Husband caught me with our dog

I am a stay at home Mom and our two children are now in school full time so I have found that I have a lot of spare time now. I was cleaning the bathroom floor one day and had on shorts, they cover me well but were pretty loose fitting. I am not sure what got into our dog but he walked up behind me as I was working my way backwards out the door and stuck his nose right into my rear. I was a little startled but told him to back up buddy, he was persistent and came up to me again this time with his tongue trying to get a taste of me. I turned around and looked at him asking him just what he thought he was doing and I just stared at him for a second then pulled my shorts down to my knees to see what he would do. He liked it a lot and licked me into an orgasm after about twenty minutes.
I laid there on the floor for a minute after realizing what I had just done and told myself never again. The next day there I was again on the floor and the couch letting him lick me all he wanted. I did this for quite a few months then one day my husband decided to surprise me and come home early from work so we could do lunch. I was doing stuff around the house and still had the music up loud while our dog was licking me. I was in our bedroom laying on the bed with my hips just off the bed enjoying the oral pleasure when I looked up and my husband was standing in the doorway. I froze just staring at him but our dog continued licking away on me, he walked over and sat down on the bed. The dog stopped licking me and went over to get some petting. My husband patted his head and rubbed his ears while he leaned over and started kissing me deeply. He then tapped my pubic hair getting our dog to started licking me again which he gladly started doing. He spread me out and that made my clit exposed getting licked much harder, I was twitching with every stroke. I came with a great orgasm while my husband just kept my lips spread enjoying the view.
I asked him if he liked what he saw and he told me he had fantasied about seeing me do something like this but never thought I would do it, then he told me that the dog probably needed some satisfaction himself. I was not sure what he meant but he asked me to get down on the floor on all fours while he got the dog to enter me. I was shocked at the size of him as he grew very quickly and was humping me very fast and hard. He did not last long and pulled out of me walking around, my husband had already taken his pants off and kneeled down behind me. He had sex with me for about ten minutes and after he came we both got into the shower, he then asked me how often I have sex with the dog. I told him that was my first time having intercourse but he has been licking me for a few months now. After the kids are asleep he wakes me up sometimes and likes to watch the dog pleasure me and has watched me suck him off as well.

7.8 years ago

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    • My wife has also done this as well I walked in on her while our dog was eating her pussy and my wife had no idea I was there so I just watched and after about 15 minutes of this she got down on the ground and 69 with the dog I couldn't believe my wife had our huskies cock in her mouth while getting her pussy licked this turned me on so much I couldn't help but strip and I her husband got down on the floor and I started helping her suck our dogs cock why he ate her pussy absolutely was stunned at first and then just accepted it as I was really enjoying it as much as she was and then she confessed it's been going on for over a now Larkin our husky is joining us in every sexual encounter we have and as my wife now crawls under me to su k my cock and yes u guessed it Larkin is fucking me in the ass
      Larry Smith

    • My wife loves it to

    • My wife loves it

    • Mine does too and I can't deny I love it

    • I help my dog fuck my wife almost every night. My wife loves it! Only wish she could get pregnant. I just bought another dog to double the amount of cum each night!

    • It sounds like you abused your Dog in this manner because your husband has not or can't give you sexual satisfaction!
      You need Help really Bad! And you also need to gather up some courage and tell him he is useless in the Bedroom sex department!

    • Eat shit, moron!

    • Karen (the fat shaming loser on NaughtyPosts that fucks his mother’s corpse) is also a gloryhole regular and is now up to 400 lbs. from all of the cum he has swallowed.

      He looks like a giant Sperm Tick!!

      He still lives in his mom’s single-wide and he still prowls the elementary school playground looking for pre-teen boys to abduct. He calls them his “fresh veal”.

    • Very hot ...I would love to watch my wife suck and fuck our dog.

    • Very sexy

    • Got hard reading this then came big the second time I read, thank you!

    • Hi im sue i get so turned on reading about women fucking dogs

    • Karen (the fat shaming loser on NaughtyPosts that fucks his mother’s corpse) is also a gloryhole regular and is now up to 400 lbs. from all of the cum he has swallowed.

      He looks like a giant Sperm Tick!

      He still lives in his mom’s single-wide and he still prowls the elementary school playground looking for pre-teen boys to abduct. He calls them his “fresh veal”.

    • So let me ask you a question and be honest, is the dogs size of penis bigger and sexually satisfies your needs and have you let your husband know that

    • I am a cross dresser and I remember the first time that I was dressed up, horney, and using my dildo. I guess that I was noisy because my male Labrador came in and checked on me. I looked down at his cock barely sticking out and got the idea of playing with him.
      I got on my hands and knees and started stroking him. I then moved him around started sucking him off. I got on my back and he positioned himself and started fucking my face. I was surprised at how much his dick grew while he fucked my mouth. Then he really got into it. He started roughly fucking my face, shoving his cock down my throat. Then I felt him start cumming. Shooting streams of cum down my throat until I had to push him back so that I could breathe. I was surprised at how much cum he shot out.
      When he had rested a while I figured that I would try to take him anally. I got him hard again and when I finally got him mounted on my back I guided his cock into my ass and helped him enter me. He was pounding my ass while I felt his cock growing bigger and thicker.
      Then he let loose and with a couple of hard thrusts I felt his knot enter me.
      He buried his cock deep in me and I felt him start cumming. He was locked in me for about 30 minutes while he continued pumping cum. When he finally popped out I had cum poring from my ass. I was exhausted and laid down there. Later on he woke me up licking my still leaking ass. I raised my ass up and then he gladly fucked me again.
      My ass hurt for days, but since then he has properly broken me into being his Bitch when he wants me.

    • Two advantages of woman getting fucked by a dog: 1) you don’t need condom as you won’t get pregnant by a dog, 2) you get locked in by dog knot for about 30 minutes, unlike cock of a man.

    • Nothing more beautiful than a woman who has regular sex with a dog. I like how you accept it and enjoy it. We dont gave kids so my wife has embraced it. She spends her days nude except for a spiked pink dog collar. It matches her lover. Most nights she sleeps on the floor futon with our dog. Hot as fuck!

    • My wife can’t miss a night from our dogs Dick . She really has so many orgasms while he is pounding her. She jumps on my dick as soon as he pulls out it’s full of cum and on fire. Love it love it

    • My wife was doing it behind my back until I court here one night . I just walked up to here and shoved my cock in there mouth and told here she was a dirty slut

    • Awesome stories glad your husband wanted you to fuck your dog it's great I love it when Jojo comes in my ass does your husband suck your dog

    • Good Nothing wrong with that . Great marriage get sex life. Does your dog last longer inside you now are is he still fast and hard. .
      Has he Knotted inside you yet?

    • Hope he can do it more than once each.night

    • I got fucked by a huge black lab when 8 was 14

    • I got fucked by a chocolate lab when I was 11. And I still have a dog of my own that fucks me all the time

    • Hi very hott

    • This is so hot I would love to watch you being bred and knotted. I would cum all over your face

    • Good husband

    • I am throbbing with delight!

    • I love you Lady

    • When I was about 13 my dog licked me but that was about it.

    • I am in my 80s a new at it I really want to suck a cock I don't know how to go about African another man to suck his cock I go to the park and going to the bathrooms when I see another man go in hoping I can see his cock sometimes I see it but I don't say anything to him I end up going back to my car I think about is cock and I sat there and jack off it wouldn't be so bad if it was his cock I was jacking off I just like cock I like to look at cock I like to check cock off and I thank him would like to suck one I left my phone number before is there any way he could copy that number and call me

    • Wow

    • I was about 18 we had a mixed dog he was little horny l was lying naked on the floor with couple of pillows in the back of my head watching tv the dog walked over and started to lick my balls and dick it made me feel so horny that I shot a load of juicy cum on my belly he was standing licking my cum up and his dick was right over my mouth his dick kept touching my mouth and lips for some reason my tongue came out and started to lick his dick he got so horny that he put his dick in my mouth and started to hump it he was humping so much and hard that he started cumming in my mouth until it was filled that way a huge load of cum and I swallow all of it because it was so much that was the first time and we did it several times more ps trek

    • I’ve been hooked dog cock since I was 13-14, my Great Dane raped me one evening. He slept in my room since he was a puppy. One night I’d dropped a pen down the side of my bed and I’d just had a bath with only a towel around me. I got down to reach my pen but it was against the wall and I had to get half way under the bed to reach it. The next thing I feel for the first time is the dog licking my butt and soon realised I was hard as I pull up and lie bent over my bed and getting him to lick my anus, all of a sudden he up on his back legs and trying to mount me, I’m like what the F and about to shout at him when I feel his cock enter me boy did it soon grow and I was cuming all over me bed and the next thing I feel is the dog filling my back passage. Then about 3 days later I let it happen again and it was this time that I got his knot for the first time. It felt incredibly. I’m now in my 50’s and have kept Dane’s all my life. My wife has known about what happened from almost day one and had tried it several times over the years but not really into it but has always said sex with me is much intense straight after the dog has knotted me first.


    • BS?

    • Your initials and what you’re full of?

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