I just had sex with a man nearly 4 times my age :/ Part 2.

He actually asked me first how old I was... and he was a little taken back and reluctant to tell me how old he was after hearing that. But eventually I got him to tell me... and it suddenly occurred to me that I had been having a very detailed sexual chat with an 83yrold man and that prior to finding this out, I had become quite turned on during the discussion leading up to that point and I was in fact pretty ermm... "wet" down there if you know what I mean!

I don't know what came over me, maybe one too many glasses of wine. But I decided to do something totally crazy and agree to meet up with him!

I remember getting a little rush of excitement and thinking to myself "this is crazy, what the hell are you doing? Its not to late to tell the taxi to turn round and take you home!", knowing that meeting a random stranger off the internet that you've spoken to for barely an hour for sex was crazy enough in itself, but to top it off, he was 83yrsold and even crazier, what we had been discussing and planned to do when we met was something I had never done before and in order to do it "properly" (a big part of this activity had to do with where he "finished") it also meant that it would have to be unprotected. I basically have never had unprotected sex, I am paranoid about it even. But here I was about to meet a complete stranger 4 times my age who I was not only going to have sex with, but I was going to try something I had never done before and I was going to do it unprotected and let him cum in me.

We undressed in front of eachother first, then he got me to lay on the bed and spread my legs so he could go down on me. He was really good. REALLY good. I came within just a few minutes in fact. I dont think anyone has been able to make me cum from that before, let alone so quickly! I also went down on him. Then he got on top of me and we had missionary position sex... and then I got on top and rode him. The whole time I was thinking how crazy what I was doing was and how sluty I was - No one would ever in a million years ever imagine that I would ever do this. I'm the definition of innocence to all who know me - but here I was, sitting on top of a kind of overweightish old man with grey hair, riding him and his 83yrold penis without a condom. I totally thought he would have cum before we got to attempt the plan that we had spoken about. I was thinking that he was going to cum "any second now" the entire time from the moment we undressed... I was freaking out about it a little bit - the whole idea that I was going to have 83yrold sperm inside my young and innocent vagina any second... but he didn't!

So I am sure by this stage, anyone reading this will be in complete agreeance that this is already way crazy and rather fucked up. But here's the clincher - I just had anal sex for the very first time ever... and it was with an 83yrold old man - a complete stranger.

We did it in a few positions, firstly with me laying on my back with bum hanging over the side of the bed, him standing up between my legs if you get what I mean... and then "Doggy Style" with me on my hands and knees, bum in the air and him behind. He told me when he was about to cum and I figured it was way to late to bother backing out now, so I told him to cum inside my ass like we had planned all along...

I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it at all. The sex was actually really good - its just the whole headfuck of knowing that I did it with someone that old and that he came inside me.

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  • When I was 65 a couple years ago, on vacation at our Beach hotel bar -- my wife Amy and I chatted with this gorgeous young lady Kati 32. She had some issues, like she smoked -- I told how I quit - She says every time I quit a boyfriend breaks up with me, I'm a mess -- and I start smoking again. My wife is "guys break up with you, are they blind?" She says 'all my gf are married, I always get dumped on."
    I'm sitting next to her and she's working my leg -- we're around the corner of the bar. She telling us how good looking we are for 50's -- "we're well into your 60's" Wife whispers "drop some Viagra -- be prepared -- you're going in." She asks her back to our deck for a nightcap. I don't know who wants her more, me or Amy -- she's a little bit bi -- but in the closet to everyone else but me. in the 70's I took to a NYC Lesbian bar (by mistake) she had the time of her life dancing slow with girls, and got fingered. Bi ish ever since. We get Kati in bed and have her every which way. At first Amy and I are all over her big tits, it drivers her crazy to have both sucked. Then I have sex with her, then watch them 69. It's not Amy first rodeo -- but maybe her 3rd -- I'm sure it's Kati's first lesbian sex -- sorta feel bad for her. We see her the next night -- she goes 'you guys really fucked me -- a little more than I signed up for -- but i'm OK -- I got to checked another box."

  • I am 25 F married but no children yet for my husband and I decided it was best to wait till our debts are payed for before raising a family and one day we had a party at our house and we invited several of our neighbors as well as people from hubby's work place and everything was going along smoothly till it became more of a fuck fest than a get together between a couple from work.
    I was in our hot tub wearing a decent bikini and the got up and left and she didn't have her top on and several remakes were made and this guy looked right at me and asked when I was going to remove mine and I didn't know quite what to say and before I could say anything he reached over and pulled my top off of me and wouldn't give it back right in front of the other three guys in the hot tub along with me and it didn't take long till my bottoms was removed right along with my top and there I was nude before four guys one being my neighbor who I kinda had a crush on for over a year and he took hold of me pulled me over onto his lap and had his arms wrapped around me and told the other guys that she's mine so they might as well leave, He was protecting me and I let him hold onto my breast but he started in playing with my nipple which turned me on and before long I was rubbing myself onto his hard cock thru his swim suit and his kisses upon my neck made me even hotter before long his cock was out against my unprotected puss and he was pushing it hard against me as I was rubbing him and he slipped into me and I gasp, oh god he was so much bigger than Tim and he was stretching me big time.

  • Ron held himself in me and held me even tighter against him and told me he's been wanting me since we moved in next door to him and he's had to masturbate many times ever since he's saw me in my bikini and told me I had one hell of a beautiful body and all the time he was talking to me I continued to work his cock and he began fucking me holding me onto his lap and playing with my breasts.
    His legs stiffened and he pulled me down onto him hard and he erupted inside of me and the first squirt felt like it was shot out from a gun for he came that hard into me but he didn't stop he kept right on fucking me for another 15 minutes or so and another couple joined us in the tub and we had to stop but I remained on Ron's lap with his now not so hard cock still in me only the bubbles hiding us from view.

  • I am 17 now and I have been having sex with our neighbor who is 78 and have been for the past 3 years. He took my virginity and he's the only one I have had unprotected sex with for he had a vasectomy years ago. I love feeling him cum in me both in my puss and my ass. He introduced both to me the very first time and I like anal the best. Seems I have a lot more feeling that way and man do I cum on him over and over till I can't cum any more which isn't all that often but when it does happen he stays in me for a hour or more holding himself in me like a dog tied to another.
    I still remember the very first time it hurt like hell and I thought he was going to tear me apart for he's a lot bigger than most and he really knows how to use his tool.

  • *20 yr old that is.

  • Gee "old people" aren't bad are they? I'm 57 and need a good looking 29 yr old to fuck me, but am very reluctant to hook up over the net. I like to check them out in person so I can assess them properly.

  • I to let our neighbor have sex with me. It was on a bet from my BF and I went to his house at 10 at night and had three glasses of wine with him and he started in fondling my breast and before long he was fucking me missionary like he though it was going to be his last and I was loving his 8 inches going in and out of me so fast and deep it was unbelievable and before long he just grabbed me held me tight against him and I felt him cumming squirt after squirt until he collapsed upon me. 86 years old and he was the best fuck I've ever had and yes I keep going back to him for my BF is no longer in the picture.

  • Wow, great story and think you should meet the old fart again since it was that good of sex, but next time let him fuck your pussy or mouth and let that 83 year old cum go inside your belly. Please share here again if you give him another try!

  • Gotta remember there's other girls out there who have sex with old guys too. As long as he's good at everything and got a nice dick to look at & taste, all that matters. I think it's disgusting for it to be backwards - young guys having sex with grannies. Totally kills my hardon when browsing porn vids.

  • I am 76 and i am fucking my twenty one year old niece she said she only like older men, i said am i the oldest one to fuck you then she replied yes.

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