My obsession with blowjobs 4

I want to tie my wife's hands behind her back, hopelessly, so she cannot wiggle loose at all. Then tie her ankles together, and finally connect her wrist and ankle bonds, effectively hog tying her. She would be in an upright kneeling position this way, where she will gently give me a good, soft, deepthroating, semi-sloppy blowjob, and as a surprise I'll cum in her mouth, which I know she doesn't like.

Prior to her starting her oral services on my cock, she would have been worked over, her nipples pinched and sucked, her body and thighs teased, she will be pleasured to the point of a sopping wet pussy from anticipation, but have no twat stimulation beyond an occasional lingering finger touch. This will have turned her on and made her much more agreeable to do as told. She will be told that better things await, and then I stop her pleasure and stand before her and put my cock in her mouth.

After I have cummed, while she still has the mouthfull, and my dick inside her mouth too, I will tell her not to spit when I pull out. I will then lay down on the floor with my head between her legs, face below her twat, and give her a hog tied, kneeling, pussy blow that will have her ready to scream. I'll tell her she can swallow my load as I do this if she wants to get rid of it (she has never swallowed my full load, only some by accident). She cannot spit though, and if she spills a single drop, I quit servicing her. She can either swallow it, or just hold it and savor the flavor as I work her to a crushing orgasm and she gives me a good facial cumming down below her.

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  • Foot board of the bed works good for this, you can tie her legs apart and her arms back. If you really want to go over the top get ring gag for her that way she has to suck on your cock without a choice. My wife did not like it at first but now really likes it as I am careful not to put it in real deep. I sometimes leave a pair of her panties on her to hold a vibe against her, I turn it on and off while she is sucking me off.

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