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    • I have played with several of my family members. I have played with my mom, my boy cousin, 2 of my girl cousins and my young niece. After my parents divorced I lived with my mom. I was 14 and she was in her early forties. I would always spy on her undressing in her room and spy on her taking a bath. She always walked around the house in just a T-shirt and panties. She would sit on the couch and would have her legs open and her pussy would be hanging out. After I graduated HS we went to get me an apt for my college. We got a hotel and then went to dinner. At dinner we drank margaritas and shots of tequila. We got hammered and ended up getting lost finding our hotel. She passed out in the car. Once I found the hotel I helped her inside and told her to get ready for bed. She tried getting her pajamas but layed back down. I started helping her and started pulling her pants off. She was wearing skimpy black panties. I took her shirt off and bra. She was laying there in just her panties. I couldn’t resist so I softly touched her tits and she didn’t respond so I started rubbing her pussy and she still didn’t stop me. I pulled her panties off and started fingering her and went down and started licking her. I pulled my dik out and ended up jacking off and cumming all over her pussy. It was amazing

    • My beautiful mother. She didn’t have a conventionally beautiful body but she had a beautiful face and she knew how to maximize her assets. She loved to wear halter tops in the summer and bare her belly and back (but never her navel). Men stared at her and dreamed of fucking her, women envied her effortless beauty and obliviousness to it all.

      I still fantasize about approaching her in her halter and white pants and bare feet, her being apprehensive, but giving in to lust, our kissing and exploring each other’s bodies. For me sucking her nipples and her belly button…for her taking me in her mouth and then finally entering her, feeling her convulse around me and then coming inside of her as she shook and said ‘I’ve never felt like a woman more than I do now.’

    • I definitely would love to fucked my fine and sexy cousin;)

    • Played with my sister and a few of my cousins both male and female

    • My family has a chalet up in the mountains, a very nice and secluded place with hedges running around and our own little wood at the back. In our country we have very long school holidays and Mom and I spent the whole time there. In summer it was often hot and she always had me running around naked.
      Every year, so that I would not get bored she always invited someone who was just a little older than me as a companion so that I would not get bored on my own. My mother had her own company and my summer companions were always girls and they were usually children of either employees in her company or kids from the neighbours who lived in our area.
      Mom would always insist that we be naked during the day and in the evening she would bathe us together, put creme on us and massage us nicely and then she would make us sleep in the same bed also naked.
      I think her plan was to make sure that I experienced other girls from an early age and of course we all enjoyed our doctor/nurse games and at night I had my hands in their warm little pussies and they girls were always very curious and liked to explore, feel, touch and rub my little goodies.
      I am pretty sure Mom was watching us also for her own enjoyment.

    • From an early age of being a young boy I always remember the nice feeling after my Mom bathed me she would rub Nivea creme all over my body and she would spend extra time applying it to my bum and and all over my little balls and penis and then massage these parts with extra care. For me and I think for her this was always the best time.
      I remember that from age 5 or 6 I would start getting an erection and Mom would kiss me and be all smiles while she massaged me intimately.

    • Male here, I have three brothers and one step brother. When I was 12, my 17 year old brother would come into my bedroom at night and masturbate me, eventually sucking me and giving me my first wet orgasm. I went on to play with my two other brothers and my step brother. Mostly sucking each other, had anal with the older brother that introduced me to m/m play.

    • I wanted to fuck my first daughter and I know my wife, her mom wanted to as well.

    • Me and my brother used to masturbate together a few times when we were both in our early teens. A few times we touched each others cocks. One time I put it in my mouth and sucked him till he came. Once he slid his cock in my tight ass hole. Always remember him saying his was gonna bum me!!!
      Was hot, we grew out of it as we got older.

    • Yep. I'm 46 and have been sucking off (and been sucked off by) my brother for years.

    • Yes! 25 female and sucked my brother's cock for the last 5 years.

    • Any other things happen recently?

    • Yes, my first time was with my older sister. She walked in on me jerking off. The bad part was I was jerking off looking at a picture of her in a bikini her tits had fallen out of. She wasn't fazed that I was jerking off. But was pissed off knowing she'd had that picture hidden in her room. But she got over it pretty quick as she commented on the size of my cock saying it was bigger than her boyfriends. She said since I seemed to like her tits she'd give me a good look at them & took off her top. But she didn't stop there and in no time she was naked. She'd been watching me jerk off the whole time. Then she came over and got on the bed and leaned over and started sucking me off while I fondled her big tits. It wasn't long before I shot a huge load in her mouth. Soon every time we were alone we'd be walking around naked and she'd suck me off or we'd fuck. This went on for a couple of years until she left for college.

      I also had sex with one of my cousins and an aunt. Then after I got married we had threesomes with my wife's little sister and one of her cousins who everyone thought was her twin sister. Both 5-8, 120, 34-DD-24-35 with long red hair & green eyes. It was like having sex with twin sisters, and what really made it hot was they were both bi. Now that was hot seeing 2 girls who look alike wearing matching garter belts & stockings sucking each other's tits and eating each other's pussy as I took turns getting sucked off and fucked by both of them.

    • My grandfather has the beginnings of dementia and it started getting more difficult for my grandma so once a week I give her a break and she gives me a break. I go over to stay with Grandpa and she goes to my house to watch my kids. Sometimes grandpa doesn't know who I am and other times he does. We watch tv together when I visit and he started groping me. At first I'd push him away but I let him now. He squeezes my boobs and became obsessed with feeling my butt. A few weeks ago I slipped out of my jeans and layed down across his lap and he started fingering my asshole. I'd never done any kind of assplay and was surprised at how arousing it was. I'm hoping he'll try to lick my butthole next but until then I enjoy him fingering my butt.

    • Me and my mom were always quite flirty when I was younger and I always wanted to have sex with her but never did dare take it any further but always fantasised about having sex with her. If I could go back I would see how far we could have taken it.

    • I just finished letting my father fuck my holes

    • There’s something erotic about me riding my fathers dick in my holes that makes my pussy squirt. Whenever my mother wouldn’t give him any ass he would come to my room in the middle of the night freshly showered smelling so good with a hard dick. I wait for him laying naked with my fat pussy out waiting for him to make love to my sweet young pussy. By 12 my father had his big dick in my Asshole I have a permanent gaping Asshole because of my fathers huge cock. I love sucking his cock on my knees looking up at up him it’s makes him shoot his sperm down my throat those big hairy balls in my mouth thick white semen deep in my holes

    • It’s so nice family like that it’s so nice

    • My mom has made me cum 5 times in my life.

    • How old when you started

    • It was when I was 15-18.

    • My sister could do that she was the best

    • Yes. I experimented with my older sister when we were both in our early teens. She would sit on top of me and rub her pussy up and down the shaft of my cock. No penetration at all, but she would let me lick her pussy when she was done. It was always very wet. A year or two before that an older brother talked me into sucking him off. We used to tell our mother that we were going fishing at a nearby pond, but we really ended up in the trees nearby fooling around. I loved sucking him. His cock was considerably larger than mine, and he almost always squirted his cum into my mouth. It was a lot, and I love the taste of cum to this day. I would happily suck him off again, but it’s been 45 years and the subject has never come up since then.

    • My lesbian mom who owned a Legal Brothel with a half dozen lesbian prostitutes working for her turned me into her gurlyboy daughter at around 8,because I wanted to be a girl like my three sisters and my youngest sister was my twin sister and I looked like a girl, like her and soo my Mom bought me my own sexy see through panties to start masturbating in with the help of Mom and my sisters and Mom started showing them how to suck cocks my sucking my clitty in front of them and then having each one of them suck me and to make me cum for them!! And then Mom wanted me to fuck my sisters bums and Moms too!! And I could cum in Moms pussy 🤪, because she had her tubes cut and couldn't get pregnant!!! Mom was a atheist and she had no religious hang ups and incestfulness was a good thing for families to cum together and get each other off and watching porn was our main entertainment while we were growing up and Mom turned my sisters into lesbians like her and now I'm a Tgirl/shemale slutty prostitute whore like my Mom wanted to train me to be a fuck artist!!!

    • And I forgot to mention my Mom owned a porn store below her whore house with all the sexual toys and accessories for masturbating and videos and pornography magazines and panties and pantyhose and sexy lingerie 😍

    • My brother and I messed around in our teens. I felt guilty but also loved it.. so I recently told him I would be interested in having fun again if he was still down, he agreed. Haven’t met up yet but I cannot wait to actually fuck him!

    • I wish my step daughter felt this way about me. She keeps teasing me, only wears shirt and panties at home, no bra, lifts her shirt to wipe her face flashing her tits all the time. Comes out of the shower no towel just walks to her room even if I’m right there.

      She keeps telling me she wants to get railed by a hot dad, but not me. I asked her how old and she says age just a number and she’d spread her legs for an old man, she doesn’t care. Literally her words!

      Last week I caught her watching porn, walked into her room and with no shame she showed me her phone. It was a video of a young girl having group sex with 5 dudes all 50 and above. She said she wishes she was the girl.

    • My daughter did this till one day I caught her masterbating and ate her out now its everything

    • Got pics?

    • Yeah. email?


    • Im 31 now but from as early as I remeber maybe 6-7 our household never really cared about privacy. My mom would regularly clean the house topless and she was a very busty woman well over triple D. Going into my adolescent years and body changing maybe 12-14 I had thought of her and her breasts. So I started exposing myself slightly. Well one night I went down butt naked and started to stroke myself over her sleeping I managed to work her breast out of her loose night gown and shortly after she woke up and seen me. Didn’t react how I thought she would she said really? Go to back upstairs and go to bed. So fast forward 2 months later I was sleeping and I woke up to my mom on the side of ny bed sucking ny dick through ny boxer hole. We connected eyes but I put ny head back down and she kept sucking it. 5-6 minutes maybe she made me but swallowed it and kept sucking it until it went soft. No word said she went up stairs. We’ll fast forward now. Since then I’ve regularly went to her for service. Went from a blowjob to tit fucking to me fucking her pussy and ass. She still regularly comes over and shaves my ass I’ll shower and she’ll suck my dick and eat my ass and I’ll still fuck her. Tell you what. Of all woman I know she won’t hurt me. I’ll probably fuck my mom the rest of my life in or out of relationships. Idc

    • Yes and yes haha. Multiple times

    • Same here

    • Yes I think about my dad and step dad even more often. My grandfather had alzheimers and used to try and feel me up I regret not letting him get what he needed before passing. And as a kid I used to want to eat my sister out so bad.

    • I steal my daughters panties and jerk off with them. I like watching her walk around the house in cut off denim shorts. I go in her room when she is not there and jerk off.

    • I do the same thing with my daughters. I love the way she smells and tastes

    • I’m in love with my sister. She and I have been in a secret relationship for a few years now.

    • I fucked my cousin in high school. I was at a party when someone told me there was a train being ran on a slut upstairs. I went up and saw a buddy fucking a girls doggie style. He finished on her back and I went in for the kill. I was in high school so instantly hard, I went balls deep for about two minutes in came inside her. Later that night I saw it was my cousin coming out of the room. I said nothing.

    • I sucked my older sisters tits and titty fucked her when we were in our early 30's.

    • I would have started earlier than 30`s

    • I would have too but that's just how it ended up happening for us. I don't regret it at all, it was a wonderful experience.

    • I once got a blowjob from my dad's girlfriend when we were waiting for him to come home one night.

    • I’ve always wanted to have sex with my mother. From about 12 or 13 I used to fantasise about her taking my virginity. We have always been quite open and could talk about most things. Even sexual things. When we lived together she would be comfortable enough to walk around in her underwear but never knew how hot this got me, especially ones that were almost see through and could see her bald pubic region. We have always been quite flirty too but never took it any further. Even now at 40 and my mother in her 60’s it’s something I still think about. So yes I would if the opportunity ever come.

    • I’ve had sex with my sis a lot we started at my wedding reception

    • I’ve wanted to have sex with my Mom since I was about 10 years old.

      When I was 8, my Mom let me take a bath with her. During the bath, I was checking her out and she knew it.

      She asked me why I liked taking baths with her. I told her I didn’t know when in reality, I became incredibly sexually charged by her.

      I don’t remember getting hard during our bath, but I do remember seeing her curvy Mom bod, her voluptuous boobs, and her incredible child bearing hips of hers. She was so hot; so very sexy.

      My Mom knew very well why I liked taking baths with her; seeing her naked every chance she would let me. Unfortunately, that was the last time we shared a hot bath together for obvious reasons.

      If she would have offered me to do anything else with her after the age of 10, I would have taken her up on it; oral, vaginal, anal, and anything else she would have wanted… I wouldn’t have hesitated one second with her.

    • My sister and I experimented together when we were teens. I went first one day, showing her how I masturbated. The next time, I asked her to take off her shirt while I masturbated, so I could look at her developing breasts while I jerked off. Eventually, she got comfortable and masturbated too. We did it several times together. Then one day, I asked if I could taste her. Oh wow! Putting my tongue on her clit, triggered a big orgasm for her. When I asked her to lick my penis, she didn't refuse. After that, we always did oral. But never intercourse.

    • Me and my sister both girls used to masturbate together too but we never took it any further I always wished we did back then

    • Me and my younger brother too ♥️♥️ Still loves my pussy to this day

    • Years ago, I woul fuck mom or sis when they would pass out after their dates. They were on the pill & had sperm leaking out of them, so I added to it. They eventually started suspecting & asked questions.
      I joined the Army right out of highschool, did the GI Bill, got a great job & wife. Had 2 beatiful daughters that are competitive. I love my daughters more than my wife knows.

    • Lucky girls will be able to please daddy all of the time! Wish I had a dad like you would love to drink my dad's cum

    • Oh yes. I ate my sisters pussy numerous times! Also sucked my aunts pussy and let my grandmother suck my cock.

    • I have a cousin who has a big nice ass, I would love to lick her asshole and her pussy and fuck her and come in her pussy and ass

    • Just ask her you won't know if you don't try she might want it too

    • Yea I wanted fuck most my cousins and did it

    • I only fucked 1 cousin we didn't have a lot of boys in the family

    • I want to fuck my step daughter so bad she’s 21 now but she gets almost when she’s in our pool and that camel toe is oh my god I just want to suck the lips of it and fuck her in her ads like I do her mama

    • So do it I wish my step daddy would stuff his big cock down my throat and in my pussy I've fantasized for years about him

    • I fucked my step daughter after her mom, my wife passed. She caught me in her panties and bra sucking her cousins (my nephews). Cock

    • My fiance dressed herself and her daughter as cheerleaders for me complete with long white socks and she held her daughter down as i ate and fucked her ass. When i came the daughter pissed in my mouth. Best night ever. Now whenever they wear those long socks i know its a three way. I need that young girls pussy.

    • Yes I do

    • I have been fucking my step-daughter for over 25 years. It all began when she was 16, she had watched me fuck her mother to orgasm twice before I fucked her ass. Her mother and I fell asleep on the couch and some time later I woke up to her sucking my cock. I'm still fucking her mother, we're married now, and she knows that I've been fucking her daughter all these years.

    • How did you start I want to fuck my step dad so bad and he's been around about 25 now and he's never made a move, so should I assume he's just not interested? Him and my mother stopped having sex over 10 years ago

    • Yes do it if u can

    • Yes I want fuck my daugther

    • I wanted to have sex with my daughter. She was so sexy growing up

    • I think all fathers do

    • ❤️😘😘

    • My brother started puberty about a year and a half before I did. Both of us were quite knowledgeable about sex since we were young. Prior to him and I hooking up, he had been with five girls and I was fucked twice. Both of them were pretty disappointing. I decided to make a move on my brother after seeing the bulge between his legs and hearing from one of my friends that said not only does he have a great cock but he leaves women completely satisfied after giving her the fucking that women crave. After I went through puberty, I had a great set of tits and a sweet ass. After he saw me in a bikini and in my bra and panties, he said if you weren't my sister, I would give you a fuck that you would never forget. Once I said "you shouldn't let that stop you." It was game on! I've had a lot of dick but nothing like my brothers. He is the most amazing fuck that any woman can experience.

    • Can I watch? I'm actually asking

    • Do you let him go bareback and nut inside you?

    • Honest question: Does it count if I’ve been in her mouth and pussy but never came?

    • My brother fucked my ass while he jerked me off when I was 12 and he was 15.

    • My brother had me suck him off almost daily, he never touched my cock

    • Sounds like a nice time

    • Yes when I was 12 I had 3 nieces same age I fucked all three I fucked my mom when I was 12 and again when I was 30 I've found I left my sister and just tonight my 70 year old sis sucked my cock

    • My sister had been using a strap on and pleasing my mother for a while and she told me that I would enjoy the same thing to make sure I didn’t tell anyone she was going to fuck my ass I laidback on top of my mother and when she started to put it in my ass it felt really wet before I could move she was looking at my mother and asked her if she wanted to taste it when I moved over my mother told me to put my ass over her face and she licked my ass she slid my cock in her mouth while my sister fucked me from behind my ass was ready to explode and when I was about to move down the bed my sister moved under my ass and told me to relax and let it come out as she sucked my ass I felt like I had no control over holding anything in my mother said that is what they enjoyed doing tasting the brown gravy from each other and when I moved over to get up they told me to spread my ass open over there face and they both would enjoy my chocolate sauce

    • Fucking sexy

    • Well I was actually about 14 years old and when I came home one night my sister was in the bathroom so I didn’t think anything was going on except that she was in the shower I actually didn’t make much noise and just got undressed and into bed the light was on in the hallway and when I heard my sister say is it ok I didn’t know what she was talking about but when I looked into my mothers bedroom I could see her in her panties she told my sister it was ok to lay in her bed my mother told her to take off her towel and stand bye the mirror when I looked back down the hallway I could see my mother move down the bed and slide her panties off my sister started to lick her ass and spread her legs open she took out a dildo and slid it in between her legs I couldn’t see her legs open but when she moved and opened the door they both looked at me not knowing I was home she was mad and told me to come inside her room she told my sister to take down my underwear and when she did my little cock was already hard my mother told me to get on the bed and she asked me why my little buddy was so hard when they told me to stand in front of the mirror and show them my little cock I was so embarrassed but my sister said it wasn’t that small and told me to get on the bed and spread my legs open it was only the 3 of us in the house and no one else was coming home until Monday they made me lick them both ass first and then told me to spread my legs open while my sister got her dildo out

    • I fucked my cousin twice and both times I emptied my balls in her. I wish I could be with her again. Just the thought of being with her again gets me hard. If I ever do get to fuck her again I will do my best to get her pregnant and spend the rest of my life with her.

    • Haha I fucked my cousin one day about 12 yr old and definitely let him empty his load in me a few times that day lol

    • I always wanted to fuck my cousin Lisa (mom's sister's daughter). I'm male and she is about 6 years older female. I've never had any sexual feelings for any other immediate or extended family member. But I've always been sexually attracted to her ever since I was old enough to be sexually aware. I'm quite old now. Nothing ever happened and she has no idea. But even now as an old man I want to fuck her brains out. There, I said it.

    • Pictures or videos

    • My Mum's partner, or step-dad just to make things easier, was a perfectly likeable individual until lockdown. He works at a hospital, so thing aren't easy for him. But lately he's just a b**** to everyone.
      Whenever Mum and I discuss social issues, we're immediately shut down and told that we're wrong, or that we're attacking him. We're not.
      You can't mention the lack women's rights or someone going through something similarly tough situation without him getting all upset, and reciting "not all men..." Because he knows that neither of us think it's all men, it's just enough men that it's a major social issue. When we say that we need to take down the patriarchy, he argues that the only reason he's employed is because of this, which makes zero sense.
      I can't talk about my friends at school, some of whom are transgender and non-binary, without it ending in tears from all of us. He always has something rude to say, and his sentences on this topic usually start out with "you know there are trans people who are really terrible, right?" and sometimes include "you kids need to stop tearing down JK Rowling on Twitter; It's just her opinion." To which I try to answer with as much composure as possible, but I always end up shouting. No one gets to insult my friends' (and other peoples') identities like that and get away without me giving them a piece of my mind. No one.

    • Your point? If you ain’t fucking him then we don’t give two shits

    • Yes me and my older sister have hundreds of times over the years. It all started when I walked in on her masturbating and she did not bat an eyelid but asked me if I liked what I saw. I said yes I did.
      She told me to take my cock out for her to see. I did and she said omg I didnt realise my naughty little brother had such a lovely big cock.
      Get closer she said. I did and now my face was only an inch or so from her crotch. Can you smell my cunt she asked me. Without waiting for an answer she grabbed the back of my head and thrust it into her very hot and sweaty pussy. She then pulled her very wet knickers to the side and told me to lick her out. I did and she cum three times really quickly. After she finished she started to suck me off and made me cum in her mouth. Since then we still love to pleasure eachother whenever we can. Sill so hot I still love the smell and taste of my older sisters very tangy, musky and very sticky pussy. mmmm

    • You raped her sick fuck

    • It's not rape if it was consensual and the story very clearly shows she was into it

    • Just like you and your mom.

    • I loved fucking my mom growing up still do fuck mom

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