Sex toy party

I went to a sex toy party at a friends house. She is very wealthy and has a huge home. There were about 20 of us there. Some of them i knew. We were shown the products on offer as the drink flowed. We were all laughing and joking as the conversations got sexier. Wendy announced that she had a surprise for us all and in walked 4 male strippers! A cheer went up as they started dancing around each of us in turn. I was getting very turned on and was not the only one. The guys took off their costumes and were all huge! They were dancing with their cocks inches from our faces and one of the girls just leant in and started sucking. My pussy was soaking as one of them took my hand and sat me on a chair in the middle of the room. He opened my legs and acted out having sex with me and i could feel his cock getting harder as it rubbed down on my bum cheeks. I looked around and wendy was being licked out by a big black guy. I dont know what made me do it but i reached down and grabbed his cock and used my thumb to move my knickers over. It happened so quick he couldnt react. He just slipped in. No one else knew at this point. He stood, lifting me, and pulled my skirt up my back. The girls errupted into a cheer as this guy ploughed into me! I came with a scream and he sat me back in my seat. I took off my soaking knickers and watched a few other girls get similar treatment. Some were shy so didnt fuck them. I was hornier than ever so i went to wendy and asked if she wanted to give the guys a show. She flipped me around and started eating me! The big black guy got behind her and started pushing into her. I was forgotten so pushed one onto the ground and slid down onto his cock. He was fucking me for around 5 mins when the cheering turned to a chant of do it, do it. Then i felt a cock being pushed into my arse. Id had anal before but never been dpd. I turned to jelly. These guys hammered into me as the girls shouted and cheered. Come in her, the slut some one shouted. I said not to as the i felt the first guys come fill my pussy. I was then lifted up as i was being properly assfucked. I thought i could feel come running from pussy as he pounded me. I came hard as he filled my stomach with what felt like a pint of spunk. Spent, he pulled out with a pop. I could barley walk, then noticed all the phones. It had all been filmed! I stood and let the come run out as much as possible. Wendy sent me a the video and it was when i watched it i realised the big black took my arse. It wasnt come dripping from me, i was squirting! My problem is now that i cant orgasm unless i have something up my arse. My husband loves it but i have leakage issues. He still has no idea i was broken by a huge black cock.

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  • I've been selling sex toys through home parties for more than fifteen years now. While it's just good side income the benefits are fantastic. About 2x a year I get to go to trade shows to see and handle the new models and there are always parties with strippers, always HUGE cocks a plenty, and always more fucking, sucking, and orgasms than I can count. Keep in mind though girls, that guy with that huge cock is always looking for the next tight, young thing, and will move on once he's found something newer than you. So, find a good stable guys with a solid income to father your children and care for you in your old age, fuck him solid every week just because you should, and then enjoy an annual trip to Vegas for a work conference and find one (or more) big cocks to scratch your itch.

  • Last month I went to a bridal shower for a close friend of mine and there to four strippers was the main feature. First off Jane the bride to be got fucked by all four of them at different times and it was such a turn on watching then one guy started in playing with my breasts and sucking on my nipples and I got wet, oh god did I ever and before long I to got fucked by him and I was surprised when he turned me over and started in fucking my ass and his balls slapped my puss every time he thrusted in deep and it didn't take him long till he pumped his spunk in my ass deep. I was surprised I could take all 8 inches of him all the way in me and he showered me with kisses as he continued to fuck me again. Then he layed down and I rode him hard cumming on him over and over getting cheered on by the five other girls that remained.
    By 7 in the morning I think I was fucked 20 times both anal and in my puss and I don't know how many cocks I sucked but it was a lot.
    Jane didn't marry Tom for she said he had a small dick and he couldn't satisfy her any longer so she actually moved in with one of the strippers and last I heard she's planning on marrying him.

  • I went to a bridal shower last month and just about the same thing went on there. Some or I should say most had already left and there was three strippers (male) and five of us girls left and it got very hot and steamy for the rest of the night. I along with the bride to be got spit roasted me twice and I got fucked 7 times before the night ended, the last three times by him a big Hispanic guy with a 13 inch dong. When he got turned on his cock even tho it was way above average got rock hard and the way it curved was perfect for my puss and I took him all and I loved being fucked by him so much I gave him my phone number and told him to call me. So far we've gotten together four times sine the shower the last time he no sooner got off of me and in walked my husband and all he could do was gawk at me and Homers cock. Later we talked and he gave me permission to have Homer over as much as I wanted but he didn't want to know about it. Tuesday Homer is coming over early so we'll have the day together.

  • Two months ago I was at a bridal shower and whet you wrote could have been me but it was with Jose a big Mexican and his cock was just a mear 10 1/2 inches long but god was he ever thick and I took him all anally and he gave me his number telling me to call him for I was the first that took all of him analy and he wanted a lot more of me and I though oh god did I ever think about giving him a call and last week I did and we made arrangements to meet and he told me what he wanted me to wear and I did, no bra or panties just a tight fitting sweater and a short skirt that had to be pleated which I didn't have one so I picked up one from Wal mart and we were suppose to meet at a restaurant near here at seven last Friday night and I showed up a bit early and got a booth near the back and about 5 minutes later he shows up and asked me if I had ordered yet and I told him I was waiting for him and he placed his hand on my thigh and rose all the way to my hip right beneath my skirt and he said I see you dressed the way I wanted you as his fingers started in rubbing my puss and I was already wet just thinking about him. He bent in for a kiss and our lips met and he slid his finger right into me and I gasp for he hit my clit and I had a small orgasm right then and there and he sat back and said lets get out of here and took my hand and led me away. Fifteen minutes later I was stripped of my clothes and I had his cock buried deep into me both my puss and my ass and he must have fucked me for nearly a hour before he came in me but I must have had 12 or more orgasms and the last was when he exploded inside of me filling my puss with his cum.

  • You should tell your husband that you want a MFM so he can be a part of your next dp. He will love it! Maybe even convince him to do some swinging - YOU will love it!

  • This is so fucking hot

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