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UPDATE Sept 20, 2016:

NaughtyPosts is now secured with all parts of the site running over HTTPS.

Posts and comments now show aproximatly how old they are.

You can now edit and delete posts if you created them while logged into an account.

You can now edit comments if you created them while logged into an account.

Posts can now be up to 10,000 characters long (previously 5,000).

Next Update
Revamped commenting system
Much faster loading of posts with lots of comments
Emojis! You'll be able to put emojis in the body of posts (not the titles though) and in comments

Further Out
View counters on posts
Account profile page showing all your posts and comments

Possible Additions (let us know if you want them!)
Edit or delete posts without creating an account
Follow any post to get email notifications when new comments are added
Polls - Create a custom poll as part of your post to see what others think
Private messaging - Get and send private messages if you have an account

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  • So you don't like the spelling d*mn you all look й донт лйке йалл

  • How about if anyone sent censored pics to protect identity

  • I think it would be a lot better if you could add pictures to their posts and user name picture

  • I haven't seen any updates or cut new comments on none of anybody's post it would be nice if you would update and keep it managed since Craigslist is offline for the personal ads now

  • Yeah, see comments let's say in one or two categories,where the name нilагу [)цff is mentioned,it is new comment,[)оп'т меss ш|тн f£d€гат|оп мотнегf*с кег |[]пg |i\/£ Rцss|д

  • Long live Germany yeah

  • Show notifications when you log in, it will help not to miss any new posts.

  • This site is just as worse as Craigslist you need to manage this site better than what you do

  • Happy to help with the admin

  • Would be nice if someone managed the site, the Facebook page hasn't been touched In months, pics would be good as well

  • Yes manage this site better and maybe I might have an account on it it's over 2 years old

  • Add a spell-check option. Jesus.

  • Hey,whoever yo are I'll tell you this, I was purposely changing the language to show that it's cool, so if you have a problem with the Russian language take it up with yourself,meaning live with it and get over it

  • Would be a super exciting area if we could post pictures. Traffic here would triple and quadruple most likely!

  • Lousy concept.

  • Update more often. Pitiful the way updates are currently handled!

  • Let people delete their posts if they want to

  • How can I view the counter.......where is it located?

  • Where's the counter located?

  • Put a photo by each post

  • Wish I could see my posts the day I post them. also to search by post #

  • Thanks -- you have really improved this site. And as a husband who sucks cock --- I sure do enjoy your man2man cock sucking stories. Keep it up. No pun intended.

  • I want all
    Edit or delete posts without creating an account -- just give a passphrase
    Follow any post to get email notifications when new comments are added
    Polls - Create a custom poll as part of your post to see what others think
    Private messaging - Get and send private messages if you have an account

  • In the section called YOU MAY ALSO LIKE, you need to vary the content of the 4 stories shown. There is a cycle of repeating the same stories over and over.

  • Agree.

    In the section called YOU MAY ALSO LIKE, you need to vary the content of the 4 stories shown. There is a cycle of repeating the same stories over and over.

    That would be a huge improvement.

  • New posts daily...I hate waiting

  • Be able to search for specific posts. I posted over a year ago and want to find my post but I've lost hope trying to find it.

  • Pictures

  • Post the confessions on the website at a faster rate. I don't want to wait for days just for my post to appear.

  • Delete all duplicated messages, everybody would love that

  • Autodelete all 1 word replies after 4 hours

  • I am a guy, but was about 14 as well when I lost my virginity. I secretly liked to dress up in my sister's clothes and jack off. I was wearing some of her dirty clothes and on my knees and elbows reaching under the bed for something, when her dog mounted me. My sister and I were almost the same size, but I didn't have the bum she did to fill out her panties, so they were loose enough that he was able to get his prick past them and inside my bum. He held me tightly and started fucking me like a jackhammer. I was taken by surprise. By the time I was able to react, he stopped. My bum felt full. I tried to get away, but soon realized that I wasn't going anywhere. He had set his knot. He stepped off my back and turned away from me. I felt his knot turning inside me as he did. He was soon coming inside me. It felt strange. His knot was hurting some, but its pulsing and the movements inside rubbing something just right when we moved or he moved his tail, feeling of being helpless to stop his misguided mating with me, the thrill of being dressed up, feeling him coming in me, and some thoughts, all came together at once soon I was moaning with the most intense orgasm I had ever had and shot my load into her panties without even jacking off. After about 15 minutes, he pulled out. I was a little sore and had his come running down my legs. His prick looked huge. I couldn't believe he was able to get that inside me. He soon licked himself off and his prick shrank down to normal.

  • At first, I felt sick that I lost my virginity to a male dog and not with a girl, but I couldn't ignore how good that orgasm felt. I tried using a tampon the next time I jacked off, but it didn't help. A few days later, I wore some of my sister's dirty clothes and got down into position. I pulled the panties to the side and the dog quickly mounted and was soon inside me again. He soon knotted with me again and brought me to another wonderful orgasm. After that, he and I were having sex almost every day we had the chance to be alone. He was my lover for the next 3 years. I still think of him often.

  • I got fucked by my neighbour's dog i was looking after. i was sunbathing in the nude in the back garden and i was bending down pulling some weeds up when he mounted me and buried his cock up my backside and began to fuck me, i went to get off when felt his cock enter my arsehole and the sensation was wonderful so i let him fuck me when he knotted in me i was in another world, We were stuck together for twenty minutes and i could feel him shooting all his cum in my bowls. i have never know a sensation like it and i have let him fuck me three time now.

  • List 'posts with the most likes' overall including comments.

  • Give me same feeling you had when you lost it to dog

  • I think you should be able to post a photo of yourself if you so choose

  • For some reason, the posts do not retain their paragraph formatting after submitting. Longer posts get published as one HUGE block of text. You must fix this, because it makes many good posts that had paragraph structures when submitted unreadable when they are finally posted.

  • Motherf*ckers where's my comment

  • Post the stories faster. And post them by date. I submitted a confession 2 days ago. It's still not posted.

  • I'd like more than 2000 "characters" (whatever those are) for my storytelling.

  • Tell me how to send you a picture of my ducking hard cock and we can see what happens

  • I'd love to be able to post pics. Is his possible?



  • IT's one of the best confession pages ever i can't see how you can make it better

  • Private interactions among registered members , to have a member`s profile where people can tell a bit about themselves, put up their pics etc

  • Do you have any idea how much work that is, just copy in your facebook.

  • Make a way for contributors to delete their posts if they want to.

  • Option for Best Answer / Response

  • To see how many readers viewed a post

  • Seeing who left comments would be good and the dates of the posts

  • I wish it was at least a little moderated. There shouldn't be anything on this site written by adults committing sexual acts against underage people. If a minor wishes to confess their experiences, fine. Or if someone wishes to confess something that happened to them as a minor, ok. But I don't want to read Joe Blow bragging about sexually assaulting children. No one should want to read that.

  • Put the post date on the post and comments!

  • Add some photoes

  • Being able to contact other readers privately

  • How about fixing the broken Post button. I come here everyday to read posts & shoot a load and when I try to reply, most of the time I have to just delete what I say & move on because it won't GO. Also, put page numbers at the bottom of the page so we can get to older posts faster. And maybe sub-categories for topics so we can get right to what we like.

  • More topics

  • While sharing the post....i want it to see just after sharing....but it is not possible in naughtyposts

  • That's because they review it first. It's equally important so that if names are mentioned in any post or things that are against their terms are not posted.

  • Wow the way you guys complain about this site it's worse than Craigslist I wouldn't post anything on it they don't update anything they don't fix anything I wouldn't trust it they just might be after your information who knows do you really trust this site

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