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UPDATE Sept 20, 2016:

NaughtyPosts is now secured with all parts of the site running over HTTPS.

Posts and comments now show aproximatly how old they are.

You can now edit and delete posts if you created them while logged into an account.

You can now edit comments if you created them while logged into an account.

Posts can now be up to 10,000 characters long (previously 5,000).

Next Update
Revamped commenting system
Much faster loading of posts with lots of comments
Emojis! You'll be able to put emojis in the body of posts (not the titles though) and in comments

Further Out
View counters on posts
Account profile page showing all your posts and comments

Possible Additions (let us know if you want them!)
Edit or delete posts without creating an account
Follow any post to get email notifications when new comments are added
Polls - Create a custom poll as part of your post to see what others think
Private messaging - Get and send private messages if you have an account

5.2 years ago

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    • Love to have a woman right now sitting on my chest squeezing my face between her thighs

    • Love to have you sitting on my chest squeezing my face between your soft sexy looking thighs I could spend hours at a time with you sitting on me

    • Hi guys my mom is 54 now I'm 35 I'm kev my mothers name is sharm ok my moms not that tall shes white in colour she sexy from head to toes affter my father died dew to a heart problems I was the man of the house I took over my mom but it was hard work it started of with me giveing her gifts perfumes dresses all colours and short way above her knees and matching size 4 heels most of the heels are a open back style and just a thin strap above her cute red toes it took about a year to get in my bed but I did it I won her over to do what ever i say and to wear what ever i like to see her in for the say or night I did everything in bed with my mom sucking licking feet toes feet jobs anal pussy fucking any time I want to eat pussy mom didn't say no if tell her I'm going out and when Im back u must be in this sexy nighty see tru and wear this open back bedroom low heels sandels or no bra just a matching colour tongs and mom should take her time and do her self up and she'll be on the long couch realxeing with her heels on and a incest hard core porn move on she must be wet for me I take a shower and join her on the couch wel have dinner I'll ask her so is your pussy wet sharm shel say hmmm I'm driping for u kev I need some good sex I'll say yes sharm my cock is so hard for u affter dinner we go outside fresh air I'll ask mom to model for me in a sexy way she'll walk up and down poseing for me as I smoke my weed then wel go inside to the couch with some shampane and zip watch porn movies she playing back on my chest I'm licking her ears he neck I'll run my toungh up and down her neck pressing her boobs rubing her pussy try her tongs then we kiss and suck and fuck on the couch till I carry her with my cock deep in her pussy up to her bedroom and we suck and fuck the night away till mom cums over 7 to 8 times

    • Let us post our email if we want to.... WTF????

    • My son and are not ashamed.Its so passionte to love and fore play im he says i get butterflies iam in love hes sexy so itwas best accident we are in love nooooSHAME.We were sleeping he made the move kissed me he was hard as abig cock.I got on top of him AS SOON AS IT WENT In icame so hard he made me love again hes making love to me right now were sober andfincialy stable.God her legs ass tits and thongs hair eyes been inside mommy she cums alot i just make love,sex she loves me sheis we are obssed to do it face to face passionately with no shame 18th birthday drove to philly told her friends.Hes back ontop we make pornos and he has a 1mil$ ayear buisness hes38 6´3‘‘23oibs Im54

    • I'm in North Platte Nebraska and I'm straight guy looking for a cock to suck

    • Have posters note their ages and genders.

    • It would be great if we could upload pics, at least a profile pic, that would appear beside our username when we post something. Also it would be great if you would allow us to use our full names so us sissys can expose ourselves.

    • Need way more categories

    • Solicit and publish consensual sexual activity between adult siblings continuing into their later years.

    • Kill all incest posts!

    • I am not able to sign up. I keep getting a message to enter a valid email but my email is valid and current. Can this be fixed?

    • It would be great if the stories on the left hand side under 'Trending and Popular and Random' all changed every time you go to a new page. Random does. But Trending and Popular has been the same for two weeks!

    • Now that it's 2021 could we get later updates? Are more girls fucking their brothers now?

    • No asshole

    • Woah. You must have like a colostomy bag or something.

    • How about posting my story about being sat on and loving it. My email address was verified but my story never appeared in the fetish section???

    • I would have left me worthless whore wife if she did that

    • Ability to post pictures would be great! Maybe you could “lock” categories so you wouldn’t see posts unless you clicked on that category and just have new posts at the top of each one? That way people won’t see confessions they don’t want to see like incest.

    • How can one delete a post they posted while it was anonymous?

    • He or she give me phone number dick full of penis pulls

    • Come to you sure now

    • This troll only trolls incest and pedophilia posts! If the site moderators did their job and removed all incest and pedophilia stories and replies, then this troll will leave!!!

    • I like this site a lot, I get horny just reading the stories especially the ones about the wives cheating and letting other men cum in their pussy

    • Let us Post our contact email.. Please...

    • I found three emails that I could right now send my wife naked pictures to those men and I found them on confession post

    • It's a great site I was able to tell the truth and unburden myself about my long term relationship with my cheating wife it's unfortunate I have only one testicle and am not able to sexually please her. No healthy woman wants me with what is in my ballsack . As I got older it got worse. As I have less hormones I dont confront her about cheating I play dumb but know. as its not her fault I'm inadequate She has strong sexual needs I can fulfill I'm sure there are others castrated or like me half castrated half eunuch not able to sexually perform well she likes younger men who can satisfy her there have been 15 that I know of over 30 years Having had sex she comes home her attitude is happy as she is fulfilled. With what I have in my sack I can't compete. With young well hung men. At least she has been helping me ejaculate.what I can I appreciate it. You are doing a service to others like me who are able to get their problems off their chests in your forum and be able to realize others have similar problems and we are not alone

    • I do extremely lewd vulgar art and would like to post it here.

    • I would really love to be seen beating off or otherwise.requests of me doing your freak yes I do as told


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