My friend once told his girlfriend have sex with me.

When I was a young teen my friends were all a year or two older than me. They picked on me a lot but they always watched out for me. One of these guys who was 2 years older than me had a very nice girlfriend who became a good friend too. One day my buddy and his girl were hanging out and I was the third wheel. They were teasing me about not having a girlfriend and he said laughing your still a virgin. His girlfriend told him to stop. She asked me if I ever kissed a girl, I was honest and said no. So you don't know how to kiss, let me teach you. She was a good teacher,we were kissing for a few minutes then said your missing a move, what move I asked, she took my hand and put it on her tits. She let me feel her up as my friend was watching and cheering me on. He didn't care his girl was making out with me or that she was letting me feel her up. He told her to give me a blow job, being young and dumb I said you don't have to do that to her. She said why not, let me do it for you, so I did. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her, I said no. My friend said go on fuck her, let her teach you so you'll know what to do. So now I'm fucking her with him watching us. She was kissing me as I was fucking her. She asked that I not cum in her, so I didn't. Now it's years later, they married they both had affairs on each other, he decided to leave her for his lover. She dumped her lover and came to me, please fuck me she said, I'm coming to your house on Saturday. Last Saturday she came by and I fucked her the whole afternoon. She came by Sunday for a quicky oral sex cum and last night for an hour of just fucking and kissing. I'm getting what I fantasized ever since her boyfriend watched us fucking that 1 and only time. When I was with other women and I wanted to finish, I'd fantasise I was fucking her and would make me cum fast. Unfortunitly I cum fast with her because I'm still very attracted to the woman who took my virginity 25 years ago. She let's me stop so we can fuck and fuck and fuck. My god this woman is a fuck machine like I never knew. The thing about her I like best is she loves getting her pussy eaten and her lover wasn't into it. Her pussy hair is the same and her pussy still looks like a peach. Nope she hasn't changed at all down there and I love to finish her off with a good oral cum. She used to be friends with my x wife who once told her how good I was at eating her pussy. I'm sure that is why she came to me. I hope she sticks around for a while, I love having my cake and eating it too.


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  • Congrats! Even if it is a fantasy... ;)

  • Yup you can follow his crap English in many other posts.

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