Why does my brother like to watch his friend fuck me?

Using the library computer to post this, I would die if someone found this on my phone or laptop.

My brothers friend likes me and when I turned 17 my sister in law got me a fake id so i could party with them. When we were going from one bar to a private party; my brother pulled on a back road and ask his wife to suck his dick.
He told me to make it fun and I could suck his friends dick. At the time I had a lot to drink, but I sucked his friends dick. He told his wife lets fuck a little bit for fun. Lets show them how good we fuck.
I have head my brother and his wife and seen them by accident a few times. She has told me all about my brother and how he seems a big strange.
Then the really strange part happened. He told me to get undressed and let his friend get some of my pussy.
My sister in law said yea let him fuck you. I did not want to look stupid, so i got undressed and laid on the back seat. My brother sits up and turns the light on. he said let me see what your pussy looks like? he told me to spread it. I did and then he told his friend to give me a nice fuck.
He and his wife sat up with the light on and watched him fuck me. he did it real good and made me cum. I tried to hide it, but my sister in law uncovered me face. by them I just said fuck it, I would just fuck him like no one was there.
My sister in law told me it was hot and she jerked my brother and fingered her self while they watched. my brother shot a load the same time his friend was shooting a load in me.
Why is my brother so fucking sick?


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  • I'm 17 and a guy, my best friend doesn't mess with me, but when he and I, along with one of his older friends go driving around at night, his friend gets me in the back seat, and fucks me. I know my buddy watches, and he says things like, make him piss on you while you're doing that, or breed him, but don't knock him up hahahaha.

  • Secretly, your brother and his wife have sexual feelings/fantasies/desires for you. Using his friend is perhaps a safer or less taboo way to get you involved. I bet if you bring up the subject one night when you are all drinking, they will admit it.

  • I will not let my brother fuck me. My sister in law gave me some oral sex when we were drunk and alone once. I told her before I had no interest in doing her.
    My cousin and I had lunch together. She told me about her and one of her friends spending the weekend. My brother fucked her and then did her friend. Her friend did not want my brother, but sure wanted my brother friend. Most girls want him anyway.
    My brother stole nude pictures of me and his wife found them. I think you might be right.

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