My cousin taught me about sex.

During my days of puberty, I was going through all the changes. Having learned how to masturbate and such, that was a big deal.
Getting someone else to do it for me was another.

This summer was different. I began noticing girls a lot more. Namely one, and this is where it gets a little embarrassing.
Her being my cousin.
Now, she is about three years older than me, so she developed into a rather chesty young woman, for her age having curvy hips, long legs, always well shaved.
Living out far, having a pool she stayed at our house a lot this summer. She had begun wearing bikinis, they weren't anything skimpy. A typical bikini that covered herself, while still showing off her young body.

We played in the pool, hung out, just typical kinda stuff. Every night I would jerk thinking about her. One night while on my way to the bathroom, I peaked into the guest room. She was fast asleep. I snuck in and peaked under her covers. Her only sleepwear being panties and an oversized shirt. She stirred still asleep, enough for me to not cop a feel. Her hand laid out, pawing like she was calling me. I pulled out my dick and placed it in her hand.
Within seconds, I came and almost passed out. My first hand job. I went to bed happy.

The next day she didn't want to go for the usual swim, she was still wearing her bikini. Instead, she wanted to tan.
I relaxed in the pool, occasionally looking until I heard slight snoring.
She was passed out, laying on her back. I pulled of my shorts in the pool and began to stroke. She started snoring louder.
I got out of the pool and walked over, I was standing over her, dick in hand. Stroking.
Getting more and more brave. I pulled her breasts out of her top.
They sat there, spilling out, pink nipples were exposed and getting erect. I kneeled down for a feel, my first boobs! The joy!
Moving around, I started to just feel her body. I found out I really enjoyed feet at this time, I rubbed and sucked.
Her bikini bottoms were beginning to dampen. I couldn't help it.
I smelled her pussy, the aroma. She was still out, I spread her legs, positioned myself. Aiming my dick at her crotch, still covered and humped.
I humped, and humped, panting.
She woke up, and started to laugh, told me to finish up.
I grunted, and came, exploded all over her bikini bottoms.
Which she laughed at more, I fell on her. My naked body covering her.

I remember her patting me on the back and telling me "Good job. Maybe next time I can be awake for it."

That summer she taught me a lot, how to hump, kiss, and eat pussy. As well as learn to enjoy my own fetishes.

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    • I screwed two of my cousins. One was 19 when it happened and I was in my late 20s. The other cousin came along much later when we were both in our 40s. She had recently separated from her husband and asked me if she could stay with me for a while. I was agreeable. She came to stay with me from a state several miles away. I live in an area where our family had lived for almost 200 years. When she first arrived there was no tension between u but as time went on she became flirtatious. One day I took her for a drive in the country to visit the cemeteries where our ancestors are buried. Finally at one cemetery I made my move. In those days I drove a 72 Old 98 hardtop, a real boat. The back seat was a spacious bench. I took my cousin by the hand and led her to the car where I opened the back door and with a wave of my hand invited her to sit.
      I began to undo he belt and slide her jeans down her legs. She lifted her ass to help me. In short course she was naked from the waist down, as was I. She was a redhead and she had a brillo pad of auburn curls on her middle aged pussy to match those on her head. I did not kiss her, play with her pussy or prepare her in any way for intercourse. She wanted it and I knew it. I mounted her and was inside her in a single thrust. Her slippery wetness was evidence of her willingness. I rode her fast and hard all the while thinking "This is my cousin, the daughter of my father's sister." This is my cousin. This is my cousin. The more I thought it the more aroused I became until, after not many minutes, I discharged a large dollop of musky man gravy deep in her twat. I pulled out and got dressed and aimed the Olds for home.
      But that fuck in the cemetery was the first of many to come. We had a relationship that lasted several years and included almost every sexual variation you can think of, with and without other partners. We even mad a DVD together doing the nasty.
      I no longer have the Olds and I no longer have her.

    • No panties and yoga shorts

    • My cousin hit sixteen and I thirteen. She was having her first date, practiced with me kissing. She let me feel her up to see how it was. I wanted to try sex, but she would not let me.
      Three weeks later she said he ask her for a blow job, but she would not do that. So she wanted to practice on me. She sucked my cock, I shot in her mouth and she vomited all over the bed. The second blow job she got sick again. It took eight blow jobs over to days before she stopped gagging.

      A month or so later she said he wanted to have sex. She and I had sex many times for two weekends to get her ready. I told her many times, I think you need one more time to make sure

    • I screwed two of my cousins long before either of them had the first periods. The one stopped letting me screw her after she got engaged. the other one and i still have sex once in a while. She is forty eight married and has six children. Still good sex and I enjoy her very much.

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