutely normal girl. I've been doing the same for my younger brother for a long time however women everywhere need to remember it is part of our feminine mandate.

  • Yes it is my sister suck me off everyday she was a cum slut still is at 58 love all cum but hook on big black cock and it's cum

  • I would love to have a daughter who wants to suck my cock

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