Fucking friends mom

I have always had a crush on my friends mom. She is slim, small breasted, brownish/blonde hair, really good facial features. I was over at his house for a sleepover when I was 17. Still a virgin, I wanted her panties for a little late night jerk. About 2 am, I snuck upstairs and slowly opened the door. I was so shocked to see her lying on her bed in a fetal sideways position, naked. Her small brown star and puffy pussy lips stared right back at me. I had to do something. I walked beside her and saw on her table an open bottle of prescribed sleeping pills. I decided to risk a small grope. I slid my middle finger along the small slit. She did not react. Now with one hand on my cock, the other alternating from breast, ass, pussy and occasionally landing a couple kisses on her lips. I slid the head of my cock. I was pretty small back then so it was pretty easy. I only pushed in as far as half but within 10 pumps, I pulled out and unleashed my first ever load on her plump ass. I lost my virginity to a sleeping milf

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