Wife came home and smells like sex

Right before me and my wife got married she came home and smelled like sex. It was the week of my birthday. It was on a Thursday that year, stating Monday I noticed that she was getting home really late from work crying and upset about different things. Then on my birthday she came home very late about 4 hrs late.and smelled different she smelled like sex. She gave me a big hug and I even told her she smelled different like sex. She then and proceeded to try and distract me with a gift as her excuse for being so late. She ran to the bed room to change out of her work cloths and put her dirty clothes into the wash and started it. ( normally when she changes her clothes at night she will leave them right where she took them off.) Then she hoped into the shower. She came out and we had dinner and watched some TV. Then I pried her for some birthday sex at first she didn't want to but it was my birthday so she gave in we were kissing and pulling our clothes off as I got down to her pussy to start kissing and licking her pussy, she smelled like a condom I even told her she smelled like a rubber all she said was oh that's weird. I don't know why. I just keep going to town eating her soaking wet pussy lips as she is getting closer to cuming I get up to push my now throbbing cock in to her I can tell that this was not the first time today she has been entered. She is normally a quite snug fit for me but now she was a little looser than normal. I started to fuck her and picked up the pace thrusting as hard as I can throwing her around the bed changing positions I was getting ready to cum thrusting into her as hard and fast as I could she was cumming, I pulled out and came across her back and ass. It was great. I have confronted her about that day about her coming home smelling like sex and she denied it and can't explain why she acted different than she nomaly does and I even told her she smelled like sex when she got home and her pussy smelled like a condom why the fuck would she lie about it??? She even acted weird the next couple of days.... Any thoughts on why she just won't admit it? I really don't give a shit about if she did fuck someone else. I just can't stand being lied to.

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  • Yep, i am sure they all do in the hospital and school and church and govt and palaces and its all gonna get leaked out like a wikki leaks but satanicleaks.

  • Hey! I'm glad you have some standards. Obviously I don't have any, because I would give a shit if someone else was fucking my wife.

  • Till the time it doesn't end ur relationship its ok. Same like men, women like little excitement in life. See this as her addiction. My wife has a habit of over drinking in her office parties. she cannot stop that as a result her colleagues need to carry her home. But before that some carry her in their place. When she comes back in the morning she smell full of shit all round her body as she gets humped by multiple men. But I know this is something she enjoys occasionally so ok with it.

  • If she did not lie about it, it would indicate she has not respect for you. She loves you and does not want to loose you but needs a little on the side for excitement now and then. As a wife and mom I have done the same thing. My husband notices the smell and says you really smell musky tonight and he really gets horny and ready to romp which I like very much.

  • I lie all the time if my husband knew how many guys I fucked just this year, hate the thought.

  • If it doesn't worry you then simply tell her your'e ok with her having sex with other men just tell me. Do you have sex with other women?

  • My wife comes home smelling like sex a couple times a week. Only difference between my situation and the poster's situation is that I know my wife had sex. She doesn't lie but also doesn't just offer up information. I'm totally ok with it too.

  • From now on every time you think she smells like sex, call her out on it, then fuck her like a porn star. She'll feel like she owes you. Would be a good time to put it in her ass if you haven't already. Tell her you think her pussy's been used enough for one day.

  • Tell her to tell the truth or prepare for the consequences.
    don't blink, don't flinch, and don't respond to any of her stories.
    stone-face patience, until she cracks.
    don't let her seduce you.

    once she tells the truth, you'll have choices to make.

  • Get used to the fact that your a cuckold, and you will be lied too for the rest of your life, your the idiot for going through with the marriage...have a nice life.

  • What a stupid question. I've lied to my husband about fucking other men.

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