Got myself horney as hell

Been reading posts on here and went to a porn website and started in watching videos and it wasn't long till I removed my clothes for I was home alone and had the house to myself for at least 7 hours or so I thought.
I was caressing my breasts which aren't very big just a c cup but my nipples make up for it. I was fingering my nipples making me hornier by the minute and my hands went lower caressing my hips and my upper thighs when all of a sudden someone took hold of my breasts from behind and started in pinching my nipples and rolling them between their fingers making them super hard and my puss drip with wetness. I kept my eyes closed for I didn't want to know who it was and I let them continue to play with my nipples and their hands left my breasts when they took one into their mouth and began to such on my nipple making it even bigger than it was. wasn't long till they had both nipples rock hard and my hips was meeting their touches wanting them never to stop and they didn't for the longest time then they spun me around in the chair and got between my parted legs and he started in rubbing his cock against my wet lips making me drenched between the juices from the both of us and then he entered me god I was about to scream but he put his lips over mine and all that came out of my mouth was a muffled cry for more as he shoved his cock deep into me I grabbed hold of him and held on for it was a good thing I did for he lifted me right up off the chair with his cock going ever so deep into me and he began fucking me hard and deep and it didn't take him long before I felt his cum shooting into me squirt after squirt as he shoved his cock deeper into me , all I could do was hang on to my lover. Yes lover for I was in love with this cock buried deep into me and I wanted even more.
It only took less than 3 minutes before he came in me but his cock wasn't going down at all but he slowly pulled form me , he placed my legs over his shoulders and he started pushing his cock against my anus and after getting me really wet from his cum he started pushing his cock into me there. After about a minute he was in me pushing deeper and deeper as he fucked me there, All of a sudden he shoved himself deep into me I let out a scream and I started in fucking him back and we both really got into it. What seemed like a hour but only a few minutes he shoved his cock so deep into me his balls was pushing against my ass as he filled my rectum with his cum and I came on him at the same time,. I reached behind me and held onto him not wanting him to leave me there. I was in love with his cock in my ass and oh god the warmth he had given me it felt like my ass was on fire and it was all because of him. We stayed like that for about 10 minutes and he started in fucking me again. His cock was semi flaccid but that didn't6 stop him any but it didn't take long till he was rock hard again and he continued to fuck me with long deep strokes each time shoving his cock deep into me and then I'd rotate my hips about him and he started in again. The pace picked up and it wasn't long till he was fucking me like a steam engine going deep each time and my ass was on fire as he shot his load into me again. not much this time and then he spoke to me and immediately I knew who my lover was, our neighbor who we've been teasing each other for almost a year now but he asked me I liked his cock, like I answered no but I love it and you can have me any time you want me and we kissed as his toung reached for the back of my throat his cock went deep into my ass and he began to fuck both holes and I held onto him.
He continued to fuck me for almost half a hour till he said he has to quit before his cock fell off and we both laughed. I said we don't want that for I want you again and again.
I'm 18 and he's 42 but what a lover GADS

5.9 years ago


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    • BS story.

    • I am male 23 but am virgin..never had a girlfriend and did not fuck a girl.. not even kiss.. but now i am so horny wana met a girl to whom i can fuck hard..i want a girl with whom i can do sexy talk..

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