My younger brother

I was really bad when I was in my teens, I was really turned on all the time. My brother is five years younger than I am and started spying on me now and then trying to get glimpses of my body. I started not noticing him around on purpose and letting him see me all the time.
One day he was in my closet thinking that he was hidden really good and I was teasing him to death by staying naked the whole time I dried my hair. I finished up my hair and suddenly I heard this muffled sneeze from my closet. I could not just ignore it so I went over to the door and opened it up the rest of the way and asked him what he thought he was doing. He was really embarrassed that I caught him in my closet and started begging me not to tell our parents. I told him to relax, I was not going to tell them anything. I decided it was time to tell him I knew he was in there the whole time. I then asked him if he wanted to put lotion on my body. The look on his face was priceless, he did not have an answer for me. I told him to hold his hands out and squirted a bunch on them, then I lifted my arms up and told him to rub it all in real good. He looked up at me with a look that wondered if I was seriously going to let him touch me. I told him again to rub it in really good, all over anywhere he wanted to put it. He finally reached out and started touching and rubbing my body but he started with my thighs and did not touch any private parts at all. I was pretty surprised by that and told him he could rub lotion on me anytime after I showered up if he wanted.
The next time I let him do it he finally worked his way up to my breasts and I put a bunch more lotion on them and let him rub all he wanted. He played with them for a long time running his fingers over and over my nipples. It took him some time but after a few more lotion sessions he ran his fingers over my lower parts, I spread my legs out a little more and let him explore me more, soon he had his fingers running along my lips and I was getting really wet. I let him rub me as long as he wanted and he really got into it. I told him to rub me in a circle right around my clit and he started doing it really well. After all that teasing I came in no time at all and he did not know exactly what was going on but kept up his rhythm very well. I let him touch me pretty much whenever he wanted to for about three summers and during times that our parents went out. I know it was bad but he really enjoyed it and even told me years later how much he loved it when he was younger.



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  • I was 15 and my younger brother 13 caught him hiding in my closet watching me thru the louvers cock in hand.
    I to had a good talk with him and for keeping quiet well I get lotion rubbed all over my body just about daily and man has he ever gotten good at making love.

  • Did you never let him fuck you ?

  • I'm 17 now and three years ago my one year younger brother caught me naked coming out of the shower and I froze. I couldn't do anything but tell him to leave which he didn't. He came right up to me started pinching my nipples and tried to reach my lips to kiss them but couldn't and I pushed him away but that didn't stop him. He came at me again and thuis time he had his hard cock in hand waving it at me saying this is for you sis and *I tried to get pasdt him and we fell to the floor with him landing on top of me he sucked one nipple into his mouth and began sucking hard making me tingle all over and he started in rubbing his cock against my hip and it became slippery in a short time . He held my arms down but I managed to get one free and I wanted to push him away but I held onto him as our lips met. Gads he gave me kisses better than my BF sticking his toung deep into my mouth I sucked pulling him even deeper into my mouth. I don't know when he got between my legs but it wasn't long till he was fucking me hard. Didn't take long till he filled me with his cum but he continued to fuck my puss. After what seemed like a hour but in reality fifteen minutes he layed on me panting like a dog making his cock bounce inside of me making me reach my first orgasm with him and man was it a big one. I couldn't stop cumming on him and he kept it going with his cock.
    Finally he stopped ande just layed there both of us holding onto one another he'd look into my eyes give me kisses from my forehead to my breasts telling me all sorts of things like how long he has wanted me and how he has snuck into my room at nights staring at my body laying on my bed and all this time I have4 had no idea he has felt this way about me.
    Finally we got up and his cum dribbled down the insides of my legs and we laughed. Man did we laugh, and we held each other for the longest time and he got hard again and this time he didn't need to force himself onto me I took him willingly and we still do.

  • My sisters were much older than me so that never happened. The closest that I came to that was when my younger nieces were staying over and they liked to sneak into my bedroom when i was changing. I knew they liked doing this so one day when I was in a very horny mood, I made a point to tell them not to come into my room. Then I got naked quickly. As sure as the sky was blue they started opening both the doors that came into my room. At first I covered my swollen xxxx and finally I stopped covering it, until they both commented on how I had such a big wiener. I told them they had to stop or I would tell their dad. That worked and I had time to take care of myself.

  • I wish I had a sister & she was like you. I mean, I have a stepsister but she doesn't care for me, so it doesn't count. I loved the little body she had and wanted to fuck her & bury my face in her ass along with anything else. I'd love to just rub lotion all over a girl's tits.

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