Daddies girl

Six years ago my mom was in a auto accident and died because of it 4 days later in the hospital and I was 13 at the time and today I can remember all the turmoil dad went thru.
About a year after the funeral it was a stormy night and I got scared and I went and crawled into bed with dad he didn't wake up so I snuggled back against him and in a few minutes he placed his arm over me and that comforted me enuf for me to fall asleep.
Sometime during the early morning hours I awoke just enough to feel dad's hard cock between my legs sliding back and forth and then all of a sudden it squirted all over my legs soaking my panties I didn't move and I went back to sleep. When I awoke dad was already out of bed and I lifted my night gown and gads I was all crusty so I wasn't dreaming and I went to my room got dressed and went down stairs and Dad was sitting at the table having his coffee and I gave him a good morning kiss like I always do and he smiled and I got my breakfast and he said if I was to get into bed with him during the night I should wear something more appropriate. HUH?
Dad never mentioned a single word what happened and neither did I but as it would be another bad storm two weeks later and I again crawled into bed with dad and again I pushed back against him having him against my back and again in the wee hours of the morning I was awaken by dad playing with my nipples and I felt him between my legs again moving slow back and forth but this time he was rubbing himself right on my pussy and I was getting wet down there and twitching and I found myself pushing back against him. It wasn't long till I took my hand and felt him as he pushed himself towards me and he was so hot and wet I pushed back harder and pressed the head of his cock against my puss and he started to go in but I couldn't get him at the right angle and again he came but this time he shot his cum into me and I pushed back even harder and he entered me as he was cumming and I held myself there like that till he shrunk and pulled away from me but still his hand was cupping my breasts and playing with my nipple making me tingle all over.
Again at the breakfast table not a word was said but I think dad was dreaming about him and mom so I let it ride. I felt good that I could help him out.
Three months later another stormy night thunder and lots of lightning so again I got into bed with dad and I layed there flat on my back for that's how he was that time and went to sleep and it wasn't to long I awoke but didn't open my eyes for dad was playing with my puss and I didn't have panties on for he had removed them. More and more he played with me making me all wet and I didn't realize it but I was moving my hips towards his hand as he pushed a finger into me and he was rubbing my nubbin with his thumb and for finger making my whole body shudder. Deeper and deeper he pushed his finger into me back and forth sometimes really fast mostly slow and deep and then it happened he got between my legs now I knew he wasn't sleeping and he rubbed his hard cock against my puss and slowly entered me little by little till I felt him hit my hymen and he stopped. but he started in fucking me till that point and he cam, oh god I felt every single squirt and I was in heaven. He pushed into me hitting my hymen and I raised my hips meeting him and he broke thru and oh god it hurt so I bit my lip as he went deeper into me and oh god it started feeling so good I found myself fucking him as he was fucking me. For another 10 minutes or so he continued to fuck me and he cum again but this time he was deep into me and he held his cock still so I could feel him. We actually fell back to sleep with dad laying on top of me with his cock still in me and I was the first to awake that morning and I began to shower dad with my kisses telling him thank you for a wonderful night the next night we slept together but not after making love all over again.
I have been sleeping and making love to dad for the past 4 years now and I am not about to quit..


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  • Is your name Katie and your dad's Keith?

  • Close enough. Select just about any two names & they will be a father & daughter making love. Sexually intimate family loving finally became mainstream after being closeted for decades!! I know firsthand it is beyond dispute, the best!!
    David & Deanna

  • My daughter turned 14' and began sleeping with me after her mom left me for her new black boyfriend to Kansas city. My daughter also likes black guys now and sometimes I tell her to invite them over to sleep with us...a few of the black men she dated fucked her right there in our bed as I laid there listening to her pussy get sloppy and as she grunted under them. She'd always let me get some too right after they left and before she and I showered together as we started a new day together.

  • No my name is Amanda and dad's Bruce

  • My young daughter has always enjoyed having my cock in her and she makes sure I use all her holes each and every time we fuck. I love to see my load dribble from her tight holes or mouth. Working on the neice too but only fingered her and licked her pussy up to yet.

  • Any from 8 up are ready to fuck, and before that in the ass or mouth

  • All these negative comments sets me off.

    First of off I wasn't rapped like a lot of you said or implied I gave myself to dad willingly and I have no regrets doing so.

    Dad's up in years now and to this day I'll always be here for him.

    This story is true and dad and I live in another state as husband and young wife and our neighbors accept us. but they don't know the real truth and again if we were found out we'd move again which we've done three times now. We've also found out you can get lost in a big city and in a small town nope everyone knows about you in a day, so we now reside in a big city where we're left alone and everyone else is to busy to think about us or pry into our relationship.

    Recently we have met two other couples that are dad and daughter and we get along very well.


  • Wow! So hot and amazing to hear and share! I have some family experience with mother and chatting with other couples and father's into the same! Especially when partying! So into taboo family and lingerie!

  • I know I am not alone in support of you Amanda!!

  • Thank you

  • Doesn't matter if it's real or not, I just cummed thinking of fucking my 10yo niece Katie

  • Wow! So hot! Let's talk chat and trade!

  • 10 yo are always the best

  • I have being fingering and licking my 11 year old nieces bald pussy for two years and she loves it..

  • Mine is 4 best pussy in the world

  • She's been 11 for the past two years? Man that's trippy.

  • Not Real

  • Stop saying this kind of stories. We all know they aren't true and because of fake disgusting stories like that, fathers rape their daughters thinking it's normal or they'll enjoy it. Well THINK you people. Do you really think it's normal a father does this? Do you really think the daughter would enjoy it?

  • Beyond dispute, YOU are in denial to acknowledging the reality that sexually intimate family relations are. It is mainstream now. The trauma you inaccurately refer to is myth. Furthermore, "rape" is nearly all but antiquated anymore. One can even maintain that like most auto mishaps, it went no_fault quite awhile ago. Get up to speed there, clueless.

  • My daughter came to my bed during a stormy night when she was 10. We slept tohether ever since that time but we never engaged in intercourse.
    We never wore clothes around the house. She would sometimes play with her pussy while I was present. She would masturbate me on occassion amd giggled as I ejaculated. I taught her about sex even buying her toys.
    On her 18th birthday we had a coming out party for her. She was given a proper initiation by our guests, both men and women.
    She is grown now.

  • Love to have a young girl like her let me watch as she masturbates, I wank off for my niece but she is only 4

  • It does happen between father and daughter how often we don't know because nobody will openly tell because of the morals, I know incest is wrong in lot of peoples eyes, but if two adults want to go ahead with a relationship why not who has the right to say they shouldent

  • Women have been raped since the dawn of time. Stories, printed or on the Internet, didn't cause it. As for Normal, that's defined by society. Not too long ago it was normal for a father to sell his daughter to a peer whose wife had died. The father would get rid of a daughter and the peer would get a willing lover. The girl meanwhile would become the head of a wealthy household and have money and privilege in society. This was not only condoned, but seen as normal. Not too long ago being gay was a horrific crime, punishable by death or mutilation. What society defines as norms change as society changes.

  • To that point, it's all about controlling the female. They indeed need the wise to do the thinking for them to endow them with a better life, as you disclose. It went to the point where females had way too many choices for their own good ; lacking the intelligence of how to manage them. Likewise however, q_u_ee_r_s should indeed be severely punished for unhealthy, despicable practices.

  • That's so true. People get disgusted today about things that were normal in times past and vis versa.

    When I was 20 my gf at the time told me her dad had been having sex with her for years. Basically in her family her mom had lost interest and forced the daughter to do her duty. Apparantly mom had suffered the same. I was shocked. She was really worried I'd dump her as dirty.


  • I understand, I use to let my uncle have his way with me because I wanted to, first it started with groping when we had a chance, one week my parents took a holiday, as soon as they had gone I called him he around in no time, we didn't make it to the bedroom it first happened on the hall floor, if related adults want a relationship I don't see a reason why not, take no notice of these prudes enjoy it,

  • Spin it anyway you want ; being female, it is your duty to comply with your uncle's sexual desires. Not because you, but because HE wanted to. Other than that, your process is beyond dispute, healthy & sensible girl. Hopefully your close relationship will continue indefinitely.

  • Dad and I still have our close relationship. Perhaps if dad raped me like so many said I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I did or still for that matter.
    Thanks for your come back.

  • Your all full of crap. My wife was raped by her father a few times when she was 15, she didn't enjoy a second of it.

  • First off I wasn't raped and I looked forward to dad making love to me and taking my virginity even tho it hurt like hell the first time.
    When I was 13 everyone who didn't really know me thought I was 18 or 10 a few thought I was at least 20. I was a early bloomer having my first period when I was 10 and developed breasts when I was a bit older than 10 but not much. I remember the days my breasts would ache so much the only relief was to rub them for hours and then the relief didn't last all that long. Blouses use to make my nipples hurt just by the fabric rubbing against them and would get hard at the slightest of things.
    There is a big difference between rape and wanting it and if I was raped I probably wouldn't like it either.

  • Good for you girl i have been fucking my thiteen year old daughter for six months now and we can not get enough of each other so when ever my wife her mother goes out me and my daughter get naked and fuck each other on the living room floor.

  • Mate you are sick.....imagine when she's grown up & aware you should not have overstepped that mark....I hope she hates you for taking advantage & files charges....I have a very beautifull 15 year old daughter & I hope she remembers me as a caring & loving dad...not a fucking paedophile which you basically are

  • It's you who is sick! If a girl enjoys bing fucked by anyone then she's lucky. Many married couples don't enjoy fucking each other but they do it because their bodies demand sex. My daughter is 10, and she often asks me to fuck her. Her mum has told her that other men could have a contageous disease, and that her dad is clean. I treat her as a princess.

  • I agree with you if they are not forced but enjoy it then fuck them , c-I-d pussy is waaaaaaaaaaay better than adult

  • I hate to think of these poor girls and if it is true that these fathers/stepfathers do this. I didn't find pleasure in the people that touched me and some day these girls will probably despise these rapist. Glad to see a real dad speak up; it always surprises me to run into decent guys like you because most men are perverts and cheaters.

  • I am fucking my daughter as well it all started when my went out with girl friends and stay in looking after my daughter. while i was watching tv then she came in and said i'm not tired can i watch tv with you and cuddled in to me and we watched tv together. as we were watch tv i put my arm round her and cuddled her in to me i let my hand idly slipped down the top of her blouse and idly played with her thirteen year old tit, she gave a sigh and snuggled into me and i then began to play with her nipple she Ohhhhhhhhhh daddy that nice's, i said do you like it she replied oh yes daddy as i was playing her tits my cock got very hard and i said oh kitty i really want to fuck you, she said and i want to fuck you to daddy. So we began stripped each other cloths and then she was standing in front of me stark bollocked naked and i could not how believe beautiful she was, so i was out of my clothes in no time and scooped her up and began kissing her all over her body. i then laid her on the carpet and got between her leg and began pushing my cock in her cunt. she said it to big daddy to go in so i went an got a jar of Vaseline and spread some all over my cock and covered her pussy lips as well i then tried again and my felt my cock enter between her sweet young cunt lips and i drove cock through her maidenhead taking her virginity. She said ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes daddy fuck me fuck me hard and give me all your spunk and make me pregnant ,so i started fucking her sawing my eight in prick as far as i could up her teenage cunt she slept in my bed that night and we fucked two more time and i did get her pregnant.

  • U lucky bastard

  • Dad can't get me pregnant for he had a vasectomy many years ago and for all you dad's that have a 8 incher good for you, my dad only has almost 7 and it well enough for me. He really knows how to use it.

  • Good for you, i am fucking my daughter and have been fucking her for three years now and she had my baby twelve month ago she just told me last night she carrying my second son, looks like we are going to be a happy family

  • I am fucking my son right now, i have just walked into the bathroom to take a shower and i found my son already in there. He was cleaning his dick at the time and i could not take my eyes of his magnificent eight inch fuck tool. I quickly undressed and got in with him taking hold of his cock as he gave a sigh and said oh yes mum i so want to fuck you and he pushed me against the shower wall and drove all eight inches of fuck meat up my cunt and began fucking me till we both cum and he filled me that the largest load of cum ever and this won't be the last time he fucks me for sure.

  • Love this! I've done the same but with my uncle and cousin

  • I like cookies

  • Mmmmmm cookies

  • You sound like a great daughter.

  • Personally I don't care if anyone believes me or not for it is true every word of it and yes dad and I still are together even tho he's getting up in years he still fulfills my needs and I his.

  • Total 100 per cent crap

  • Pure fantasy

  • I know this shit isn't real, but if it was I would hope u get pregnant and learn ur lesson bitch!

  • You're such in inbred piece of shit. Must be a Trump supporter.

  • Well I'd surely rather to support Trump than I would that lying and most corrupt woman I've ever heard of if you want to call her a woman that CLINTON

  • Don't believe a word

  • That's ...gross

  • The guy that wrote this turkey is probably pushing 60 and lives alone.

  • I'm only 46 and my mother says I can stay with her until I find my next job.

  • Ha ha ha very funny, what kind of a pervert are you, every word is true.

  • Before you starting calling us perverts you want to trying fucking your own teenage daughter or if you ain't got a daughter, try one of your other young nieces. i tell you there is nothing like fucking a young teenager especial if it's one of your young female relatives i tell you there is nothing like getting your dick to flood her womb in spunk

  • Hey, you know what it's JUST LIKE - how about getting anally raped in jail by a group of overly horny, very well hung men who want nothing more than to teach your sorry, kid abusing white ass what being forced to put out is all about. You'll have ample opportunity to feel their spunk flood your man vagina as they hold you down and take turns for the 6-8 years you'll be serving for rape, sodomy, child molestation, and committing a lewd act on a minor.

  • Why do you assume I am white? I am black.

  • Good, you shouldn't. And I'm sure you have, but when he's having his coffee in the morning at the table, you should get on your knees & suck his cock. Also think he should stick his cock in your mouth while you're sleeping and cum in it or on your face, you wake up with a dry mess :) If you got a bf, would you stop having sex with your dad?

  • No I have a BF and I haven't given up sex with dad. I need him and he needs me and even tho he's getting up in years now he still pleases me beyond words.

  • I have been having sex on a weekly basis with my dad since a few months after my mom died in 2008. I was not as fortunate as you to have started at such an early age, I was 38 when we started.
    My dad is 68 now and is the best sexual partner I've ever had and never fails to satisfy me.

  • Hi cheryl, I am what you call mama's boy. Mom got pregnant and never got marry to anyone. She take care of me her entire life until she passed. What I mean was I to sleep with mom throughout my life with her. She teach me a lot about sex, you might say my mom took advantage of me. I don't think so because I rather learn sex from mom than some strangers. We have sex as often as we want and become lover and close to each other until she passed. I now married to a loving woman thanks to mom taught me how to treat a woman nicely the way woman should be, in return you will get the best sex you will ever get.

  • Dad first fucked me 3 months after mum died. I was 10 at the time and dad's 8-inch cock completely filled my pussy. When he finally shot his spunk up me I passed out. My little bald cunt was sore for a week. I'm 22 now, and dad fucks me every day, even when I'm having my periods. At those times when I don't want sex, dad rapes me so violently that I cry.

  • You girl, state the way many dads should be exploiting their daughters in the best interest for both of them.

  • I'm so sorry. Are you ok now I hope so

  • Cheryl
    As far as I am concerned there is a special bond between daughter and dad and no matter when or what age you give yourself to your dad, well it's magical. I don't think I can explain it any better than that, it's magical.

  • Magical like how, magical? Like fairy dust and unicorns magical? Like a beautiful waterfall framed by fall foliage magical? Like a father taking advantage of his daughter by coercing her into performing sex acts when her mother had just died beautiful?

    Tell me how magical this is.

  • Seriously? I want to hear more how that started happening. jollyrancher0001

  • Does he know about you 2? Depending on the girl I'm with, I wouldn't mind if she fucked her dad or sucked dick on the side. As long as she tells me each time. :)

  • Open relationships are way more fun the monogamy!

  • True. Even though I'm a 1-girl guy, the girl can still have her fun.

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