Have you ever had sex with a family member? Or have you wanted to?

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  • I've had sex with 4 of my mom's friends without Mom knowing. When Mom would have a party and when the party was over most of her friends would go home and Mom would go to bed. Late at night there would be a knock on my bedroom door and one of mom's really drunk friends would have some lame excuse for wanting to talk to me. She would come in my bedroom and all I'm wearing is my underwear she would be so drunk and trying to make it seem like it was very important to tell me something. The next thing I know mom's friend is hugging me and rubbing my chest so that's when I would kiss her and play with her boob's. Soon she would be nude and I would be fucking her like a jack hammer deep and hard until I cum inside of her. All of those friends of mom's were at least 20 years older than me

  • Not sure if this counts, but I used to date a woman whose son was a couple years older than me. She liked mommy/son role play with me, and one night when he was in town they both got drunk and horny and we had a threesome.

  • I understand the sex with family members part. A sexy body works. But the get your mom pregnant part I don't understand at all. That zero percent works on me.

  • When I was 14 my older brother who was 17 at the time I let him fuck me cuz we both got horney as all get out watching porn together

    It all started when I caught him watching porn in the den, we were home alone and would be for the week end for our parents went to Reno for the week end. I cam up behind him and asked him what he was doing and I saw what was on the screen and froze not saying a word and I starred at the screen couldn't believe what I was seeing and I got all worked up and that's when Tim noticed me and he pulled me around and sat me on his lap putting his cock between my legs and I let him.
    Then I stood up turned around faced him and gave him a kiss right on his lips and he immediately kissed me right back as I took hold of him and slid down onto his cock for I was that wet. Didn't take him long to unload into me and I fell in love with him right then and there telling him he could have me any time he wanted. I think that week end he made love to me like 20 times and the last time he came in me is right when mom and dad returned from Reno and we barely got dressed before they called out to us

    My bro is in the navy now and the only time we get together is on the week ends when he can come home and I stay with him in his apartment.

  • I do not remember how old I was but my older brother talked me into sucking on his cock and after quite a few times of doing it he then talked me into swallowing. It was probably three years later I came to the full realization of what I was doing with him and he had always told me that he really liked what I was doing and I could stop anytime I wanted but it was the way he said it to me at the time. I really felt like I was making him happy and not doing anything wrong. I used to actually walk into his bedroom and ask if he wanted me to do it, he of course never told me no. I never thought about it at all until I was about 14 I think and someone in my class started talking about blow jobs and I sat there thinking I have been doing that for years so what is the big deal.
    My brother had moved out by then and I never told my Mother anything about it.

  • My sister who is 2 years older than me started coming into my room randomly and just doing what ever she felt like with me. Most of the time she just gave me a blow job or would stroke me for a long time then watch me orgasm. I really loved it though when she would 69 with me, she was always on top and would just grind herself onto my face. During summer vacation we would have sex for hours some days and experiment with each other on what felt good.

  • Iam male and from about the age of 14 mom would let me lick her pussy my sister is about 2 year younger than me and she would suck my cock as I licked out mom .Used tot lick and fuck my sister when we were home alone but never got to fuck my mom .

  • I masturbated an older brother one night when he was in junior high, and I was in 3rd grade.
    Had full on sex one time with an older sister, but just a short one time thing.
    And had oral lots with a way younger sister.

  • G for you it's fun right

  • When I was 8, my 12 year old brother got me to suck his dick. I did it a lot and enjoyed it. When I was about 10, I started sucking my younger brother's cock and playing with my little sister's pussy. We had a lot of fun growing up!.

  • I've always wanted to try sucking on a guy's dick and swallow his hot sperm but never got the chance to

  • I sucked on my step sons little dick when he was asleep and he had this little tiny hard on while he was asleep. I took him in my mouth and sucked on his little dick with an erection of my own. He was way too young to have an orgasm but I was sucking on his little hard on until he pissed in my mouth and I swallowed ever drop. The whole time my wife and his Mother was asleep in the next room. I just wish he was old enough to cum inside of my mouth so I could have tasted and swallowed his cum

  • In the Family Confessions, there's My Sexy Mom

  • I've been fucking my hot older sister for years, and we have no plans on stopping. Three of the last four weekends, we indulge each other's desires and fetishes (plus, share a few), and, she's the best sex I've ever had, ex-gf's and former wife included. We've been out and about together many times, and people have commented on "what a nice couple you two are", without knowing the truth.

    Since she took a way-early retirement buyout, I pretty much have at her whenever I want. Funniest thing was, when I'd spend weekends with her at a friend's cabin, my stupid ex-wife actually believed that all I was doing was helping her clean, and working on the cabin. Never knew that the only work hot sister and I did was on each other.

  • I think that is absolutely beautiful and amazing and I had sex with my mom but she was drunk and passed out cold sleeping when I got to have sex with her. Mom was the first woman I ever had sex with when I was a young teenager and Mom never woke up or moved a muscle but she did find the pictures I took of her nude and sleeping but she never said anything to me about it so Mom knew that I was feeling her up and touching her and she even saw the picture of my penis inside of her vagina and pictures of my penis in her hand

  • Tommcam
    And I will send you the personal pictures of her nude

  • My mom and I first had sex when I was 13. I knew I liked other girls then, but she was my first older woman. We had sex a lot (more than twice a week) from when I was 13 - 16, then it tapered off. We usually have sex if I'm home from school (for holidays and such) and we can find some alone time together, but it's no longer a guaranteed thing.

  • Might want to check out the 'Pregnant mom son story' here on naughtyposts.

  • My older sister (year and half older) and I fooled around regularly from middle school though junior high. It tailed off when we both got into high school.

  • I had sex with my dog

  • Do you have any pictures to share with us?

  • Contact me at tommcam at gee male dot com and I will send you some private pics

  • Yes I got to have sex with my mother when night when she was drunk and thought I was dad

  • My mother often gets drunk when my father is working away. She invariably asks me to fuck her, and often sucks my cock until I cum in her mouth. I love her.

  • Yes! With both my step cousins many times both the boy and the girl. Never together but with each of them many times. He used to fuck me in the ass and we sucked each others dicks all the time.
    With her we had oral sex quite a few times then I fucked her and fucked her often after the first time when we were 13. When we were 15 I gave her anal sex like her brother gave me all the time. I always wanted the 3 of us to have sex together but that never happened.
    I always wanted to fuck her while herb brother was fucking me in the ass. Still dream about it today.

  • I'm nest for your ass

  • For me it was Every time mom got drunk and passes out cold sleeping that I would be able to have sex with her and she never once woke up or moved a muscle. I was just 13 years old when it happened and I came inside of her

  • Some are of the opinion incest is morally wrong, if you want to read about incest read the bible, Adam had sex with Eve and the there siblings and the inter breeding carried on

  • Nothing wrong with having sex with the people you love the most in this world...YOUR FAMILY

  • It happens more than people think

  • I agree. My mum is 61 and a widow. I give her all the sex she needs. I did the same for my maternal grandmother until she died at the age of 87. God, how her pussy was tight! I used to fuck her twice a week.

  • That's great news the oldest woman I ever had sex with was 87 years old and my bosses mother at the time. I was in my 20s and she was one of the best fucks I ever had

  • When i grew up, we lived near a remote area, just my mom and me, i wore little shorts around the place, my mom wanted me in them because she liked how sexy i looked in little shorts, quite often i got stiffies in my little shorts, when my stiffies first got big at age 11, my mom was turned on, then one day it happened, lots of times we slept with each other, then one morning not long before my 12 birthday, my mom was all happy when she announced she was going to have my baby by rubbing her belly and i got a stiffy that throbbed in my little tight underwear, that morning we went out to a pond around the back of our place, she was in her big panties and bra, the top part of her panties rode up lots higher over her belly nearly up to her bra. her belly hadn't gotten all round, it was just starting to show at that time. that morning we both went out to the pond and made some love.


  • I got my widowed mum pregnant when I was 14. She had first fucked me when I was 11. I was still fucking her when her water broke. It was a strange experience. We sleep in the same bed together now and we fuck all the time. I'm 31 years old at the time of posting this.

  • Oh, yes! I spent a week with my cousin painting her mom's house. I was 14, she was 17, and no one was around during the day. After a few days, we were pretty comfortable together. She was rubbing my shoulders, and things progressed to a long, slow blowjob. We spent the next four days fucking in every room in the house, and I learned to be a competent pussy eater, which has stood me in good stead ever since. It made for some awkward years afterward, but we've gotten over that, and she's friends with my wife!

  • I read lots of these mother son posts, i was just 9 when i my first sexual experience with my mom, she had sexy blond hair, hot body, she was in her early 30s back then, our sexualthenation went till i was 12, one day she was all smiles when she broke the news to me she was pregnant. when her tummy got round, i quit the middle school swim team, when i was in my team speedo at home and was getting ready to leave the house, she had lifted up her maternity blouse in front of me, there she was smiling at me as she showed me this little bare peek of her big tummy in her little shorts with a big black tummy panel, i even got to see my mom in her bra and was her bra ever sexy, when i felt my mom's and my baby, my dick had wiggled so hard, i cummed in my team speedo, some of my cum soaked through my speedo it got on the floor, my mom was turned on by what happened, so i called my coach and quit the team, i never told him the real truth.

  • Error correction:, our sexual relationship went till i was 12,

  • Always wanted to have sex with Mom when I was young. Sister, too. Both very hot red-heads with full, yet neatly trimmed bushes and very nice tits. Have a couple of very sexy cousins I would like to dive into as well.

  • When i was 13, my mother, then 32, and i had sex with each other at her request, a month and a half later, she had on bike shorts, bare midriff, sports bra and announced that she was carrying our baby, when i felt her bare midriff, i got real hard i shot cum in my bike shorts.

  • My mother had my baby when I was 11.

  • What is with these fucking lirs

  • Same here, there is a comment in "Pregnant mom son story" naughtyposts. I was 11, it was in 78, my then widowed mother was 30something when my baby happened in her belly.

  • My dad got me pregnant when I was 13. He'd been fucking me since I was 9. I can't get enough of his 8-inch cock up me.

  • Whatever liar

  • Im working on getting my sister to go with me to a concert out of town. I have a room reserved with only one bed. After I make sure she totally partied out, Im going to put her naked in bed, lay next to her, and let mother nature take over. I cant wait.

  • Yeah

  • Please make sure to report back when you do.

  • She said she will go. I cant wait til friday

  • Yes. My cousin we used to masturbate together when we were younger and he probably forgot but sometimes I just wish he would fuck me

  • My first cousin and I were close growing up together. We lived in different towns but we lived walking distance apart. In our senior year we would go to the lake by our house to hang out with others from both our schools and smoke pot. One day while hanging out I noticed my cousin, a cubby short girl was gone. I didn't pay much attention to where she was and decided to leave. As I was taking a short cut through the woods I saw her and a kid from her school fucking. They didn't see me so I stayed and watched. It made me very horny so as they fucked I jerked off wathing her exposed tits shaking back and forth. The next day my cousin came over to get me to go back to the lake. I told her I saw her fucking that kid from her school. She turned beet red. Really you saw us? Yea I saw you you made me so horny I jerked off watching your tits shake. I said to her Deb I'm still a virgin, I got a few blow jobs but I'm dying to fuck a girl, would you please fuck me. Like it was no big deal she happily said sure, you know I'm kind of slutty I'll take care of you, just get condoms or I won't she said. I stole 2 of my dads condoms and later that week we started fucking. We had sex for about a year, I fucked her many many times and she was still fucking other guys she liked, I was a mercy fuck to her. One day I went for her, I was horned up. I started feeing her up, she let me me have some fun with her tits then said we can't do this anymore, I'm sorry I just cant. She broke my heart. These days we only see each other for weddings and funerals. She's always happy to see me but never talks about our past, I wish she would. I'd still fuck her in a heartbeat, I'd lie and cheat to be with her again but if she felt like I do I know she'd be at my door. I'm sorry she's not, she still makes me horny.

  • When I was a lot younger my older brother by 3 years and I would always play around with one another and one evening he stuck his dick in my ass and fucked me till he came4 in me and that started it all. Two days later he fucked me again and again cum inside of me and then just about daily he'd take me out in the woods and take me again. We ended up building a fort so he could fuck me any time he wanted when the weather turned nasty and then it started at night after our parents went to bed he'd come to my room get in bed with me and take me all over again. I got so use to him fucking me any time he wanted and when he went into the service I was so lonesome for his attention I let myself get picked up by a guy at the bus stop and that was the first time I let a much older gent fuck me and he started in fucking me just about daily for he knew where I lived for he took me home the first time then he stopped by told my dad he had some work for me to do and took me home and fucked me again really good and gave me 20 bucks and told my dad he'd need my help for a lot of chores that needed to be done and he always payed me for getting something I needed as well. No complaints from me and it was a sad day when he got transferred to another town and again I was going with out and then my older bro came home on leave and again it was like old times. I never told him about Ron and when he left to go back to his duty station I sought out another guy and before long I was his cum dump for several years. Still am,.

  • Yes. Back in my younger years my step cousin and I used to sneak around and suck each others dicks all the time out in the woods or in the barn loft. He asked me if he could screw me one night and after we talked about it awhile it sounded all right to me so we went out to the barn that night got up in the hay loft and took off our pants. He got me to get on my knees and bend forward over a bale of hay and he slowly stuck his dick in my tight asshole and fucked me until he came inside of me.
    It felt so good I asked him to do it again so as soon as he was hard enough he stuck it in my ass again an fucked me again for a lot longer time before he came in my ass again.
    After that he fucked me for several years and I was always asking him to fuck me because his dick felt so good in my ass and I liked it when he came inside of me. I wished he would fuck me again but he doesn`t want to any more now that we are in our 50`s. I still ask him to every once in awhile but he won`t do it.

  • Five years ago, I had sex with my Aunt. I moved up north after a really bad break-up. A month later, my Aunt moved to the same city. We were never really close growing up, but she was around quite a bit during my childhood. We were both pretty bored with our new location, so we started hanging out at random dive bars together. Then one night, we both got really wasted. Drunk and lonely, we started talking about our miserable lives and the difficulty of adjusting to everything. Before I knew it, we ended up having sex in her car. It certainly made for an awkward situation afterwards. She moved away shortly after, and neither me or my family has heard from her since. I've never told anyone, and probably never will.

  • My nephew fancies me he is always looking at my body especially my bottom when I am wearing trousers with out knickers which I always do, he comments on what a good arse I have, saying thing like it would look better naked, I am 42 he is19, what started it was a family party we were intoxicated in the garden when he asked me for real kiss, but I was a snog then tongs, his hands felling my bottom he had my skirt pulled up at the back with his hand in my knickers fingering my arsehole, we were both ready to commit but got disturbed, now he wont leave me alone, what to do or not.

  • What about the next episode

  • What are you waiting for fuck him, and suck in his young cock and get him to eat you out

  • Fuck Him

  • Family incest is very common but nobody wants to openly talk about it, my close friends have admitted to inappropriate play with the same and opposite sex, it started with me and my brothers wrestling out hands going in places where they wouldn't normally go then after a while the wrestling stopped, we stopped pretending got on with it,

  • My brother and I used to play with each others dicks when we took baths. He is 6 years older than me. His dick was much bigger than mine. I used to stroke him under the water until he came.

  • Me and my young sister used to bath together and day she started to play with my cock and i told her it felt nice so she then wrapped her hand around it and began wank me off and at the same time i put two finger up her eight year old cunt and we began to wank each other off. that was about six year ago we are true lovers now and fuck each when we can. she really want me to get her pregnant and i can't wait for us to have a baby.

  • My brother and I have been sucking each other's dicks for 20 years now. Doesn't happen as often anymore now that we are older.

  • Been having at my hot older sister for years. We both enjoy it, each other, are good at it, and have no plans on stopping.

  • When i was 14, my mom was pregnant, she had sometimes paraded around the house in her big belly stretching panties and bra, she would let me feel her belly. when she first let me know she was pregnant, she was a month and a half along, she was in her 2 piece bathing suit, when i felt her baby, i shot huge loads of cum up inside my speedo, my mom was all smiles and all horny to see me cum, she actually smiled and rubbed where i had cummed in my speedo.

  • I molested and fucked my step sister once when she was pasted out drunk. She was 17 I was 14.

  • Way to go and you should have sex with all women who are drunk and passed out cold sleeping because I do and I have never been caught

  • Everytime I go to a party I wait for the girls to get drunk. I always offer to drive the drunkest one home but I take them to my house and by this time she would be so out of it and passing out. I strip off her clothes and take nude pictures of her and then I would do whatever I want to her... Suck on her nipples while fingering her.. Eat her pussy and then have sex with her and I will cum deep deep inside of her pussy. Then I put her clothes back on and put her back in the car and take her home. When we get to her house I wake her up and tell her your home now and I walk her to the door because they can't make it on their own. I say goodnight and leave and to this day not a single one of them has ever said anything about sex to me. I really love going to parties with my friends

  • I have done that before too my close female friends after they are really drunk I would be able to feel them up and undress them and have sex with them and the next day they never said anything about it to me. I have taken advantage of many of my friends wives my family members and female friends and I took nude pictures of them all

  • My parents had a camper parked on the far end of the property next to an old barn. We lived out in the country and it would be just her and I home for a few hours after school. This was back in the 1970's. No cell phones. Three tv channels. She liked to play house in the camper. I liked to play you show me yours I'll show you mine. I was 13 and she was 11. I seen some of my dads hardcore porn magazines. We did what we saw in the pictures. She was 12 the first time we had sex. Up until then it we just kissing and touching. My sister and I lost our v-card to each other. We fooled around all through our teens. It was pure luck she never got pregnant. Back then we had no idea could happen.

  • I stuck my finger up my sisters asshole a few times. She never told our parents.

  • Brother in law

  • When i was 6 i used to suck my brothers cock. he was 10...he let me do it for about a year and then he wanted to stop. i still miss his cock. the last time he let me suck him off he thought he would "teach me a lesson" & pissed in my mouth. lesson was on him. i drank every bit of it & loved it!!

  • Can I be your brother

  • I want to fuck my sexy aunt

  • I'm a guy and sucked on my brother's big dick once. Would've stayed down there all day if I could.

  • No. Yes. Oedipus complex. Mom is a kay parker lookalike. She walked around naked. I watched her suck dick. I saw her riding a dick. I saw her starring at my hard on. Later that night, I watched her masturbating and cum.

  • I have a cousin that I have always wanted to fuck

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