The first and last time I did anal with a man

I met this black shemale and after a brief conversation I decided to go along with him and see what gay sex was all about.

I was thirtytwo and single and feeling alone or I would never have done this.

He didn't really look female even though he had taken hormones to grow breasts. You could tell he was male a mile away.

Well we got to his place and we both took our clothes off and he began sucking me. Women do it better as I didn't get much out of this but a hard on.

Then he got down on all fours on the bed and I stuck my penis in his anus.

It was like having sex in a room full of hot air and I didn't get much out of it.

I got through and I never did sex with a man again.

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  • You wanted try it and didn't like so good for you most men wonder what's its like but don't have the courage to go all the way with a man.
    I have wanted to but the opportunity hasn't arisen, I would like to give it and receive it especially take it up the arse

  • Just do it then man. I always thought I was straight and never had sex with another man until I was in my 30s. I loved immediately, loved him sucking me and me sucking him. Loved his cum in my mouth and anal sex.

  • Good luck.

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