Bored and horny

So several years ago I'm just fooling around in Walmart. Not looking for anything specific. Just killing time when I run into an old friend. We chit chat and she tells me she is having a party if I want to come. I agree and she asks me to bring some beer. So I get directions, go to a liquor store and get some cold beers.

So the party isn't anything crazy. Everyone drinking, eatin and talking. Later after most had gone home, the host, Stacy pulls out a set of dirty dice. One has an action and the other has a body part or region. So there's like 6 of us sitting around a coffee table. She tells us to all get down to just underwear and a tshirt. Make it interesting to start. It's her, her friend Samantha, me and three other guys. She spins a bottle and it lands on one of the other guys. She rolls the dice. Lick and above the waist. So she licks very sensuously his neck. Then he goes. He spins the bottle and it lands on me. He says, "Damn. Do over." Stacy says, "Nope. No do overs. Gotta do what the dice say for whoever it lands on. Everyone agree or go do something else." Samantha agrees. Stacy agrees. I agree. The other guys grumble but agree.

So his dice say touch and below the waste. Stacy says, "Don't wuss out. Be a good sport." So he fondles my cock. Only for a few seconds. I spin and it lands on Stacy. I roll and it says lick and below the waste. I ask her if this is no holds barred. She says, "Absolutely." I have her sit back. I spread her legs. I lick her pussy but over her panties. She says, "Damn what a tease."

So skip a few rounds. It ends up on me. I spin. It lands on the guy that touched my cock, Steve. It says blow and below the waste. Now that could be taken a couple ways. I say again, "No holds barred?" Stacy says, "No holds barred." I say to Steve, "You ready?" He says, "Yep." We had all had a lot to drink. I pull his cock out of his boxers and start sucking his dick. I don't do it for just a second either. I am actually giving him a blow job. He resists at first telling me I can stop but then says, "Ok, you can keep going. It's still your turn." I look over and one of the other guys, mike, is rubbing himself.

Steve takes off his shirt as I continue to suck his dick. Steve says, "Does jake have to stop?" Stacy says, "Nope. Sure doesn't." Steve says, "I'll pass my turn to mike then." Mike rolls the dice but doesn't even look at them. He reaches over and starts fondling my cock. Stacy, Samantha and the last guy, Jeremy had left the room and turned off the lights.

Now it's me sucking Steve's cock and mike sucking my cock. Keep in mind that I am bisexual but not out about it. No clue about the other two guys. I assume straight but the fact that we were all drunk and everyone was horny it didn't matter. Steve says, "You wanna sit down on me?" I say, "Yeah I do." I sit in his lap and take his cock into my ass. Mike is sucking my dick while I ride Steve's cock. Steve can't take much more. He cums inside me. Hard. He lays on the couch and watches as mike and I are now 69ing on the love seat. I cum next and mike swallows. Then I focus on mike. I'm sucking his dick and he cums.

We all finish up and all head to bed together. As we get up I see that Stacy was the only person left and she had been sitting on the kitchen table playing with her pussy as us three guys were having our little gay encounter.


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  • Well have to say I wouldn't be sucking any dude off. But they can take turns sucking my 81/2" dick all night long. Infact I've had a cpl of guys blow me who were better than most girls. And some women do like guys getting sucked off by other guys. My wife is one of them and has encouraged guys to go down on me. Including one really young boy she agreed to fuck if he'd suck my dick first. Turned out this little kid loved sucking dick and had a BF but had never been with a girl. And I'll have to admit having this little boy sucking my dick really turned me on. I'd gotten my 1st blowjob when I was 14 from a friend and to have a boy younger than that sucking my dick was hot as hell. And turned my wife on too, and she kept up her end and let him fuck her.

  • Bruh, she set you up.

  • I ended up at a small party one night during college, there was like four guys and six women left when one of the women said hey, we have a perfect number of people for an orgy. I could not believe it when everyone started taking off clothes and fondling each other, at some point about an hour later I rolled over and there was a penis like six inches from my face. I have no idea why but I started stroking it and the next thing I know I am sucking on it. I guess is was only a few minutes and I felt someone sucking mine and it was one of the women. Crazy wild night for sure but I have never sucked another penis since.

  • That sounds like that was.alot of fun bi guess I would have done the same thing especially if I been drinking

  • I’m all in. I’d fucken take whatever you give. That beautiful dick and threesome is all good by me.

  • Screw that no guy is touching my dick for any reason. I'm out.

  • I always knew Walmart had great Karma.

  • Wow, wow I love it, I want that

  • Sounds like a great time. I have not sucked off a guy since my teens.

  • Awesome and hot. I would love to play a game like that. Or something where if I lost, I'd have to suck the other guy's dick. Not just once, but anytime he wanted. That's all I would do though, I'm not into taking it in the ass.

  • So would I. You sound like you like to have great fun ;)

  • Not me man I love it in my ass and would and have taken many at a party where it was all males.

  • I would take it in my ass all night long with a all guys party.

  • Yeah, I would try it in my ass. I'm sure the ladies would get turned on

  • I would try it in my ass I know the ladies would enjoy watching that.

  • I sure am

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