I let my dog lick my cock and balls

I can't help but love when my dog jumps up on my bed and starts licking my hard cock and balls she loves it almost as much as I do I've always kept it a secret but want to talk to others about it

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  • 1.I caught my BF with his dog and Shep was fucking my BF's ass and he was tied with him. I kept talking to Raymond why he was doing that and letting Shep take him like he was and he kept answering me don't knock it till you try it, well I had to go and they were still tied together for nearly 40 minutes and all the way home I kept thinking about what Raymond had said. Don't knock it till you try it and he got me a wondering. Later that night I got my dog up on my bed and almost right away he started in sniffing my crotch and licking my puss and I kept pushing him away but he kept after me so finally I gave in and let him lick me. Well I'll tell you he drove me to several orgasms several one after another each one more intense than the one before and I pulled a pillow down and got it beneath my butt raising my puss higher and he kept right on licking me making me have more and more orgasms. Finally he stopped and tried getting up on me and just to let you know my ole pooch is a 5 year old Bassett hound...

  • 2. and they are well endowed. Any way he jumped up on me took hold of my hips and pulled himself up against me as his cock slipped into my puss and he started in fucking me with such a rapid pace I thought he cum so quick and he kept going deeper and deeper in me and he started in hitting my cervix and the tip of his cock began entering me there going a bit deeper and all of a sudden I felt him stretching my lips wider as he drove more and more of his cock deeper into me and all of a sudden he pulled himself tight against me using his dew claws he dug them into my hips and I felt him cumming in me. God did he ever and he wouldn't quit,. I tried to get him off of me but all I accomplished was getting him deeper into me so I layed there trying to catch his drool which covered my breasts and holding onto him for he kept trying to raise up off of me and after about a hour he began to slip from me and his cum started flowing from me and I could feel his knot getting smaller and smaller till he pulled from me almost pulling me with him and the cum flowed from me like a river and some blood .
    I laid there so weak from him fucking me for so long I now know why Raymond lets his dog fuck his ass and I thought to myself this is only the first time and my phone rang and it was Raymond and he asked how was it and we had a hour conversation.

  • My Rotty just got off of me about 2 hours ago. I am sore and I can't believe I had all of him in me including his knot. My sides are bleeding from all of his scratches but I don't care. He's made me his and I am looking forward to the next time after I heal a bit. I'll be 18 in three months and why I did this I don't know but he started in licking me and I let him and his toung would go deep inside of me and he drove me to three orgasms just by licking me then he hopped up on my belly and started in jabbing his cock against my puss hitting all over the place and I guided him in and that's all it took he buried his cock deep in me and stared in fucking me like a steam engine then he rammed it deep into me held me tight against him and his cock started in throbbing and he grew and grew so did his knot and I was stuck on him. He layed there on me and I could feel his cock pulsating as he filled me with his cum and every time I tried to move he dug his claws deeper into my sides holding me to him so I tried to relax and all I accomplished was taking more and more of him in me and he was stretching me bigger and bigger. After 55 minutes of him being in me he finally pulled from me without warning and I yelped as he did and god I couldn't believe how big he was and man did his cum flow from me all over my bed and floor.

  • Therese one thing about the dog they don't tell

  • They tell in their own way. My Rotty is always sticking his nose up my skirt or dress sneaking in a lick or two and I tell him bad boy as I push him away.

  • Frankly spoke, I would be afraid of any dock licking my dick. If the dog bites me, this might cause a big pain and I never could fuck a girl any more.

  • Enjoy, we have been training our dog to fuck my wife it takes a long time four months so far and we have to ensure her cunt is elastic and enlarged otherwise they will get knotted however man on bitch should be a lot easier but please lube up well, if she arks up clamp her mouth make sure your the boss

  • Me too mate. My bitch labby loves to lick my cock, she just loves the flavour of it and licks it for ages. In fact she is licking it while I am writing this post. Eventually I cum and she licks up any that hasn't gone down her throat already. Then she sits down and licks and smacks her lip for a few minutes, after she has lost the flavour she comes back for some more and gets disappointed when she has to wait. I usually rub her pussy while she is doing this and she gets really wet especially when she is on heat! Her smell is wonderful when she is on heat and I just can't resist licking her pussy then and then later I can fuck her. She makes this funny noise during fucking and won't leave me alone afterwards. Have you tried that yet mate.

  • Yes

  • My husky bitch wait for me to come home and rips my boxers off and licks for hours until i cum on here cute little face.

  • I let the dog lick my arsehole while I have a wank

  • Awesome I love it

  • I would love that

  • I don't wash under my fore skin so its really smelly, that's when the dog likes it best, I think my wife is suspicious when she sees the dog keep nosing my crutch, I caught her once with the dogs head up her skirt on the sate she said she had fallen asleep but her knickers were on the floor

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