Just cleaned the wifes pussy

Just finished fucking the wife, shot my cum load in her then had her sit on my face while I licked and ate every bit of my cum from her pussy. Just like eating a juicy taco!

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  • It took me a while to try it but it turned me on listening to her tell me how guys she met would fuck her... in cars, alleys, hotels. She admitted guys that came a lot turned her on the most. One guy she mentioned was Nick named stick. She says she met him from her boyfriend at the time. Her boyfriend mentioned how hung he was and all the ladies that went to watch their boyfriends play softball were asking how he got the name stick.She finally met him one night after leaving a party after finding Michael flirting with another girl. Stick tried to comfort her. After a while they winded up at his place where they fucked all night. She said his cock was by far the best She says he came so much. After hearing this while we fucked I came a little inside of her and thought about his load in her. I asked her if it was ok if I went down and ate his cream pie. She fucking loved hearing me say that. Now she loves asking me if I’m going to eat Sticks cream pie

  • Nothing like going down on your wife and finding out she just fucked another guy. I found that out the hard way. The wife came home drunk so i figured i would get some pussy from her. Well she certainly was in the mood. One thing led to another and i am going down on her extremely wet pussy and the next thing i knew i had a mouth full of cum. She fessed up and then i fucked her in the ass for being a bad girl. She hates that. I used that little moment to fuck her tight ass again and again. So it wasn't all bad.

  • Oh, I experienced that. She locked her legs over my back so I could not pull up. I had to take it all. OMG, how fast I became an addict. I knew my wife was fucking her boss but now I realized she was really a slut. Amazing that it made me so hot and I love her even more now.

  • First time got a mouthful was at my first swinger party.
    Lady straddled my face and I got it

  • Did you like it? Did you go back for more?

  • Hot! For some reason, I never liked the idea of eating my wife out after I came in her but if it is other guys cum, it is unbelievable. My wife got her first taste of BBC from our neighbors 19 yr old son. Between him and his friends, the leave a huge mess in her for me to eat out. They used to laugh at me when I would eat it like a pig eating his slop but now her bf has her straddle my face and it gets all over me, in my eyes, and in my hair. I never realized that when your wife becomes a slave to BBC, you do as well in a way even though you never touch his cock.

  • My first wife was fucking a young black neighbor boy. She was 30 at the time and he was about 19. She could not get enough of him and rarely let me have sex. I saw him fucking her and his cock was twice my size. After that she only wanted black guys and they passed her around to their friends. She eventually divorced me but I admit it was a hot marriage.

  • Wish I'd got my first wife to try BBC while we were still married. I'd clean up her and suck the men,love sucking co*k. She tried it later and loves it, wants ten at one time.

  • Once a woman has her first black cock she is totally addicted. My ex never had 10 but I know she had 4 a couple of times. They kept her all weekend and she had to call in sick on Mon. Her pussy and butt hurt too much. And her mouth as pretty sore too.

  • Can i taste in cleveland ga today

  • About 2 years ago I fucked my wife. I came before she did. Told her I'd eat her pussy to make her cum. She reminded me that my cum was still in her pussy. I said, "So?" She said, "Just sayin. If you're ok, I'm ok." After she asked if I liked it. Told her that I actually did. Been doing it ever since

  • That's very hot. I usually go down on my wife after I cum in her. I would love to eat her creampie from another man. Especially if he was really hung.

  • I love going down on my wife after I creampie her. I want her to sit on my face like this badly.

  • I wanna try this too

  • Sounds delightful, but i want my woman to force feed it to me

  • Mine loves fucking young hung strangers in front of me, never gone down on her afterwards tho but do like watching the spunk drip out as she sleeps

  • Im a hot stanger to cos play as u take me to a sexual play room for here and u 706e912643

  • Get all over that, young cum fresh load?? Get you some.

  • My girlfriend love to get fucked by BBC. Then she would love when they would pull it out to her and cram it down my throat moan as they kept coming and coming. The more she got fucked by that BBC The more I got to swallow. She loved watching me suck that big black cock right after she got fucked by it and then she got to where it was my job to clean cock and her pussy and I fucking loved it. I've had 16 inches of it trying to go all the way down my throat and with a little more time I would've took it all but I have it I got 14 inches of it and I learned the more they gagged me the harder their cocks got and a bigger their loads worse. I love being gagged and filled with come. She would even get date with BBC that I only wanted to come in my mouth. I can suck some great cock. She loves smearing cum from that black dick all over my face and I fucking loved it me and her both went black for three years. One day she said the way I love to Watch her getting fucked by that big black dick and cleaning it out of her or out of the fucking fountain itself she said she had no doubt that I would love to get fucked by that BBC. She was right

  • I also love to get fucked and eat BBC cum

  • Have you ever eaten another mans cum out of her pussy?

  • You bet i have. Seems it make my wife want to fuck me anyway I want it if I eat her out right after another man cums in her. Its nasty but worth it.

  • Not intentioally.

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