Dog sex

I have a question to ask, I'm a 14 year old male and I'm in to women but I recently have been fucked by a dog and I always get nervous when I see him, he's a boxer and I don't know if the tip of his penis is going to poke the inside of my ass, and what's it feel like to have a full dick in your ass, is this mean I'm gay or bisexual or what...... Fuck her right in the pussy. Lol



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  • You're just hard up and gross. I would never take a dog over a woman or girl. And half the planet is made of those.

  • I was about your age my first time getting fucked by the neighbor's dog. I was a boy that liked girls, but also liked dressing up like a girl. I was feeling bold that day and was outside wearing a skirt and panties. I heard a noise and crouched down. It seemed to be nothing. The neighbor's dog wandered up and sniffed around on me startling me at first.

    I was about to get up when he mounted me, which hiked the skirt up enough to give him access. I didn't realize what he was doing at the time, but he was trying to fuck me. Even with me wearing panties, he was able to work his dick up one of the legs and got it in my asshole and started fucking me hard. It was the most intense thing that had ever happened to me. It was my first sexual experience. There I was dressed like a girl getting fucked up the ass by the neighbor's dog. Maybe she had trained him. It hurt at first, but his big dick sliding in and out of me felt wonderful. It happened so fast and I was very turned on by getting fucked by this beast so much, that I let it happen and didn't notice when his knot slipped inside me. Finally he stopped and turned away from me. He came in me and I moaned with the most intense orgasm I ever had at that point and I came in the panties without touching myself. He kept coming in me.

    I was tied to him for several minutes before we separated. His dick looked huge. He went to licking his dick to clean himself. I was still feeling the high from that orgasm he gave me and was weak in the knees. I went to the house to get cleaned up, hoping no one had witnessed what had happened as I felt his sperm leaking out of me.

    After that first time getting fucked and getting that great orgasm, I knew I preferred getting fucked. I thought less and less about girls, because no girl could ever fuck me like that dog had. I thought about the next time I could get dressed up and get a hard fucking from that dog.

    I thought maybe I was bi at first, but then realized that I was gay.

  • I have a 3 year old Rotty and he for the past 6 months was always sticking his nose up my skirts and giving my puss a lick now and then but I would always push him back and tell him NO. He'd behave himself for maybe a full day and then he'd do it all over again and again I said NO and pushed him away. This went on for nearly a month and on day just coming out of the shower he got me in the hall way going to my bed room pushing me down to the floor he started in licking my puss his toung going deeper and deeper into me I tried to push him away but he wasn't responding to me telling him no. I was home alone for my brothers had already left and mom went bowling so he'd be gone for the day so I let Tuka lick me and then he started in making me cum on him and he licked faster and god after cumming four times in ten minutes I had to get up I tried but he wasn't hearing of it and another few orgasms more I finally got turned over, Big mistake, for he jumped up on my back and started jabbing his cock against my bottom hi8tting my ass and my puss and then it happened he hit his mark and his cock entered my puss shoving into me in two thrusts he began fucking me like there was no tomorrow and his knot which I have seen before when he mounted a friends bitch I wanted no part of it and I tried to pull away as his now forming knot was going in and out of me then he dug his dew claws into my hips and he pulled himself tight against me and his knot grew inside of me locking us together and he held himself deep into my puss growing longer and thicker by the minute. His hot breath blowing on my neck and his drool running down me kept me in a new state of excitement and I was fully aware his knot which now was stretching my insides was now hurting and his cock has grown so big it to was hurting and he continued to pump his spunk into me. For 55 minutes I dare not move for when I did it hurt so I stayed on my hands and knees and held onto Tuka's hind legs keeping him in me Cont.

  • Do you still fuck him?

  • Three days after the first time I let Tuka have his way with me again but this time I kept his knot out of me but held onto his hind legs to keep him in me as I fucked back against his hot hard cock deep in me all the time pumping more and more of his cum into me. God I love him to death, well I love his cock for sure especially when he's been in me for about 15 minutes pumping his spunk into me and his cock grows to new lengths and much more thickness too.
    A wonderful feeling is when he gets off of you and 15 minutes later he's right back fucking you all over again and again.


  • You know you loved it and want to be able to have sex with the dog again

  • After he had pulled out of me and his cum started flowing out of me onto the floor he went about 10 feet from me cleaning himself and I couldn't move so there I was still on my hands and knees.
    He came up to me and started cleaning me up and his toung was going right into my pussy deeper and deeper driving to several small orgasms.
    Then he got back up onto my back and bread me again this time however he was a bit gentler and I kinda knew what to expect so I positioned myself so it wouldn't be so hard on me yes he tied with me again for nearly forty minutes filling me once again with his baby making sperm. if only it could happen for that's how he makes me feel.
    Just about daily he'll take me over and over up to three times in a row and several times a day if I let him. He has made me his bitch and even kept other dogs away from me, I am his and his alone.

  • Does it matter if your gay or whatever, try out your fetishes and yes doggy sex is hot.

  • Yes please don't do it my wife has been on with our dog for 18 months she stretches her cunt all the time and really lubes up well before but I still have to assist his mounting so he goes in the cunt they hump for a long time and she orgasms about 6 times before he knots and fills her puts in a giant come then they both relax and eventually release not sure even now they would be OK without me around

  • You are far too young just keep on with the girls or your hand and use condoms don't fuck with the dog or you will be off to hospital with painful anal ripping probably with the dog hanging out your arse that would be a good look eh !!

  • Please don't let that dog near you and don't think about letting it in your arse my wife had three children (relaxes the entire cunt area) and has been fucking with our dog for two years she still loosens herself with large dildos and lubes up extensively prior to letting him mount they have great sex as the dog humps for about 45 minutes and the wife cums heaps she loves it they still get knotted but know to relax for 5 minutes at least (he is a good dog)before releasing or he still could hurt her

  • You want to be very careful when you get real game and let him get all the way in and he humps like hell the two of you certainly will get knotted and find it real difficult to separate, my wife was training our dog to fuck her and when they got knotted I had to calm them both down and tip cold water over them to get a release she cannot have the dog root her unless I am there watching now, she is getting better with it because she has been stretching her cunt with giant dildos I am left with the mouth, fingers and bum

  • My female butch Collie likes to lick my nob and often I come in her mouth. I like it very much and she looks forward to it. Nothing wrong, will still fuck a women but NOT a man.

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