Looking for cum stains

When my wife undresses I get her pants out of the clothes hamper and check them for cum stains. I have found some of them heavily cum stained and ill Jack off knowing she has been cheating bare back.

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  • So who exactly is it your wife is fucking? Or does it matter? I knew another guy that wanted his wife to cheat on him and he set it up without her knowing. He found out from a girlfriend that she thought this guy was really hot so he went and talked to him. He told him everything and the guy agreed to do his wife. Now the guy's wife is fucking this other guy all the time. She even said she'd leave her husband for him, but he told her he wasn't ready to commit, Now she's coming home with tons of cum in her underwear all the time. It's still going on today.

  • Hott!

  • Storys like that make me weep. i dont get men like that. well, if you can call them men...

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