Fucked my son's 14 year old friend

I fucked my sons 14 year old mate! My son had gone of fishing with his dad and I was gonna have a nice lazy day: washing my hair, watch TV and masturbating - those sort of good things. I was laying totally naked on my bed with a dildo in my pussy and one up my arse and having a great time when I heard a voice downstairs and I realized it was one of my son's friends Paul. I put on a cheeky little housecoat, which was very short, very revealing, had no button it just tied and it tended to come open when I moved about and went down to greet Paul. He said hello, I said hello and I could see he was looking at my legs. We sat down on the sofa and I sat very close to him and sure enough after a while and a bit of moving about the top of my housecoat had come open and I could see Paul staring at my tits. I asked him if he liked the view and the poor thing could barely talk, he just managed to say yes but was sorry for looking at them. I laughed and told him he had no need to be sorry and with that I stood up and took my housecoat off and stood naked in front of Paul. I knelt down in front of him and took his trousers and pants down and started to suck his cock and in probably less than 30 seconds I felt a hot burst of cum in my mouth - delicious. Without swallowing it I started to snog with Paul and low and behold after a few minutes of this and him sucking my nipples I could feel him getting hard again - what joy. I sucked his cock again and told him to lick my pussy and once I was seriously wet I sat astride him so that his cock slid right in to me. His second orgams took a bit longer and when he had shot his load into my pussy I immediately started sucking his cock again. Men are so sensitive after they have cum that if you start serious sucking immediately post-orgams the pleasure will almost hurt. Eventually after a couple of hours poor young Paul was spent and I had to let him go. I went upstairs to lay naked on my bed and do you know what the window cleaner had picked that afternoon to clean my windows. I just laid there while he looked at me and when he knocked for payment I invited him in and paid him not with money but with a blowjob and you know he didn't take that long to cum either. Gosh I suppose that makes me a prostitute. What a golden day, I even shagged my husband when they got back that evening, I wanted to do my son but though better of it. Next time I saw Paul and was able to talk to him he told me that his cock was sore for a couple of days. I laughed and told him that they were going fishing next Wednesday and would he like me to make his cock sore again and he said YES.


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  • For fuck sake leave kids alone

  • So the freak whore submits to everyone but her son.
    Look, no two ways about it ; the scumbag OWES her son & when he indicates desire for her, she had best submit. If she doesn't, I hope he subdues her & takes her anyhow. She's begging for a lesson.

  • I'm 33 and still quite a good looker and my step son and I got into a big argument while his dad was at work and I ended up telling him to fuck off and he said fuck you as he grabbed my arm spun me around falling onto the kitchen floor my robe flying open I layed there bare ass naked before him and he bent down taking a nipple between his lips began sucking and teasing me making me squirm beneath him and we ended up fucking right there for nearly two hours. Yes two hours of pure sex once he got himself in me I couldn't say no to him even tho I tried. Both of us was totally drained and we took a shower together and he must have kissed me twenty times and yes I kissed him to maybe even more we'd hold each other and he began getting hard again and I took hold of his cock telling him your dad will be home soon and we can't now but there's tomorrow he gave me one hell of a kiss as he put his cock right against my puss and began moving and I let him fuck me again in the shower but neither of us came. we got out dressed and was sitting on the couch when his dad walked in.

  • I have some lovely pics of my daughter Julie 'performing' with our local football team and her horse. You won't believe the horse video. If you would like to see them then email me at touronroute@btinternet.com

  • Can I see it

  • Hi I would love to se the vid. Mail me shaman@eversure.co.za

  • Wtf

  • Like the lady previously I did something very similar and I am not proud of it now. Back in the 1990s my husband had left me and my 12 yo son and I started to drink quite heavily and this caused me to start having sex with my son and a bunch of his friends. My son never mentions it now but on at least a dozen occasions I had group sex with him and his friends. The thrill of it was incredible, pissed as a fart with very young boys shooting their load into your mouth. What women could resist?

  • Why can I never get this lucky with milfs Q_Q

  • I could.

  • That's okay. Your resistance would be dwarfed and overtaken by the boy's need to take you for their sexual pleasure and in the end, you'd be grateful nature provides for everyone!!

  • But yet you'll read about it...

  • I once had sex with one of my son's friend who was only 11 at the time and I have been ashamed of it ever since. But when I think back to it I start rubbing my pussy until I have an orgasm.

  • I had sex with my son on his 11th birtday. He fucked me 7 times that day, and I thought his spunk would never stop pouring out of my ravished pussy?

  • My son is 12. I'm a divorcĂ©e and my son sleeps in my bed. He fucks me several times a night. Whenever I think of his cock up me, I get shivers running up and down my spine.

  • Bet he's got a sweet preteen hairless cock..

  • Want too share stories. I have children..

  • I only hope he has been ravishing you since at his command.

  • Mmmm- that makes me want to cum in your pussy too. I get so hard just thinking about that 11 year old cock shooting cum in you!

  • I love cumming up preteen asses. Boys and girls..

  • I think my wife may have done the same thing ?was a time when we were not getting along and rarely having sex he used to sleep over alot he was a friend of my wife's friend. so he would sleep in the living room on the floor and my wife would sleep on the couch never thought much of it at first but she wore short nighties with no bra.one night i got up for a drink think i surprised her.she was at the t.v changing channel and that was near to were he had made a bed on the floor and we had a remote??was she maybe on top?i had to work early in the morning so he would be there all morning so I put a tape recorder near the living room thought i heard sex noises but the old cassette deck motor made way to much noise. I never confronted her about it or did catch her with him.so can a woman really enjoy a guy that age?he was about 11 or 12 would he have had a developed penis at that age? or would a pre teen penis a small one also please a woman ?I always told her she can sleep with any man she want's as i like to watch she said she never would do that for me , but she might do that?so I wonder was i just imagining this ?or wonder did it really happen? I would like a woman's opinion on this?

  • Yes a teen @ that age usually have big penis some has even Bigger one way beyond your imagination so that is it.. and ladies go for guy with the Big boy(dick)...

  • Disgusting paedo, please tell us some more.

  • I fucked two of my sons friends last week, they fucked me really good and i felt wonderful, i am waiting for them to come and fuck me today i can't wait to suck there again.

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