Sneeking my cum in my sister

My sister is hot. I need my cum inside her. I always offer to go get her favorite milk shakes after I add my cream to it on the way home. Watching her suck on the straw, watching each swallow.
I know where she keeps her vibrator. I make sure its completely coated with my cum on the nights she most likely will use it.
The thought of her putting my sperm inside her as she climaxes drives me wild.

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  • I was 17 and I got to high at a party came home got into bed but couldn't sleep my mind was a whirl thinking of anything but nothing and I put on a porn tape in the tape player which a friend had loaned me and it didn't take me long till I was fingering myself to several orgasm and in walked my younger brother wanting to borrow some books and he asked what I was doing. luckily I paused the player before he saw what was on the TV but he say my hand on me between my legs and I was so aroused I got carried away and thru back the cover over me layed there nude before him and told him to close the door and lie beside me he did just what I asked but he got undressed all on his own. I took hold of his semi hard cock kinda nice for a 16 year old I thought and I gave him a good blow job but not letting him cum and told him to get on top of me which he did and I took old of him placed him right at my puss and he rammed himself in me deep and became a animal. Our animal instincts took over and we must have fucked 3 times that night each time Tim giving me his cum deep into me we'd fall asleep still entwined and we'd wake up one or the other fucking the other and this went on till I heard mom hollering it was time for me to get up and get ready for school. Where did the night go?

  • Well that's fucked up. To each his own but damn wtf

  • I had a girlfriend who left me a for my buddy. After a few years I got married and we got to be pretty good friends after a while. One day when they were visiting my old girlfriend asked me for a soda. I got it and went into the bathroom and soaked my cock in her soda. I sat back and watched her drinking it. I hope she remembered my flavor, she used to suck my dick in fact she was obsessded with sucking dick when she was with me, I was glad to add my flavor to her drink. A few years later we had quite an affair but I never told her or anyone what I did. That's fucked up shit. I still hope to fuck her again someday.

  • I use to do this to my mom when I lived at home. I would jerk off and cum and store my cum in a container. And would pour some in her orange juice that she left on the table while in the shower in the morning. Or sometimes I would make dinner and would mix it in her food. I also would put my penis in her drinks when she was out of the room

  • Me and my gf is in serious relationship from 3 years. We are too serious about our relationship. We use to having sex twice or thrice in a week. Actually I had a serious addiction of masterbate due to which I use to cum in 3-4 min during sex. When I use to fuck my gf slowly then it went to 10-15 mins but she like to be fucked faster. She loves it. But fucking her faster I use to cum in 2 - 3 mins and she use to afterwards that fuck me more.... Yess...fuck me fast...afterwards she didn't say anything to me but I know she wants to be fucked more by my dick. It feel very embarrassed afterwards. But sometimes I use to fuck her for 15-20 mins also but it happnd very rare. Plzz suggest me how to satisfy my gf. How could I cum late while fucking her...suggest

  • Foreplay is a GODSEND mate.....I usually wear my mrs out before I fuck her, I use my fingers as I have very long ones & I make her cum, squirt & really pout of breath plus licking her very gently with the tip of my tongue to start which brings her off. Make her orgasm before you fuck her & she will be gratefull of the bonus fuck to finish her off

  • You should find a way to let her know how you feel. If i knew my brother was into me that much i would do some stuff with him.

  • Tell your brother how you feel, or at least take him out have a few drinks and give him a BJ and tell him you want him to fuck you. all he can say is you are fucked up and no, but you'll never know if you just let it slide, give him a few flashes of your tits, a free shot of your bare cunt, hell play it up and you could get some.

  • I'd do stuff with you I'm stiff just thinking about what I'd do to you X

  • Probably most women that have horny younger brothers have had unknowing contact with their siblings jizz, in one way or another

  • Probably some older brothers too

  • This is horseshit. She would be able to smell the cum on the vibrator. Your a pervert.

  • Maybe your cum is the only cum that stinks, perv.

  • I wouldnt be to sure. I got cum on a pillow after getting head from my gf. We left to go get some take out. When we came back her room mate was there watching tv with the pillow under her head. She didnt seem to notice any smell.

  • If your spunk reeks eat celery

  • Now i just have to smell my vibrator....said no women ever

  • The thought of my brother doing that to me is actually pretty hot.

  • How do you know he hasn't?

  • Well both my brothers have one younger by 16 months and the other older by 26 months. I am 17 and the both have been fucking me 3 to 6 times a week each for the past 16 months.

  • How does it feels

  • I hope he does. I'm going to give him every opportunity I can. I may even drop subtle hints

  • Hints....get him alone and just tell him that you have wanted to fuck him for years, all he can say is no....just sit in his lap facing him and put your bare tits in his face and tell him to suck them.

  • You kinky little thing

  • I need to start doing this to my sisters.

  • It's the next best thing to actually nutting inside her satisfaction wise. but if you ever get a chance to nut inside her do it it'll blow your mind. Best cum I fucking ever had

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