Losing my virginity to my dog

Many people might think that having sex with an animal is disgusting and unhealthy in a way, but truly it's quite the opposite. I remember I was 14 and I had had my Labrador for 4 years now but i never rally considered the idea of sticking his warm cock into my pussy. Those things just weren't on my mind. But one day i had come back from the neighborhood pool and my family had stayed behind. I took off my bathing suit and stretched out on the floor, feeling free since no one was in my house. I stretched open my vagina and closed my eyes. Suddenly, my dog pounced on my and i felt something warm, very hot, circle around my pussy. At this point I knew what was going to happen and I was ready. He pushed his huge red cock into my vagina and pushed in and out, practically pushing me with him. Since it was my first time i instantly started to moan. It was a great feeling, my pussy was so wet and sticky and so hot. I had never loved a feeling more than the one that happened that day. Eventually, his cum filled me up and it felt as if i was gonna burst from the inside out. My body temperature had increased by 2 degrees when his cum went in me. His knot pulsed in the innermost part of my vagina and we stayed that way for 20 minutes, but he never once stopped fucking me. That was the best experience in my life. I'm 24 now and 2 years ago i bought myself a great dane, now i can find pleasure with a much bigger partner whenever i need to.

7 years ago


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    • You like dog dick keep on fucking it feel good you can not get a baby from fucking your dog dick

    • That's awesome I'd love to join you I know exactly happened I want to eat your pussy I want to kiss you damn baby you're hot

    • I became a dogs bitch at 14 and every dog i meet now can smell it and humps me

    • This fucking hot I don't know why it just gets me I love watching it and I want to hop in I want to just come off you lips

    • Pl ppl

    • Very nice to hear from this, I am very happy to say that I am a Dogs Bitch now!!

    • All you ladies who are done it's just hot as shit I want you to pussies and sucking cum out of your mouth driving me nuts here LOL

    • Interesting how you knew your body temperature increased exsctly by 2 degrees

    • I am a male. At 16 age my friend gave me a two months old Russian puppy. He became very friendly. One night I applied some butter on my cock and he licked so nicely and made me cum. He licked all white fluid. It was immese pleasure. Then it became a routine and we would do it weekly or twice a week. Then came a sudden change. Once he was licking as per routine and I felt something hot was touching my ass door. I touched to feel and it was his cock. Oh my goodness he had achieved adulthood. He was desperately searching for hole. I guided him and in next few attempts he was inside me. He fucked me hard and released very hot cum inside me. I had earlier experienced human cocks but cum of puppy was so so hot that I felt a Geyser pipe in my ass. We continued our encounters for about six months. Then he was lost one day and did not return home. I missed him for a long time.

    • I wish I could have been there to watch and suck your cock at the same time he was fucking you

    • Only way to do it... hey why not

    • I would love to have a girlfriend that does that tired of being single but love the story

    • Some weeks passed she also stop talking to me i hated her for giving my brother a blow job i started to watch every one as evil one day she come to me and said you i wanted to turn you gay how are you still not gay i cry and i went home i did not went to school for some weeks after, then on a wensday i was petting my dog she was a good dog something came over me and i fucked my dog i felt really bad about it because i lost my virginity to a dog.

      but i know not to trust some women in this world some women will fuck you up or try to make you turn gay ill never turn gay that way fucking gross then fucking a dog i still love nice jucey pussy.

    • At the ending of the first year of secondary school some girls from another class said to my my friend they told her you have such a beautiful handsome boyfriend ill get him before e know Sukia said out loud no he's mine for some reason i felt good that they where fighting over me, that same week she told me come by her place, i said meybe this time would different she called me to help her with her homework but i said no, she said am coming by you and study i said ok so when she came by my place my brother came home .
      she came by my place my brother came home it was bad timing ,soon after she came to my house she see my taller brother and they started talking like they was friends i didn't even try to stop them because my brother in a good person, so I said let me get some stuff from the store will play some video game's, after I came back I saw my brother fingers in my girl was betrayed by my brother and the girl I wanted to give my virginity i was so sad and the girl told me that i was not her type i was so sad i wanted to kill my self.

    • 4 years passed and i was 13 and it was my first year of secondary school i didn't had any friends and girlfriends, people always say to me how are you some handsome i didn't think i was handsome because i was insecure one day a girl come to me and ask me why do you look so sad i said don't worry am OK and i smile, she said you look so sad, i walked away after because in my mind i was saying i won't get close to her she might hurt me like my friend from child hood
      not knowing my dick is now 4/1 inches it was 3/6 when i was 9 so that day we where sent to a class we ended up being in the same class for a year,so some how she became my friend and 3 others but it was 2 girls and 1 boy 4 of us got along.

    • When i was 9 boy i had a girl as my best friend she was 12 and one day she called me when her family wasn't there, she was the only one there so we went in an abandon house on the hill that had bats inside we went in and it had a room with a old bead she told me lest play a game on the bead i was not into it it had spiders on the bead, she took off her clothing and my rucks got really hard i so i said to her my Peggie won't stop jumping she push me to the dusty old bead and she started riding me but i my dick was not that big she got board and she never bother with me again, she never even called me i tried visit her but she was any at me i was so sad i never understand why my best friend left me alone

    • OMG, I thought I was the wireds person ever he just started trying to get me and one night he got me ,LOL and well if your story is true every day

    • I grew up on a farm. My first was a horse. A mare named Molly.
      I can still see the cum running out of her pussy.

    • What's it like with a horse? You'd think with their size and the monster cocks they're built for it would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway type of feel.

    • When I was in college, one of father's friends sat on the school board and came around once or twice a month. He had a Boxer who would always sniff between my legs. One day I was out walking along the lake near the school when I saw Bill and his dog coming towards me.

      His dog is so friendly and rushed towards me and stuck his nose under my skirt. I tried to stop him, but Bill came up and commanded me to put my hands behind my back and let Max smell me as much as he wanted.

      He kept bumping his snout into my pussy almost knocking me off my feet. I move my legs further apart for more stability which only made Max stick his nose right on my soaking wet panties.

      Bill had been talking to me a bit. He is a very forceful man and I always obeyed him and had fantasies about him coming into my room at night and making me his sex slave...little did I know.

      Because right then Bill commanded me to take off my panties and give them to him. I was so embarrassed at how sopping wet they were. Bill just gave me a lecherous grin and said leg apart, right as I felt Max's big soft tongue lick me from my ass all the way to my clit and I was starting to lose control.

      There was a shed nearby and Bill took me in there and told me to strip. At first I thought my fantasy fuck with him might come true, but he had other ideas. Max was really going to town on me and Bill told me to get on my hands and knees. Max mounted me and I was making so much noise, Bill put his cock in my mouth.

      So now I live with Bill and Max. I 'work' as his personal secretary and I have a room, but I am never in it, I sleep with Bill after he and Max get done with me every night.

      Perfect love triangle in my book

    • My Rottie took my virginity when I was 14 years old. It took several week before I healed from his cock and scratches on my hips and thighs. Then one day when I was home alone with him I gave myself to him willingly not just once but four times that day and I fell in love being tied to him for up to a hour as he filled my pussy with his cum.
      For the past five years my Rottie has been my lover daily for he still continues to sleep with me and nightly he makes me his all over again.

    • Sounds so hot. Wish I could walk in on that

    • Sounds like a great lover

    • I would love to watch

    • R/thathappened

    • Im 66 step daughters 33 I jacked off thinking of her ass for years. Her hubby showed me video of her suck him off. She looks at my bulges always. I beat off at least 3 times a day. I want to Smell her butt then tongue her butt till she cum or poops in my mouth. Then I can die. Wish me luck.

    • Wow hot
      Are you curious in other animals too like snake hamster pig ?

    • Was about that age when it first happened, except I am male. A male dog mounted me and fucked me hard up the ass. I was his after that. There is nothing like that knot.

    • Similar in age, but was a male dressed in my sister's skirt and panties and our male dog mounted me. He was trying to rape me, but since I was crossdressing, I didn't scream for help. I had never thought about being his bitch before that. He was determined and was able to get his prick up the leg hole of the panties during the struggle and inside my asshole and proceeded to fuck me hard. I wasn't able to stop him, and he kept fucking me and eventually knotted. It was the most amazing thing that happened to me and like nothing else I felt before. I tried to push him out, but he was locked inside me until he was finished. He turned away from me and, I soon felt him pulsing and cumming inside me. I was surprised how good this was feeling and kept feeling better, but I was shocked at what happened next. I felt something inside me release all at once. My ass clamped down around his prick and it felt like my insides were pulsing and contracting, I moaned as my body shook with a strange powerful great feeling like nothing I had ever experienced before that sent waves of pleasure over me. A few minutes later, he pulled out. I felt some soreness, but felt amazing. I had never gotten a great feeling like that from masturbating. The wonderful feeling seemed to stay with me. I realized he had not only fucked me and made his bitch, but he had made me have a powerful orgasm from it.

      Needless to say, that was not the last time I dressed in my sister's skirt and panties, and that was not the last time he fucked me to orgasm.

    • When I was younger I had a boyfriend that was really into beastiality. I was insecure and let him talk me into fucking his dog. It was the most disgusting thing I ever did

    • I get so turned on watching women do things they totally don’t wanna do but just don’t stop. Lost the best girlfriend I ever had because we hooked up with this trucker buddy of mine who was giving us all kinds of free drugs to watch us have sex. We were high as fuck and she was sucking on my dick trying to get it hard, and he just up and gets on the bed and lubes her ass and sticks his super big and hard dick in her. She asked if he had a condom on and he said he didn’t need it cuz he was gonna cum in her mouth. He’s was 58 and fat and she was 23 and hot, but also slutty and fucked like a pornstar. She had the most disgusting look on her face and then closed her eyes when he pulled out and shoved it in her mouth. She had been doing anal, cum swallowing, asstomouth since the first time we hooked up - and she had a boyfriend who wasn’t me - she was a nurse who got off getting high and then used like a dirty pornstar. I was going back and forth from ass to mouth in the first 15 minutes I knew her. I hid a gram of blow for her to get home with, but I wouldn’t give it to her until she swallowed my load, and it took her a long time after we ran out of dope to make me cum, and she didn’t know I had a stash for her. But she kept sucking until I exploded in her mouth, and she was about to leave all sketchy and fucked no when I gave her the gram. She was so happy she said she would buy for next weekend, and I bought a quarter and she gave me $400 and we fucked all weekend. I was 15 years older and fat and used her a lot. The next weekend I came at least 5x and she swallowed everytime. She was dirty like me. I could smell her ass on my dick so I turned on the light before I stuck it in her mouth and she just smiled all slyly and sucked it anyways. I told her once I Had to piss before I could cum and she opened her mouth and I didn’t hesitate. It was a lot and many swallows and then she asked if that turned me on and I said everything she does makes me cum & I came on her face

    • Was it missionary or doggy style? I was forced to let a dog mount me, and had no idea it could hurt so bad getting fucked up the ass. He wanted me to do it again and I absolutely refused, and he opened his pants while telling me to get on my knees, and I sucked his cock and swallowed his load somehow. Less than 10 days later he was sucking me up the ass almost everyday while we watched women getting anal sex on tv. Wasn’t much longer before he was pulling out and making me taste my ass and while swallowing his cum. That’s about when I started dating girls so I could get them to watch porn before jerkIn off into their mouths and splattering it all over their faces. Apparently women would rather swallow than ruin their make up, so that’s how I started getting head. The best girls were the ones you saw my dick and went right to it. Or they would spin around as soon as they heard my zipper. I dated one for over a year before I realized she never said no - to anyone. She was sucking off lots of guys, but she swallowed so I pretended I didn’t know about it. She’s swallowed as many as 5 loads of mine in just one day, for over a year, while secretly unable to say no to anyone. That’s a lot of cum to be investing: We got high on weed laced with meth and I asked her to suck off all my friends and she did. Was extremely arousing behaviour for a 15 year old virgin. It got so when her friends called I’d just tell them she can’t talk her mouth is full. I should be done in 5 minutes or so. She brought her friend over and while she was in the bathroom I pulled it out and she was still sucking it when her friend came back. My friend had a pitbull Rotty cross and it got all excited rubbing up on her and I asked her to suck it off and she went bright red and looked at my friend and said please don’t make me do that. I told her I never make her do anything, but I wanted to see her suck off a dog. She did it. Held its cum in her mouth for over a minute before she swallowed and cried

    • I used to crossdress in my step-sister's clothes and hadn't ever thought about bestiality before when her dog mounted me while I was wearing her skirt and panties and got inside me. I was repulsed by him fucking me up the ass at first and it was the most disgusting thing that had been done to me, but it soon changed and I was soon moaning loudly once he brought me to that first mind-blowing orgasm that washed over my entire body from getting fucked by him, I was disgusting what happened, and I knew it was wrong, but after that first time, I had an itch I needed scratched, and I was a whore for his cock and let him fuck me to an orgasm every chance I got after that.

    • Im twelve and my mom bought me a dog and it licked my vagina by accident three weeks ago and it feld nice and now i feel bad and let him do it all the time.

    • Do you fuck him

    • Hello would you ever let him mount you

    • I do it every day, don't feel bad I dont anymore from this post!!!

    • Would you let me watch bel lick your hole

    • My wife said she tried it when she was 14 and liked it. I think more do it than we know. if dogs could talk.

    • I can be a dog just for you sweetheart

    • Hi are you my age


    • Ha. How old are you cause im 12 and im in my room cause got in trouble with mom and dad over stupid teacher in school and im grounded and mom slapped me. Shes such a looser and I was meant too be going too my friends party today.

    • Fake fake fake

    • Great story . I'm so...

    • It dosnt look like your 24...your grammar and spelling are horrible

    • Im so wet

    • Don't spray me

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