I want my wife to fuck other men

I desperately want my wife to fuck other guys. The thought of her getting fucked by a strangers big cock and cumming deep inside her really turns me on. Id like to watch, maybe join in, but even if I didnt I love the thought. I like to fuck her eith dildos and get her horny and saying things like how she wishes it was a real dick, how she loves big dicks, how she wants more than one and to be filled with cum. So far it hasnt hone farther than that but it would be awsome if someday it did.

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  • I would like someone to come over and fuck my wife. I will have her dressed in beautiful lingerie, hands cuffed to her ankles, blindfolded with blacked out goggles and primed with a non-penetrating vibrator. Her clit is extremely sensitive and I'll keep her just short of an orgasm until you get there and she is begging to be fucked. She's never had a child and only one dick (relatively small). She is extremely tight. All three holes are yours for the taking. I just want to see her pussy torn up and her screaming that she can't take it until her screams turn into pure bliss. Any takers? We are in Atlanta, GA.

  • See my wife fucked by three - wife with threesome

  • My wife likes big cocks too. When we first got married she was out of control always looking for the next big cock to fuck. I was on the fence thinking I would dump the bitch but finally she realized she could get away with it if she kept my balls empty too. She also calmed down. She used to fuck anyone that flirted with her. She never checked out the guys package before fucking him and she ended up fucking more than her share of little dicked guys. She now checks the package first which eliminates 90% of the guys that hit on her from getting a piece of her ass. I guess she is down to 6-8 men a year now. That's a lot better than 6-8 a month LOL.

  • I'm amazed by how many times I get checked out by women I know and even strangers. I guess I encourage it. Ladies often put their hand on a guy's leg their sitting next to and conversing with. I'll move my leg lower, sort of saying 'I moved my leg lower, now you move your hand higher.' Then I get a hard on, and they'll usually give a good feel. I play this with my buddy's wife. She says she loves playing our naughty little harmless game. I asked my wife if she plays that game "not often." But she gave a handsome guy on a flight a whole handjob once. They both had blankets, and drinks -- he moved her hand up his leg and she took that as an invite. She said it was before we were married, but I know that biz trip was after.

  • Married 10 years my wife and I were watching a movie with a pretty graphic 3 way love scene -- a guy, his wife and a stranger -- it was mostly the husband watching his wife get fucked. It looked real hot and I told her I wouldn't mind her being in one like that. "You wouldn't mind me having sex with a handsome man like that?" I said no. "Whew -- That's a relief -- I was fucking my boss the first year we were married. You don't know how guilty I felt about that."
    She said she was doing him before we met and even wanted her more when she was someone's wife.

  • Wife with threesome

  • The wife and I went bar hoping one night and this guy was hitting on my wife. He asked her to dance and she did. They ended up on the dance floor for maybe six or seven dances. He kept sneaking cheap feels in and she was letting him. He started dry humping her and you could see he had a big tool in his pants. Finally they came back to the table. After a little while the wife said she had to go to the bathroom. He excused his self and told me he was going to chat up a friend he saw that just came in. That was a big lie he really was going to wait for the wife to come out of the restroom. I went over to a area where I could see the restrooms. Out comes the wife they talk and walk over to a dark table in the corner and start making out. His hands where all over her tits and ass. Finally she breaks away and starts looking for me. I returned to the original table and asked if she wanted to leave. She said she ran into the guy she was dancing with and he invited us to his place for drinks. I said I had enough for tonight. She said don't you want to watch me fuck him because I am. I said what? He asked me to fuck him and I said yes so get one more drink and then you can see me fuck another man. Well the wife is rarely into doing anything different in bed but let me tell you she was no prude this night. He fucked her in all three holes and she loved. After we got home she thanked me for letting her fuck him. Yes the right way I got to fuck her in all three holes too. From that day on I told her anytime she wants to fuck someone else feel free to do so but make sure I get mine.

  • I'm always looking for guys to fuck my wife. She loves it and will fuck pretty much anyone

  • I’m looking for someone to seduce my wife and fuck her. Mabey she will like it and want to fuck more

  • When we got married my wife made it clear that she was used to 10 inches by a guy who wanted it all the time and she was going to "fuck around". I agreed because I could never get a woman like that. well she did, a lot and I enjoyed it too. I brought men home to fuck her and sometimes I got to watch, that's the biggest thrill I ever had

  • My tone death wife said she had a hung like a horse boyfriend "firs time I was like WTF -- he'll kill me-- so I sucked on it hoping to get off with a BJ -- then I was like bring it on, Cowboy -- nicest guy -- never hurt -- just joy"
    So I bought her a fat 10" dildo. You wouldn't believe how tight she is -- yet it slides with ease -- I swear pussies have different modes: one for small dick, medium, jumbo and babies.

  • My husband of four years for the past year he's been teasing me about other men and unknown to me he got our 17 year old neighbors son to make advances towards me I mean this kid is huge muscular and many times I've starred at him working out in the back yard and once watching him peeing in their back yard and god is he ever hung had to be 10 inches limp.
    Well it happened last week he came over caught me sleeping on my back sunning myself and he untied my bikini bottoms on each side and when he kissed me I rose asking him what he was doing and he told me holding onto my arms he was going to take my virginity. I laughed and said that's already been taken and he said no you're still a virgin till you've been fucked by someone other that your husband and kissed me again and again a bit later when he pushed his toung into me I started in kissing him back and that started it all.
    He made love to me three times that afternoon and many times since, I can't say no to him now even tho I never had to start with secretly when I saw what he had between his legs I knew in my mind I was going to get that someday and now I am at least 10 times a week. Yes more than once a day like on the weekends when hubby is out doing his thing.

  • That's a perfect situation because it's obvious he can't take care of you financeialy. but he's young and can fuckyou often. does hubby join

  • I have the same fantasy of seeing my wife fuck another guy, we have talked about it and she has agreed she said she wants to try a really big cock (10") or bigger.
    so far she hasn't found what she is looking for, I cant wait for the day she brings home what she is looking for and gets it put to her hard

  • Maybe she will get as lucky as my wife did her first time! I happen to have a good friend that hung out with us at the pool and the wife knows how to size them up in wet swimming trunks because he was very big! So big he said she felt like a virgin! She was literally to sore to let me have her when he left, but a days rest and she was good to go! She spent the next 2 yrs servicing him in my bed while I slept in the next room. There is nothing like the site of your wifes face and wet inner thighs when a very large man gets off her! When she finds him you will cum in about 5 seconds when you see how her new loose cunt feels! - Good luck in the hunt!

  • I have what she's looking for

  • Well prove it.... My sexy wife might be interested too...

  • That's so hot, I want to see my wife fuck other men

  • Well let her. and you go leave her and get yourself some new fuck

  • I would also like to see my wife fucked a couple of times a week on a regular basis, on a Sunday when I could watch and on a Thursday when I go out, it would be great to know she was getting hammered whilst I was out.

  • I would LOVE to watch my husband with another woman. Watching him pleasure a nice, big tired beauty would get me instantly wet. If love to watch him lick another woman's pussy while I took turns between fondling her tits and jus balls. I wouldn't be able to sit on the sidelines forever though, I'd have to jump in on the action sooner than later.

  • Sex is the greatest !!!!!!

  • I masturbate to Jesus all the time

  • A few years ago my wife asked what fantasies I have. I didn't really want to tell her at first because I didn't want to start a fight. She assured me that she wouldn't get mad. Reluctantly, I told her I wanted her to fuck other men. She said she was surprised to hear me say that and wanted to know why. I told her I just thought it would be hot to see her hot and horny for other men. I wanted to see her go after a guy and her take him to bed. She prided herself on being faithful to me. I assured her that it wouldn't change a thing between us. She then admit that a coworker of hers flirted quite a bit but she always turned him down. I told her I wanted to "catch" her fucking a guy with a long hard cock. 2 days later she texted me asking when I would be home. I told her in a little bit. She asked when. I told her probably a half hour. She said she had a surprise for me when I get home. I came home and the living room lights were out. Our bedroom is at the end of the house and there is a huge picture window right against the bed. I walked back and saw her riding her coworkers cock. She was moaning loud and she was loving it. It's been 3 years and she has had sex with 4 guys and has fucked each countless times. So hot to see her getting laid.

  • Aint life great !!!!

  • I am also desperate to see my wife fucked hard by a stranger like he owns her

  • Am same as you , its a need I have,and its good for all involved, my wife loves it so does her lover, and that satisfys me completely.

  • I will do that for you if you really want.

  • These perversion draws from porn and I will share: How I overcame porn/ masturbation:
    1. Veggie diet for a while to concentrate on the following 2. Work outs 3. reading of inspirational books; gospels, tough times never last, purpose driven life etc. 4. setting my gadgets on filter 5. setting life goals and being excited about them. 6. trusting absolutely in God and doing charity works.

  • I love watching other men fuck my wife.

  • My wife fucks another guy every Friday night, Then I fuck her while his CUM is running out of her Pussy.

  • Aint seconds the ultimate? especially when it is in your wife.

  • And especially when it is from a Black man, and she is fertile

  • I hope it works out for you. If you were my husband I would make you happy in this way. Wish you were. My husband's a prude.

  • If only

  • Keep trying mate I'm sure if she get it good once you will have plenty to wank over I'd help you out that's for sure.

  • Yeah? How would you do her if you could have her any way you wanted?

  • Well the secret is to give her an orgasm orally first then have her suck me 8 inches while I play with her keeping her juices flowing, next is to lay her back slightly lift her legs and slide my cock into her when all the way in just slightly move until I eel how wet she is then ride her like there is no tomorrow, flip her onto her side get back into her then press her hip down wards this is when she will cum. After about an hour I will blow my load in her pussy. Then recover for a second session. G

  • Give honor to marriage, and remain faithful to one another in marriage. God will surely judge people who are immoral and those who commit adultery.
    Heb. 13:4

  • Yeah, well what did your god say about

    Lot fucking his daughters?


  • God doesn't give a shit about your replies.

  • Yea, he doesn't give "a shit" but he gave his love.

  • I Caught My Wife Masterbating Several Times And I Told Her That She Should Find Men To Fuck Her . So Far This Year She Has Been Fucked By 10 Different Men And Has Never Been Happer

  • I Too Caught My Wife Playing With Her Self And Now 20 Years Later She Is Proud To Call Herself A Slut For Having Fucked Many, Many Men

  • I too caught my wife playing with herself and I told her would bring men home to fuck her. Over the next 5 years she has fucked my boss and five of my coworkers. Many times when we go dancing she will always get fucked.

    We Have Never Been Happier.

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