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I have often wondered how many parents and siblings watch porn together, my mum caught me her daughter watching incest porn porn I was very embarrassed she assured me it was ok and said lets watch some together so we don't have any hang-ups about it. we sat together with our arms around each other mum kept rubbing my back all the way up and down, I did find it very sexually stimulating my underwear was very wet, I would like to hear about other experiences and what happened.

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  • At13 my dad caught me watching porn on my lap top and he asked me what it was I was hoping to get from it and I answered him I just wanted to know so he told me to turn it back on and when you have a question about what they're doing just ask me ok?
    All was ok till this black guy showed his monstrous cock which was only about half hard and he started in fucking this young girl and Jamie asked me if all blacks had big dicks like that and I answered her no and most of the big ones on the net are fake, extensions, and even whole cocks but still Jamie couldn't take her eyes off of him and she started in sq1uirming in the chair and against my hip. I knew what she was doing and it didn't take her long till she had a little orgasm. She reached over and gave me a lingering kiss and I became aroused right then and there and she notice my boner beneath my shorts and I told her no but she insisted unbuckling the belt and unzipped the zipper and reached in and took my cock out, she took hold of me in both of her hands and said "

  • How old was she. My eleven year old caught me watching porn last week and I never noticed her standing looking at me stroke my cock and she was suppose to be in bed. I looked over and she was rubbing her hairless pussy and I could not hold back and called her over and slipped of her tee shirt and put her on my lap and came all over her tight hairless pussy and ass and tiny little buds on her chest and since then twice I licked her bald pussy and open her little pussy lips and shot my cumm in her little pink folds and clit and shes loveing it also..

  • God daddy you're just as big as the guy on the screen " I told her well maybe but mine is not fake and by now her lips were about 1 inch from the head of my cock and as she pulled upon my dick pre sperm came out and she gave it a lick and said it tasted good and kept pulling at my cock and licking the pre sperm from me and she asked me if that felt good and yea I told her it really did and she went down on me taking about 3 inches into her mouth as she stroked my cock. Well it didn't take much and I exploded into her mouth and she gagged raised up and I was still spurting cum and she squealed and said I made daddy cum and gave me a big kiss. My cock didn't go down at all and she kept playing with me asking me all sorts of questions and I tried to answer them truthfully but when she asked if I knew what it felt like to feel a man cum inside of a girl I told her she had to find that out for herself in due time.. and she said she wanted to feel me cum inside her and just then she got over the top of me and sat down onto my hard cock and started in rubbing her self against me. I told her no but she won for she placed the head of my cock between her lips and pushed down onto me getting about 1 1/2 inches into her and I erupted right then and there and she let out a big squeal and sat harder onto my squirting cock really rocking against me, finally she stopped and after kissing me three or so more times she asked if I liked it and all I could say was wow she looked into my eyes and she said yes" wow "now I know and she continued to rub on my now softening cock and told me thanks for sharing with her.

  • Im 11 and my dad and me sleep together..

  • I got cancer a few years ago leaving my husband sexless. We could her my daughter masturbate in the next room. I saw him get hard and excited to the moans. I approved of anything that may happen and I know it is the best I could do. I hear them and I get smiles knowing I haven't a desire for sex. My daughter at only 16 will give birth and I will be a grandma. I am happy and want to know how other hopeless couples deal with sexless trouble. A hard husband and horny daughter.

  • Nice sweetie. Your a good.girl..

  • Im 11also and sleep with my dad. My mom died when i was only small. Does your dad put his willy in you. My dad does feels funny but its nice and hes the best. my names clowie and whats your name huggs and xxxxxxx

  • I stayed weekends at my dad's house he had a den or storage room it was a mess. I figured I would clean it he was doing yard work I opened a box. It had allot of porn stuff magazines videos I looked to see he was still outside and slipped in the movie. I was 12 yrs old and this wasn't the first time I fingered myself. I was getting off good when he cleared his throat I almost died right there. He smiled turning off the TV saying let's go out to lunch. He never said anything about it during lunch or the drive to lunch. Later that night he asked if I wanted to watch the video with him. I was embarrassed and said I guess we sat next to each other I could see his cock in his shorts getting harder. Suddenly it it sprang out sticking up it was huge he smiled saying guess it's just natural. He started stroking his cock and I started fingering myself I was looking at his cock not even the movie. He was looking at me as well we started to face each other. He pressed the head of his cock against my pussy I started pressing and humping against his cock. It got really intense and I pressed harder feeling him fitting inside me. Before long we was fucking he pulled me up and held me close. After that we would fuck all the time every time I was at his house. It wasn't till my early 20's we calmed down a bit we got carried away lol. Also his new wife was catching on to us she walked in on us naked we had fallen asleep after sex. She was standing there when I woke up glaring I bumped my dad who was shocked as well. We said we got tired and decided to sleep she just stood there as we got out of bed naked. We got dressed she never said anything but gave me the cols shoulder for several months. Then told me one day she loves my dad and would do anything to keep him. I figured that meant fighting me I didn't say anything and we stopped messing around

  • My father went away when I was about and so me and my mum have always been very close. Sometimes she would have GFs over and I would watch while they had sex and I would get so horny that I would have to rub my pussy. One night I made a noise as I orgasmed and my mum and her GF noticed I was watching. They invited me in and we started having sex. I was 11 at the time and I have slept with my mom ever since.

  • My dad caught me watching something adult I was very embarrassed, he assured me it was ok and I wasn't doing anything wrong

  • From NKK update, while me and mum were watching porn she was rubbing my back and kissing the side of my face and mouth telling me not to be shy, and did I like to hear dirty talk she said she didn't mind if I wanted to talk dirty to her, her hand on my stomach underneath my tee shirt I didn't have a bra on, occasionally her hand touching my tits, but we got disturbed we haven't had a chance since, mum said I think we had better keep this between us

  • You are so lucky. I used to sit while my mom dressed and watch her body. I wanted so much to touch her and her to touch me. often I would hide where I could watch and one time I caught her masturbating, I jerked off and kept quiet. You should let her catch you masturbating and let her do what she really wants. I don't understand why people get so hung up when the people who love us most and would fight for us most, want to please us most. my sis and I were intimate for many years. still from time to time when our spouses get cranky. she and her middle daughter have a wonderful sexual relationship.

  • I have often wondered how many mother and daughter relationships secretly go on, I have often see my mum naked and had thoughts and desires that I felt guilty about afterwards

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