Husband caught me with our dog

I am a stay at home Mom and our two children are now in school full time so I have found that I have a lot of spare time now. I was cleaning the bathroom floor one day and had on shorts, they cover me well but were pretty loose fitting. I am not sure what got into our dog but he walked up behind me as I was working my way backwards out the door and stuck his nose right into my rear. I was a little startled but told him to back up buddy, he was persistent and came up to me again this time with his tongue trying to get a taste of me. I turned around and looked at him asking him just what he thought he was doing and I just stared at him for a second then pulled my shorts down to my knees to see what he would do. He liked it a lot and licked me into an orgasm after about twenty minutes.
I laid there on the floor for a minute after realizing what I had just done and told myself never again. The next day there I was again on the floor and the couch letting him lick me all he wanted. I did this for quite a few months then one day my husband decided to surprise me and come home early from work so we could do lunch. I was doing stuff around the house and still had the music up loud while our dog was licking me. I was in our bedroom laying on the bed with my hips just off the bed enjoying the oral pleasure when I looked up and my husband was standing in the doorway. I froze just staring at him but our dog continued licking away on me, he walked over and sat down on the bed. The dog stopped licking me and went over to get some petting. My husband patted his head and rubbed his ears while he leaned over and started kissing me deeply. He then tapped my pubic hair getting our dog to started licking me again which he gladly started doing. He spread me out and that made my clit exposed getting licked much harder, I was twitching with every stroke. I came with a great orgasm while my husband just kept my lips spread enjoying the view.
I asked him if he liked what he saw and he told me he had fantasied about seeing me do something like this but never thought I would do it, then he told me that the dog probably needed some satisfaction himself. I was not sure what he meant but he asked me to get down on the floor on all fours while he got the dog to enter me. I was shocked at the size of him as he grew very quickly and was humping me very fast and hard. He did not last long and pulled out of me walking around, my husband had already taken his pants off and kneeled down behind me. He had sex with me for about ten minutes and after he came we both got into the shower, he then asked me how often I have sex with the dog. I told him that was my first time having intercourse but he has been licking me for a few months now. After the kids are asleep he wakes me up sometimes and likes to watch the dog pleasure me and has watched me suck him off as well.


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  • My name is Dana Golson and I watch dog fuck videos with Chuck all the time.

  • I was sitting on the couch one evening watching a movie and ended up playing with myself a little bit. I had my fingers in myself a few times and when I was all finished I was just relaxing when my dog came over and started licking my fingers. I was watching him and thinking if he likes my fingers so much with my scent on them what would he do with the actual thing. I pulled off my underwear and let him do what he wanted and he loved it, licked me to a wonderful orgasm. He now comes right up to me and whines while pushing his nose into my thighs, licks me for an hour or until I make him stop.

  • I am 24 female and fairly short and well put together. I tried a Great Dane a few times but he's just to big height wise, a German Shepard or a German Rottie is much more to my liking. Believe it or not a Bassett hound gets me just laying on the floor from behind.
    I had a neighbor a few years ago who got me started and we'd go for walks at night blowing our silent dog whistles and when one would make a effort to get to us we'd go back during the day to see what the commotion was all about during the night . If we liked what we saw we'd return.

    Samantha ended up getting mauled by a big mean Great Dane. Another reason I will not take one on Pepper spray keeps mean ones at bay usually. But this big Dane seem to like pepper spray for the more you sprayed him the more he wanted, the last time I seen him he took a 20 ounce Bear spray full force right to his mouth and eyes didn't seem to phase him at all. All it seem to do was make him more aggressive and litterly raped Sam ripping her ass open and reconstructive surgery of her colon and anus.

  • You should have given him oral and let him spunk in your mouth, then share it with hubby!

  • I want to be fuckrd by our dog

  • I can help where do you live?

  • I jerked our dog off wow huge loads of cum

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  • Did u swallow his cum

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  • My wife enjoyed our Great Dane . Bought the Great Dane for him to fuck her . She jacked him off often and he got hot and bothered he would fuck her . He dumped HUGE LOADS in her

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  • We had a litter of puppies by surprise once and one evening while we were sitting on the couch my husband seemed like he was really thinking about something so I asked him what had him thinking so hard. He smiled at me and then told me he was imagining all the puppies licking syrup off of me. I was a little surprised by his response but told him it sounded pretty fun, he was surprised and asked me if I would really do it.
    We spread out some plastic then he coated my body with syrup and honey, he brought in the puppies and they licked every bit of it off and it tickled quite a bit. One ended up right between my legs licking on my pubic hair then went further down, I could tell my husband was watching closely so I spread my legs out a lot and just let it happen.

  • Woweee wow ,hot so hot kinky n sooo naughty ,your lucky your hubby is kinky and seemsvery open minded

  • That is soooooo HOT

  • Its ok when all the family get together

  • I read this story, I know it is from 4 years ago but it just reminded me of how we got started with it. My husband and I had gone out drinking and dancing, well I should say I drank because he had one the entire evening. We got home and I know how much he loves to just sit back in his easy chair and get a blow job because I do it all the time. I still had on my dress which was probably hiked up a bit from me bending over and still being quite buzzed. I was down on my knees giving him a blow job when I felt this wet tongue right on my rear end licking me. Like I said I was still pretty buzzed and it took me a second to realize what was going on but when I looked up at my husband he was smiling from ear to ear. I winked at him and pulled my dress up past my hips then lowered my underwear to my knees and our dog went right to it licking away on me for quite some time. He tried several times to mount me without success but we did it again a few weekends later when I was sober and it worked out great.

  • Very very kinky

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  • Yup thank god for alcohol because it has gotten me laid over and over.


  • I came home from work early one hot summer day, it just to nice to stay at work. I walked into the house and couldn't find my husband anywhere. Well I figured he must be out in the barn or field. We have a 200 acer horse farm, so he is always off somewhere.
    Well changed into my bikini, and headed to pool. Once outside I scanned the fields, but no sign of my husband. Then I noticed the side barn door was open a jar, this door is never open . So I went to take a look.
    Oh my fucking god, what I saw changed my life for ever. There laying naked on a bale of hay was my husband, with one of our studs pounding the hell out of his asshole. I was so discussed, but at the sametime I couldn't take my eyes off him, and was getting really turned on. I watched as one stud horse would finish, and dismount, my husband would get up and grab another stud horse,
    I watched this go on for over an hour, pussy juice was running down the inside of both my legs, and my bikini bottom was soaked.
    I watched till my finally got up and startd dressing, then I headed to the pool and jumped in to conseal my wetness.
    It's been about 3 months now since I witnessed my husband with the horses, I've never said a word to him about it. I get so turned on still thinking about it.
    I have since cought him on several different occasions now being fucked by one or two fo our horses, I've even cought him in oral sex with them, and drinking there cum.
    I want to join in with him so badly, but I'm afraid thay if he finds out that I know he may be to embarrassed to do it anymore.
    Give me your thoughts on the matter.

  • I to caught my husband sucking off one of our horses in the barn. He admitted to doing it all the time. I started watching him now I have joined in. So much cum

  • Any thing ever develope? Would love to hear what happened.

  • Go for it, the site of it turns you on. Just think how you will feel being part of it all.

  • So true your hubbie might be so shocked and embarressed that you know ,but if you slowlt ease into it ,maybe even watch some beastiality vids ,to see his reaction

  • I have a dog, and would love watching fuck him while you lick and suck on my big hard cock. What I am saying is I want you bad sexy baby

  • Don’t knock it until you try it

  • Next time you catch him, if I were you, just get naked, gran your own bale of hay, and stud horse, and let go to town on you and see what he says.

  • No. I would just let the horses finish with him. Tell him how turned on you are, talk him into letting you tie him up to a post, get him nice and hard, tie one end of a rope around his dick and balls, the other end to the horse. Then slap the horse on the ass, and watch it take off with his manhood. That's what that sick bastard needs done to him.

  • He will end up dickless, no man deserve that fuckface

  • I know this different and its mainly women who do it with a dog but I caught my husband naked squatting and our dog was licking his arse, I was turned on I wasn't disgusted in fact after assuring him it was ok I joined in

  • Its nice when couples do it together

  • I want you and me in bed together. I would call in my big dog, and watch the dog lick your sweet sweet pussy, and then watched my dog put his big big dick inside of you while I cum in your mouth baby

  • Hotdam

  • I caught my sister in law when she was probably early sixties. She's such a religious freak. She is always talking about whether someone is a Christian, hands out theses pamphlets, plays the piano at church, wears long skirts.
    I would get pretty sick of her and her antics. Then one day I caught her with her long jean skirt hiked up and the dog plugging away at her pussy. I should have interrupted but I watched a little while and then left. I finally said something to her last year. She was embarrassed but denied it. She said no one would believe me. I told her, I wanted her to undress but she said she would tell everyone I assaulted her. So I backed off, but she has to live with me knowing.

  • I installed a security cam system in our house several years back and have enjoyed a few videos of my wife getting licked our dog in the living room. She lays right on the floor with some towels spread out and lets him do everything, she even slides under him and sucks his cock. She has no idea what the cams do all day but they record any movement when set in that mode and I set the two living room ones to constantly record and review them daily. There are weeks that she does this everyday so I decided that on days where I see her do it a lot I would come home and try to get her to have sex with me and it has worked. I want so badly to have her kneeling in front of me sucking my cock while our dog licks and enters her from behind but that will never happen.

  • I'm so hard

  • At 15 my Rotty started in licking me one day after school and god his toung felt so good getting me off twice. Well as soon as O'd get home from school he'd come right up to my room and start in doing his thing with his long toung and then I had a small orgasm my very first one.
    Then I got up he kept licking me and I went pee to relieve myself and afterwards in the hall he jumped up knocking me down and when I went to get up he mounted me and started in jabbing his swollen dick hitting my ass and puss but mostly my ass. Then he got into me and man did he ever fuck me fast till he got his knot into me then he held himself still as his cock grew and his knot swelled tying us together. For nearly 40 minutes he had me where he wanted me digging his dew claws ubti my hips pullimh me tighter against him burying his cock deer into me. Four hours later in my room he took me all over again.

  • Did he cum hard

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  • Can i get you e-mail adress?


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  • I sometimes tie my wife to a chair with her legs pulled back and tied off to the arms of it, her ass hangs off the edge and her arms and waist are secured down. I then take peanut butter and spread it all over her pussy lips and down inside a few inches. Our lab will lick until it is all gone which can sometimes be an hour, I love to listen to her moan out with orgasms as his relentless tongue cleans her out.

  • Lol bitches are disgusting for real

  • You mean women *

  • I walked in on my mother just after her dog knotted her, I the basement bedroom. I came in the basement door and heard some weird sounds in that room. I opened the door and there was my mother on her knees and face on the carpet with her dog mounted from behind and her holding his legs. As soon as the dog seen me he jumped back and pulled his swollen knot out of my mother. She groaned really loud and shot forward onto her stomach with her hand on her pussy. The dog was so happy to see me, I was shocked at the size of the dog's cock and knot still fully erect, cock and knot is over 10 inches long and the knot is the size of a large orange.

  • My mother is a widow, and not particularly good-looking. To get sexual satisfaction, she gets on all fours and lets her dog fuck her. A few times, she's sucked me off while her dog has been fucking her.

  • Hi whatever happened after did your mom ,do it again or just stopped ,did you try and fuck her

  • I just want to say that I read this story and had never dreamed of letting my husband watch me do it as well so I took a chance and thrilled the hell out of him. I told him he needed to take a sick day and we could have stay home and have some fun while the kids were at school. I got him all good and turned on, gave him a blow job then told him to sit back and watch something. He sat there on the couch staring down at me on the floor calling over our dog, he went right to it with his nose landing on my pubic hair. I let him go for quite some time watching my husbands face and how he was enjoying it.
    I turned around after a great orgasm and put my rear up for him, it always takes a few times but soon he was plunged into me humping like crazy. His penis gets huge, I mean stretch me sideways huge and when he popped it out of me my husband yelled out in amazement at its size. He mounted me over and over for some time then I put him outside.
    My husband told me that was the hottest thing he ever could have imagined seeing me do.

  • What a great hubby and open minded hubby you have

  • God thats hot..

  • I am single and my next door neighbor caught me and his Rotty tied together one after noon when he came home earlier than usual.

    Nothing I could do to hide my embarrassment and ended up having sex with him afterwards. Got to say I love his dog a lot more than him. Since the first time he's called me over several times this past month for a evening of fucking for that's all it is.

  • My daughter is 12 and sleep with her dog since 3 years.

  • I would not worry to much, the dog is elderly and probably only uses his tongue.

  • I came home early from college I didn't have a key because mum was home all that day I walked around to back expecting to see mum in the kitchen, what I saw I didn't expect mum was sat on a kitchen chair with her legs open her knickers were on the table and the dog was licking her cunt her eyes were shut she then got on the floor on her hands and knees she puller her skirt up exposing bottom the dog mounted her straight away he kept missing her vagina she took hold of his dick and put him in herself, I know I shouldn't have but I watched the dog fuck my mother, I showed discretion and waited a few minutes after he finished when mum lit me in she was all hot, she said did you see I nodded, I confessed I hade done the same

  • I am a male I use to let the dog lick my arsehole and have a wank at the same time

  • I found your confession very hot too your husband is a lucky man to have such an adventurous wife,i'm sure this happens much more often than we hear about, i loved your story thanks for sharing.

  • That is a very hot and courageous confession. I don't know about intercourse but I'm sure that dog licking is way more common than people would think. Thank you for sharing. It is very hot. It got me horny.

  • When I 14 and at my friends place her dog kept sticking his nose in my loose fitting shorts. My friend dared me to pull my shorts and panties down and let him lick me. At first it scared me but it soon started feeling really nice. I was shocked when he jumped up on me and cock went inside taking my cherry. I tried to push him off he just kept hammering me and friend said to let him finish. When be finally pulled there his cum and my virgin blood running down my legs. It turned out my friend had been fucking her dog for over a year. I did it 3 more times with her dog before they moved away.

  • This sounds very familiar...and the German Shepard comment really solidified my thoughts.

  • Do you still have sex with dogs

  • Yes but I have a bigger dog of my own a 2 year old German Shepard male and he does wonders when we're alone for several hours.

  • Would like to see this

  • Yes I would

  • There is nothing like your faithful friend they don't tell, my first encounter with our pet dog was when I was looking for something on my bedroom floor was naked ready for a shower I was wet I had just played with myself he made me jump when he started to lick my vagina but it felt so good because I was really horny he was really getting my juices flowing I was thinking to myself you dirty filthy bitch for letting him but I was enjoying him, next he was on me and after a few misses he was in me he kept pulling out to far and missing and going up my arsehole but I didn't mind where he shoved it, I soon felt the hot liquid in me, and I didn't feel bad after I had no shame, when I said they don't tell they do it wasn't unusual for him to sniff any of our arses, when I came home from college he was all over me jumping up his dick out ready my mum was giving me curious looks she got me on my own and said come on spill so I confessed and waited for the telling off, she didn't say anything just walked off, I couldent understand why then I thought it could be, later I asked her why she wasn't mad at me she just looked away and blushed I said its our secrey

  • They do tell tho in their own way by constantly sticking their nose into your puss and up your ass, sneaking a lick now and then just to see if the coast is clear for them to mount you.
    Our neighbors Rotties both took me over and over for two months while I was caring for them when our neighbors went on a 2 month vacation.
    I couldn't walk into their yard without one or the other or both would have their noses up and try licking me.
    When Matt and Carol got home off their vacation Carrol got me aside when I took their keys back to them and she asked me if the boys behaved themselves and I told her they didn't run off if that's what you mean and just5 about that Matt let the dogs in and Ruffas came right to me and stuck his nose right to my puss and I tried to push him away but he was persistent and started in licking me and Carrol said well I see he's made you his as well and told me I could come over any time during the day at my convince then she kissed me telling me thanks for taking care of my boys.

  • Awesome neighbour you have , ,your lucky she didnt go nuts on you ,but she enjoys the boys to i guess

  • My mom eat my pussy all the time

  • How fantastic, I would love a big dog to do that to me and have someone watch. It is a big turn on reading all about the house wife's sexual experience with her dog.

  • Would love to watch you take your pets cock in your swollen cunt. I would love to take your pets cock in my hand and gently rub it up and down your pussy and then put it into you

  • I'd like to watch

  • Id like to watch u do it

  • Im allmost 12 and my dog licked my vagina by accident yesterday and I realy liked it and I want him to do it again later when im in bed. Im grounded also for calling my mom a bitch and got into trouble at school. My moms just a stupid cow.

  • Suck him and let him fuck you

  • Fu king my dog

  • Right now

  • Kids are away but you wait till they're asleep? At least be consistent within your fantasy.

  • Read better

  • I am a lot like you but it wasn't our dog it was our neighbors Rotty whom I had been taking care of sexually for the past two months and I couldn't stay away from him. Now in stead of the back yard I use his house and he watches and fucks me afterwards.

  • Awesome

  • It was different for me I caught my husband with the dog he was on all fours with our dog licking his arsehole, the dogs dick was all ready stuck out, he mounted him he kept missing his aim but finally got it in, some woman would be disgusted I wasn't, needless to say out dog had both of us

  • Absolutely great

  • Some years ago my husband suggested I permit our nice Lab to hump me so we started expanding my pussy with butt plugs, dildos and a lot of lube to accept his large penis initially my husband would assist with the mounting, lube me and guide him into the correct hole then wait till we finished as the dog usually knotted in me and would swing bum to bum locked it would take about 25 minutes before he would deflate and extract, we are fine now so I quite often have a session with him whenever I want, he cum's so very deep in me and really puts a giant load in occassionally I will tease him by playing with his cock and balls till he is ever so hot then chaining him up to his kennel after quite a while I get him to lick me out but not let him mount he is ever so horny till I give him one but I make him wait for a day or two

  • Hot

  • I'm feeling so horny after reading your story.

  • I am a girl 17 and last month my BF got his Rotty to fuck me and he did all the coaxing to get his dog to mount me after getting me off about a dozen times by licking me. He ( my BF) told me it was my turn to get him off by letting me be his bitch and he told me to get on my hands and knees and he pulled his dog against my butt and that was all it took for he was the right higth for his cock to be right at my puss and the third jab he entered me and man did he fuck me fast and then I felt him growing in size and before long I was ti=ed to him but his cock was throbbing insude of me filling me with his cum and I swore his cock was several inches up my cervix for it was starting to burn from being stretched of to accomadate him and then he tried pulling out of me and my puss wouldn't let hyim go and my BF started in teasing me that I was his dog's bitch and I was his too.
    Little does my BF know I have been fucking his dog now weekly without him knowing it.

  • What a hot chick, hope i meet a chick like you someday,keep enjoying yourself

  • We all want a video...hehe.. You could wear a mask to protect your identity.

  • Id love to see you an the rotty fucking that is so hot,,,if you would you can email me a video of you an him,,, chubb29655

  • Send me video to

  • I'd like to see you do that

  • Nice

  • Have any more stories

  • You dirty little bitch. But I love it.

  • WOW, very naughty

  • U r the woman every man should want to make love with.You can hear a lot of confessions these days which sounds very stereo type as if they were purchased like cloths from the same shopping mall. But till now u r the only lady who had the courage & curiosity to see things from different prospective of life. As correctly mentioned by the other lady that many ladies have practised such an act well before but how many had that dare to publish it on a blog. They would only write stories of fantasies, spying, cheating, breaking off & blah blah as if these acts r done for fasion. They all sound like D&G,Versaces,Emperio Armani,Tommy Hilfiger,Fcuk and bullshit.
    It is also very interesting to see that u had the sense of resposibility not to let your pet go deep inside u till the time ur husband wanted u to do so. Ideally all ladies should learn to live life from u. And yes your husband reacted very sensiblly though I can understand it was mainly due to the amount of arousal he was experiencing at that moment. And finally the dog's wishes were also been taken care off. Good family with great values of luck

    For the people who thinks wtf will harm you it doesn't till the time ur domestic pet is fit & fine & if u r wondering what will happen to the lady, stop worrying as humans don't give birth to puppies, at least not on this planet...... ha ha ha.

    For those who have commented on this post & the person who has written the post I would urge all of you to write to me at as we are building a huge community of like- minded visioners. Data will remain confidential & secure.

  • I love watching women with dogs does anyone know where I could find these videos to watch
    Thanks for you assistance


  • Id love to join up with you lot. I am (F) and love watching dogs fuck women and to see them knotted and the juice running out is just mind blowing. Dee

  • Try zootube,dogs and horses fucking woman,and woman sucking off,

  • A lot of women have done or fantasize about doing it but would never admit it. I have done it myself a few times with our Labrador max.

  • I do not judge others and just enjoy life any way I can.

  • I had a girl friend who did the same thing. I think it is HOT and I enjoyed watching her also. I think it is part of the animal in us all... As for the person who wrote "WTF is wrong you"? Well it seems that they HAD to read your story and I wonder why if this is so bad and nasty. Deep inside they to want it! So pay no attention to those who read it then are negative about it. They are envious in reality.

  • WTF is wrong you?

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