Discreet Sex Toys

My husband would kill me if he found out that I masturbate, fantasize and cheat. I'd like to get a butt plug or dildo (not a vibrator) that he wouldn't notice was a sex toy if he found it. I don't want to use cucumbers and I don't have any bottles of anything that are the right size and shape. For my pussy I really just like real dicks. I cum real easy when I masturbate without a toy, but I want to plug my ass sometimes. I'd like to get it ready for a dick too.

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  • Http://bunnypoeta.weebly.com/

  • You might try a sausage of the right size for you and keep one handy at all times and let your husband eat it up and that's ok for the stores have then all the time

  • What is he fucking blind? Sex toys by their very nature are very noticeable, that is they look like a cock. DOH But you could use a cucumber or banana. I used to go out with a girl in Colchester and she would shove any pointed veggies up her minge and I used to love licking or eating them when she had finished with them, carrots had the right pointyness and were nice raw with just a coating of minge juice. Luvly Jubbly!

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