Halloween Whore

Last Halloween, my husband and I went to an adult-themed Halloween party, where I met a good friend of mine, the mother of my younger daughter's best friend. Coincidentally, she and I both had the same costume idea: that of a prostitute. A little late into the party, four younger guys, in their mid-twenties I think, made their way up to me and my friend. They were pretty hammered, and I guess thought we were actual prostitutes and tried soliciting us.

We were both pretty tipsy ourselves, which is probably why we did what we did. I looked over my shoulder and found my husband watching, and I gave him a conspiratorial wink and a grin, slipped my arm around my friend's waist, and went with it. The guys were delighted and we negotiated a pretty good price for me and my friend, guess the boys were a little loaded, and the two of us followed them upstairs to an unoccupied room while I waved my husband off not to follow.

Once we were upstairs, my friend and I truly became whores. We lucked out in that they were young and able to keep their erections up a while even while they were drunk, and they got to fuck both of us in any hole they wanted. I even flashed them my ring and teased them, saying if only my husband could see me getting fucked by their big cocks. It got pretty raunchy, and my friend and I even fooled around with each other while the guys were fucking us. The next day we were pretty damn sore and a complete mess... but I certainly had a naughty story to tell the hubby, along with plenty of money to make up for it.


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