Fucking sexy aunt

This is a true story. I m living in my uncl house from 6 month.I came to search job. My aunt is a fucking sexy. She is around 45 but you cant say by watching her figure. I wanna fuck her really wild because i know she must be wild on bed. From many days it happend that me and she were alone in home. I also have rubbed her big sexy ass because she was having pain there and she told me to check.One day she was taking bath.there was no one in house. She told me to give their dry clothes in which her bra and panty were also there. She told me that she forget to take.When i was giving her their clothes she was totally nude.She took out her hands and take their clothes. I can feel her nudeness. There are many things which arouse my penis.plzz suggest me what to do.... can i approach her. She is not my own aunt but come in relation....

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  • Me and my gf is in serious relationship from 3 years. We are too serious about our relationship. We use to having sex twice or thrice in a week. Actually I had a serious addiction of masterbate due to which I use to cum in 3-4 min during sex. When I use to fuck my gf slowly then it went to 10-15 mins but she like to be fucked faster. She loves it. But fucking her faster I use to cum in 2 - 3 mins and she use to afterwards that fuck me more.... Yess...fuck me fast...afterwards she didn't say anything to me but I know she wants to be fucked more by my dick. It feel very embarrassed afterwards. But sometimes I use to fuck her for 15-20 mins also but it happnd very rare. Plzz suggest me how to satisfy my gf. How could I cum late while fucking her...suggest

  • Fuck her like a whore

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