Finally getting fucked!

My husband has had a big hang up regarding anal sex. We've been together for 21 years and he has never fucked me until last week. I finally told him I was not going the rest of my life with out it. He enjoys when I do him, I had to have it. I felt really hurt and rejected by this and finally reached my limit. I told him my patience is gone, that I was going to find an escort or some guy on Craigslist to do me. I really had hoped it was him. After this talk he went and get Viagra from his doc. And WOW!!!

He's done me 3 times in a week and I think about getting it every day. Because of the Viagra we have to plan it a bit. When I know it's going to happen I feel so on edge and nearly electrical all day long. Filled with excitement. It's hard to describe the feeling. I'm also nearly in tears. I guess the wait of 21 years is showing by how wired I get prior to getting his dick up my ass! I can't wait to start doing him again. We agreed to wait giving him my dick so he can get more comfortable.

He's enjoying giving it to me but struggles with confidence. The Viagra gives him quite a stiffy though! The first weekend he slipped it to me twice which I wasn't sure I could take two days in a row. He's quite well equipped and I was concerned I couldn't handle it. But.....with patience......??????

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