Why do some women love cum

I've been with a lot of women. I see a lot of them love eating cum, getting blasted in the face with cum and some like it on their tits. Others not into it at all saying don't cum in my mouth. I was with a woman who took all my cum in her mouth then made me eat my cum out of her mouth with my tongue and she licked my face with my cum, she was different. A friend of mine asked me jerkoff onto her hair, not pubic her head hair and went out on the street wearing it.I didn't get her motive. What's up with you women, where do you like it the most?

7.2 years ago

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    • We are all different, just like men. My preference is to have my man cum inside me, it's the best ending. However, sometimes I give my BF a wank or blowjob and he cums on my body. I don't really like it on my face and definitely not in my mouth but I'm OK over my boobs, bum or tummy.

    • I am 19 soon to be 20 and I will swallow from time to time but when I am getting fucked I want the cum in the hole I am getting fucked in. I don't like it when my partner pulls out at the last minute and shoots it on my belly or my face gads what's with you guys?

    • My husband cums in my pussy most of the time, which is what I prefer, but sometimes he wants to cum on my body, boobs or bum. He always asks and I say OK. He knows that I don't like the taste of cum so he doesn't finish in my mouth. When we shower together I'm OK with him cumming on my face but that's the only time.

    • Every girl is different. Some don't care to even give a blowjob, much less swallow, others want to do nothing but suck cock and take a mouthful or facial. Just roll with it and work with what you've got.

    • My wife loves having me cum inside her pussy then makes me lick and suck it all out and French kiss her, I love it she loves it!
      She also loves going out just after having sex without cleaning up! She said she likes thinking that strangers know she has just had sex.

    • My wife will not swallow 99 percent of the time, but she does always want it in her mouth and not on her body or face. Makes me happy I don't care if she spits lol.

    • Mouth for me too - less messy!!

    • For me after acquiring the taste for it I will swallow, other than that I love it anywhere on me or best of all buried deep inside of me both holes.
      You get to where all you want is a guys cum and then you're a cum slut such as I am.

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