When I cant poop

You know when you gotta poop real bad and the head of the turd is right there at your butt hole but the turd is sooo hard and big it won't come out? Well i push my gooch area and the area above the anus to smoosh the turd so it can fit through my butt hole.

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  • Try coconut oil or exercise or dates they will make you go. i got one of those powerfits and fibergel and i got rid of that problem doing that. and drink a lot of water. watch the ted talk on the pooping window.

  • That sure don't work if you're on morphine and you become constipated from the opioids and your crap becomes so hard you can't even break it apart with the help of your finger or a spoon.

  • CRAP! Years ago, I was in agony because of nerve damage and got a shot of morphine. I remembered hearing in grade school that narcotics were constipating. That is so far from the truth that it is an outright lie.

    The truth is that my bowel movements registered on the Richter scale. The damning thing is that narcotics don't do a thing for nerve pain. I entered the hospital with one source of great pain and left with two.

  • I've been late for work trying to get a big turd to come out. Sometimes on the toilet for more than an hour

  • Thank you for sharing.

  • Yeah, LOVELY! (TMI)

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