Husbands eating wifes pussy after cumming it

Any ladies or guys have stories or experiences they will share of how their relationship is afterwards. I want to eat my wife after cumming but wonder what she will think afterwards. During sex she says yes, but is that just the excitment during.

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  • I've done it several times and enjoyed it, but it's a thing that seems more exciting during sex, but after orgasm, not so much. I'd much rather eat another man's cum out of her pussy!

  • You don't get to cum in my mouth unless you are willing to lick your cum out of my pussy. Same with anal. If you get to put your dick up my butt I get to put my strap on up yours.

  • Interesting.....I think that is a fair compromise

  • If she says yes during sex then don't wait after you've cum. Just go down on her and watch her reaction. I find that most times what the woman says during sex has at least some truth to it. So it sounds like she's not repulsed by it or anything. Just don't forget you're down there to give her pleasure as well. I say go for it and things will work out. You might even find yourself eating some other guys cum from your wife's pussy one day. Not that she'd cheat but you might find yourself in a threesome or something.

  • I had a boyfriend of would give me oral after cumming inside. Always loved that. My husband won't. Always hated that

  • Sounds loke you want some to lick you really bad after sex. Have 3 some. I will loxk you clean

  • My husband has gone down on me after cumming inside before. Normally he does this when he finishes too fast and wants to give me an organism.

  • I don't like my husband to come inside of me. He pulls out. When he comes too soon I say to him to clean up your mess. Love it. Always leads to him putting back in

  • How do you feel other than satisfied. Do you think its nasty, do you view him differenty.

  • I do this regularly. My wife loves it and so do I. That usually getsvme going for round2.

  • I am waiting for my chance to do it...i want to see her reaction...

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