Losing my virginity to my dog

Many people might think that having sex with an animal is disgusting and unhealthy in a way, but truly it's quite the opposite. I remember I was 14 and I had had my Labrador for 4 years now but i never rally considered the idea of sticking his warm cock into my pussy. Those things just weren't on my mind. But one day i had come back from the neighborhood pool and my family had stayed behind. I took off my bathing suit and stretched out on the floor, feeling free since no one was in my house. I stretched open my vagina and closed my eyes. Suddenly, my dog pounced on my and i felt something warm, very hot, circle around my pussy. At this point I knew what was going to happen and I was ready. He pushed his huge red cock into my vagina and pushed in and out, practically pushing me with him. Since it was my first time i instantly started to moan. It was a great feeling, my pussy was so wet and sticky and so hot. I had never loved a feeling more than the one that happened that day. Eventually, his cum filled me up and it felt as if i was gonna burst from the inside out. My body temperature had increased by 2 degrees when his cum went in me. His knot pulsed in the innermost part of my vagina and we stayed that way for 20 minutes, but he never once stopped fucking me. That was the best experience in my life. I'm 24 now and 2 years ago i bought myself a great dane, now i can find pleasure with a much bigger partner whenever i need to.



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  • Wow hot
    Are you curious in other animals too like snake hamster pig ?

  • Was about that age when it first happened, except I am male. A male dog mounted me and fucked me hard up the ass. I was his after that. There is nothing like that knot.

  • When I was younger I had a boyfriend that was really into beastiality. I was insecure and let him talk me into fucking his dog. It was the most disgusting thing I ever did

  • Im twelve and my mom bought me a dog and it licked my vagina by accident three weeks ago and it feld nice and now i feel bad and let him do it all the time.

  • My wife said she tried it when she was 14 and liked it. I think more do it than we know. if dogs could talk.

  • I can be a dog just for you sweetheart

  • Hi are you my age

  • Ha. How old are you cause im 12 and im in my room cause got in trouble with mom and dad over stupid teacher in school and im grounded and mom slapped me. Shes such a looser and I was meant too be going too my friends party today.

  • Fake fake fake

  • Great story . I'm so...

  • It dosnt look like your 24...your grammar and spelling are horrible

  • Im so wet

  • Don't spray me

  • When I say spray die

  • Spray I'll never talk to you again

  • Nothing but my knot pics

  • I'm going to get the spray tattoo

  • Spray the female dog

  • I ate the dog food think of me as girl

  • When you watch a girl getting fucked by a dog think of me as girl getting fucked in ass hole with my healthy ass hole

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  • Let me take a picture thinking your dogs in my ass

  • So let me get all horny with you and you all horny with me it won't ruin us

  • Let me get all horny with you and you get all horny it won't ruin us

  • So let me get all horny it won't ruin me

  • So all I want to smell is your bathing suit and smell your pussy and ass

  • If you and that dog had it all it would ruin both you

  • If you and that dog had it all it would ruin you

  • You make my dick feel like his introduce me to your brother and play with the liquid in my cock

  • My gmail is Guerra526@gmail.com

  • Phone tells me im you and fucking your dog right now

  • These dogs are fake on porn help me find video of you and your dog and stuff like that

  • I'm you and your dogs fucking me right now tattoo I get

  • Hungarian

  • I'm going to go back to my old self a human girl with dog only just I'm you how do you speak you and your dog language

  • I want to be a girl with a dog only in the world now that I explained how to you feel the world's against me you wUgh there was no world just u and dog living ain't living for me it's a joke but I can say my female sperm is only with dog

  • Should I ask your dog

  • The dog knows its purpose if you could put the words in your mouth why I'm here

  • You said this worlds only human female and male dog that means I don't belong here what do when im here I feel jealous for looking at you

  • You said you like dog better I'm you I'll get a tattoo that says better instead

  • Can you make me better then you fucking dog or never whatever it is I think it never cause I ducked dog well I'll see that in in your assets hole well ducking dog and that never stuff I'll do the same never ill get a tattoo saying never not shhh... Thank you for the story really never so much I'll download stuff like thay

  • Cause when I look at my face I see no sex

  • How you going to repay me for that

  • Was it your fault I lost my v to a human man

  • I'm going to get a shhh... Tattoo

  • Shhh...

  • I'm just trying not to die neither should anyone imagine a robot girl programed to never fuck a dog

  • Sss...

  • 100% you lost to dog I lost to human

  • Dogs feel awful to

  • There's a certain part of my body that starts don't hurt it the man who raped me feels awful when I lost my voice to him you feel awful for dog I feel awful for dog

  • I feel worst then when I met you

  • Everything on internet I can do

  • I'm going to try to know how you feel every second

  • What tattoo should I get

  • Vagina is better then any dog I got a rape tattoo

  • If you want to fuck dog on and on it will be better if you lost it to man same for me no so knot

  • We were not born to be this way

  • Did you know this day was coming

  • I don't have words put in my mouth

  • Imagine your self unable to have sex because of dog

  • Naughty posts

  • What if my parents were dogs same for you

  • I know felisha a human girl who lost it to a human man imagine she lost it to a dog same for Ruben dogs don't want to feel the pain for being with us same for us

  • If we're not normal horny we will die wishing we had dogs and people I'm you your me and horny will prove can't I'm talking like I'm already dead it will make up for that

  • Feel the no pain of man

  • I can tell your in pain cause I can't talk to you

  • If you could make my body feel better then sex would you

  • Who's getting more of what

  • Hey there's a man out there who gets more pussy then dog

  • They call me bitch's what they call you choices human

  • What word do I write first

  • I wish I was telling you how to write

  • There's things I want to pose for

  • Why can't I feel like you

  • What's wasting my time terrible

  • Sex is not a weapon

  • Do you wish you were a human boy

  • All I know is I wish I was a human girl

  • So do I then our neighbor fucks me then I'm glad I'm a guy his guy well his girl.

  • I felt ill blow myself up if I type the wrongthing

  • I saying the wrong thing cause the dog ain't me

  • Dogs wish they were human

  • There a creature that makes pain happen when it's not around

  • My leg hurts

  • Ruben's a guy

  • My cousin Ruben lost his virginity to a human girl

  • If you had another choice would you choose man or dog

  • They want to kill me for having sex with man dog and girl

  • Use your special for things that hate on sex

  • I'm special

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  • I'm drinking a oz 24 beer

  • I don't know where you are but if you wanted to live togeather to fuck i would but can you make the next human girl I see do that

  • I want to live with a human girl to fuck

  • My phones making me mad

  • What should I do

  • Can you show me how to bark

  • Can you show me how to be real

  • These faces I see are fake

  • So yea let me fuck you the one who fucked the Labrador the first girl I did was Boston terrior dog now let me do you

  • Sorry Boston terrior dog

  • Sorry im a guy and the first girl I ever fucked was a Boston territory dog

  • Hi the first girl I ever fucked was a Boston territory dog

  • I watched my sister let our dog lick her she was 13 at the time. i talked her into trying it,

  • I have a three year old half Black Lab and the other half a Artic Wolf. Quite a combination and he weighs about 200 lbs and me I am small 96 lbs and stand 4'11". As it started out he was licking me inserting his toung deep into my puss every now and then and he'd bring me to many climaxes that was, just about daily after getting out of the shower if he was any where inside the house at the time. We slept together and he was definitely my lover since he got me the first time.

  • For months I wouldn't let him tie with me, I knew of his knot and seen ot many times but one day he started in fucking me missionary and he got himself deep into me and his knot started in swelling and he took hold of my hips and pulled himself tight into me and I told him NO and tried to get away but he held onto me and his knot continued to swell as he started in pumping his seamen into me and I was his. God his hot seamen got to me and I layed there trying to relax and let his knot grow till it started in hurting a bit but what hurt the most was his cock grew continually and I swear he entered my cervix as he still was making me his bitch. I must have cum on him half a dozen times and still he continued to pump his seamen into me and my belly actually swelled and I could feel his cock in me when I pressed on my belly and I couldn't believe he had that much in me. What seemed like hours was actually only 53 minutes he tried to get up but I held onto him for I didn't want him to pull from me for that would have hurt like hell and I kept him in me and he kept trying to get off me and I held onto him for another half a hour and I felt his knot subsiding in size so I let him slide out a bit till he was right at the insides of my vagina and he started in fucking me wildly again and I remained stuck on him for nearly 2 hours and I had to get him off of me for mom and dad would be home soon and I was stuck and I began to panic and I tried to get him off of me and with a big plop his knot came out and I

  • Screamed a bit and when he pulled his cock from me I saw the most beautiful sight his 8 inch thick cock still pumping sperm in squirt falling onto the floor as his cock bounced against his belly and his cum litterly flowed from me for a good five minutes as I layed there utterly exhausted and Tuka went to the corner of my room and began to clean himself up and I thought to myself what about me and when I stood to go to my bathroom I could barely walk and I had to hang onto every thing in my room to keep from falling, my legs just didn't want to do what I wanted them to do finally I sat on the toilet pushing more and more of his cum from me and finally just in time I got sweat bottoms on and a T shirt just as mom hollered for me to come down.

  • I know I watched a gallon it seemed like run out of my gf r after her boxer knotted and filled her pussy. Most amazing site to see. She was dripping .

  • We have a Rottweiler. We got him as puppy and at home we are mostly scantily dressed or in the nude. When he was about 1 he started sniffing my wifes pubes. She first pushed him away but I said she should let him. So on evenings when he had time to relax we sat on the sofa watching TV, my wife took off her knickers and the dog was lapping away at her pussy and at first my wife just said that she loved the feeling but then she had a climax every time it happened. This progressed and about a year later it was the first time that I helped the dog to penetrate her. My wife said that the feeling was incredible and she had a mind-shattering orgasm. We had the dog for another 14 years and as we always were open about I told her that I really loved seeing her doing this and she confirmed what I suspected that she would want to be without it. It became part of our regular sex life.
    Sadly the dog died 3 years ago. 2 weeks ago we bought another Rottweiler puppy.


    Let's go to the manual of life:

    Leviticus 18:23 "A man must not defile himself by having sex with an animal. And a woman must not offer herself to a male animal to have intercourse with it. This is a perverse act.


    John 3:17For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 18Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. 19This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. 21But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.

    Good wishes.

  • You realize that Jesus died on the cross for all of us and the old testament became null and void upon His death by crucifixion? In fact, that very information is available to you in the same New Testament inside which you'll never locate that lil condemnation of homosexuality you probably reach for regularly. Sexual immorality is mentioned a couple times, though. I wouldn't consider a victomless act detestable when the animal has a ball........pun intended. The old testament is a collection of information concerning our ancient history and a very detailed "howto" for being a decent human being but the New Testament clearly states that the old is out. I'm not saying these desires are normal or "good" but we are what we are. Repent, judge not, keep your nose from turning up from different lifestyles and your eyes set on that ever broadening horizon. If the dog loves the attention and the human loves the that knot, no one is being forced to witness the offence and there are no injuries. Seems to be all's fine and fine and dandy.

    Have a blessed and truly enlightened day.

  • Blow it out ur a$$ Buddy take that god bullsh$t else where all that book is filled with sh&$

  • First impression is that you're an average sorta bully who chooses to be a mean ignoramus as a result of some underlying mummy and/or daddy issues. Here's a thought.... instead of being a totally clueless jerk to a Christian simply because you don't "get it", you could use your time to research real information that exists outside of your dated comfy lil opinion box. There are FAR worse things than Christianity in this world and you were gifted free will so use it to help yourself crawl from the depths of your mental retardation. I guess it'd be great if realized you only hate Christianity as a result of very well planned programming techniques. Now come back at me with nothing but rude insults based somewhere out in left field and completely void of a real point, Be the good lil sheeple I know you were raised to be.

  • You're lucky you aren't allergic to this shit. I read where a woman died of anaphalactic shock after doing a dog. She was apparently allergic to the semen. Get a human lover. Your story is bullshit anyway.

  • Ha!! You're the one who goes around calling bullshit on all the things that turn you on. Does it make you feel better about yourself to call bullshit all the time? Do you take pride in having no idea what you're talking about or are you calling bullshit on specific confessions hoping someone will eventually offer you proof? If you're just looking for something to make your jeans a bit tighter, bud, you can keyword search anything your sick lil heart desires nowadays.

  • That can also happen with humans I read about a lady that was allergic to his seman so really that can happen both ways

  • Not real

  • So great good on you, gee there are a lot of females getting rooted by dogs nothing wrong with it, just be careful don't go doggy style keep it missionary particularly with the big boy and lube up real well, if you let that one mount doggy and he knots and turns bum to bum you might be dragged over the floor for quite a while and it will hurt like hell, I have a Lab been training him for a year and he is now so good.

  • I know this to be true for it has happened to me a lot more than just once, but I love being tied to my Rotty for up to 1 hour 12 minutes as he fills my ass or puss with his cum. The feeling of his knot swelling inside of you is unbelievable and the way his cock swells up I just can't describe it, but it's something I don't go without for very long.
    I now have three Rotty's for I found my original is getting to old to have sex with me every other day and my youngest is just starting.
    Yes you might call me a doggy slut for I love it but over the past 5 years I have been hurt more than I care to remember, but all in all I love being tied to my dogs.
    I started when I was only 14 and I am now almost 20, I am petite and not heavy by a long way. I could have my pick of guys but guys just don't satisfy me at all. Not like a dog can do.

  • Besides a dog keeps all my secrets, a guy would be blabbing his mouth off bragging how he got me, well I am NOT a notch on a guy's belt so to speak.

  • Well you can fuck me then dear because I never kiss and tell, or even fuck and tell. I have shagged two of wife's mates so I can't afford to.

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