Caught wearing My Wife's " Panties "

My wife Carol has the best collection of panties, and I'am alway sneaking into Her pantydraw, and I just can not help myself,to the point that I have been wearing Carol's panties everyday to work! At work I'm always careful I lock my door when masturbating in Carol's panties! Yes until this day when Jennifer the bosses secretary unlocked my office door, and caught me naked except with only panties on! Yes and of course Jennifer is one of Carol's best friends! Jennifer was just staring at me looking at my panty covered penis, with no where to hide! Then she just abruptly left leaving the door wide open!

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  • I wore my wife's panties all the time. I had be crossdressing for a long time before we were married but did not tell her. One day when she was out, I had on her panties and bra and heels and several pairs of her panties on the floor and looking at them and rubbing my hard cock. I did not hear her come in.

    I was about to cum and looked up and she was in the doorway, her jeans were down and she was fingering her pussy watching me! I shot my cum right then and she started to have an orgasm as well. She then took her jeans off, for on the floor and told me to eat her pussy good! I obeyed and lapped her like never before.

    After that I always wore her Panties when we had sex and many times dressed in her bra and stockings as well. She did it turned her in and liked the idea of a woman with a cock. She said she was not into women but always licked her fingers when she masterbated and she often looked at Penthouse mags when I was not home and finger herself off.

    She weeny out with other girls one night and came home with a drenched pussy. She admitted she had came after having a few drinks and one of her friends started to feel her up in the car and finger fucked her to orgasm on the way home. She wanted me to dress as a woman and eat her now dripping pussy.

  • You are a lucky guy

  • Sounds like bullshit to me too.

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