Had sex with a man's girlfriend

So my wife's best friend's boyfriend started thinking he was gay. I was 20, my wife 23, her friend and her boyfriend 24. So since I'm Bi I said "Well, I'll have sex with him and see if he likes". It didn't turn so well for him. He was afraid to start, so we decided to have sex with our partners first, and he came, in ten minutes. I didn't tell you in the beggining of the story, but i'm allergic and because of that I take medicines based on Corticoid, which has several harsh effects from depression to sexual problems,one of these sexual problems was, and is, that I take from one up to four hours to cum.
So imagine, the guy came in 10 minutes, satisfyied, and his girlfriend watching me fuck her best friend. She asked to join, for some reason he loved the idea, and we had a three way. He later had another quickie and I continued with both girls until I came, almost five hours after starting. My wife came once, her friend came four times. At the end, we learned that the guy had actualy fetish to see his GF cheating on him, and I discovered that each girl has different sensibility and some come faster than others.

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