I can suck my own cock.

And I like it. I can bend over and suck my head. Crouch over while sitting and suck enough to gag. Put my ass up and suck my balls. It ain't right, but it feels so good. Always thought it was a myth before. Only could do it within last year.

7.7 years ago


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    • I actually won a bet with my sister on this subject but she would not keep up her end of it. We were talking dirty to each other and I told her to suck my dick and she told only if you do it first, of course she thought that she had me on that one. When I showed her I could do it, she was kind of taken back by it for starters, she said no friggin' way I am sucking that thing so forget it. Oh well, I have never let her forget that she welched on a bet.

    • It took a lot of practise but finally I've managed to suck mine too. Nothing was better that sucking your own en feel the load spurt into your own mouth!
      Unfortunally after many years I had an accident and couldn't manage to do this anymore. Still thinking of this and get me a hard on!

    • I used to suck my cock too, back when I was younger & skinnier. Wish I still could, or someone would let me suck theirs.

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