I went to a PJ party last night and we started in playing Truth or Dare and wouldn't you know it the bottle landed on me right at the start I chose Truth, Jamie asked what was the oldest guy and who I've slept with I answered 56 our neighbor. Why me I got unlucky again ok Dare oh shit I was dared to got to The Golden Slipper local porn store and I had to view two movies. Damn. Ok so I walked in looked around a bit and saw the viewers lining the hall and it was dark but I could see three guys watching movies so I looked at a few books to start with and already I was getting aroused. my legs became a bit wobbly and I found myself hanging onto things to steady myself. Made it all the way to the last viewer and inserted a quarter and the little black and white clip started playing Oh god no way there is no way she can take all of that monster cock, my breathing became erratic and I was at the point is my legs gonna hold me up I was questioning gads I bet that monster cock gave that poor gal a pint of cum that I liked and I found myself wishing it was me Damn it who's Can't see who it is unbuttoning my blouse damn why didn't I wear a bra mmm yes I love my nipples being teased just like that as he kissed my ear I turned my head and our lips met and he gave me a lot of toung as I sucked his in his hands searching out my breasts didn't take much guidance and he began to suck on my nipples almost to the point of biting as his hands went to my skirt, why didn't I wear jeans he hiked my skirt up over my waste as his hands began to tease my clit and inserting a finger or 2 in my vagina. Oh god yes he's rubbing his hard cock against my ass getting me all wet from him oh he pushed me over the viewer and pushed the head of his cock into my ass and held himself still them little by little gave me more and more of his hard cock god yes I almost screamed it out then I heard man she loves it I thought to myself if only you knew. harder this guy started in fucking me then he tightened and I knew what that meant, he's be thru as soon as he gives me his seed and I was right. he no sooner shot his wad in me and he was gone but two hands took hold of my nipples and began to pinch them sending demands through out my body. Demands for I want to be fucked long and hard put away wet so to speak. OIMG I think I am going to get my wish near as I can tell 12 inch and a good 2 inches across my hands wrapped around it's shaft and I began to pull it towards my eager lips oh god give it to me I pleaded and bam three powerful strokes he had it all into me and it felt like he was trying to get it in my cervix and again but he'd hold himself still every time he'd shove it into me pushing all he had into me oh god I was cumming on him yess fuck me I said and he did what seemed like fore half a hour or more all I know I was getting sore then like all guys he shot his load into me a good half a cup full and it began running down my legs and I squeezed my ass tighter wanting to hold it in me but all I got for my trouble was it shooting out of me drenching my ass. Two more guys took advantage of me and one I have seen next door from time to time oh god what the fuck OMG he's huge yes play with my nipples make me cum for you oh and that he did make me squirm baby and that he did made me beg for him fuck me hard and that he did fuck me hard I pleaded he did we ended up on the floor and he was beneath me and he was giving me all he had and then some and he shot his load into me pushing so hard into me I swore he was going to come out my mouth and he got up only to be replace by another Hispanic and he started in fucking me wildly right from the start he is big I thought to myself hope he don't cum to quick. I got my wish for he didn't quit for a good 30 min- utes or more and when he shot his load into me it felt like it was shot from a gun stinging my insides oh and I loved it totally then he4 asked where I live and I told him without thinking for I wanted more of him as I started in rotating my hips about his cock wanting more and more of his cock follow me home I asked but got no answer

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  • You can say the thing gals love about the so called big cock blacks have well I'll take a Hispanic guy any time over a black.
    I am currently involved with a Hispanic Juan and believe me he's the best I have ever been with. 9 inches and quite thick and man can he fuck long and hard. I always have at least three if not a lot more orgasms when he does me and we usually have the final orgasm together as he fills me with his cum and I collapse upon him or he me.

    I can usually depend upon him seeking me out ever three days for he says he can't go without my tight pussy on his cock for any longer than that and within half a hour after him finding me we're right back at him giving me what I want, a good fucking.

  • I came home from shopping this afternoon and caught Jose fucking my mom on the living room floor and he looked up at me kept right on fucking her and blew me a kiss, I went to my room and cried.

  • Jose is his name and he's even been sneaking into my bed room at nights waking me up just to have awesome sex with me. He has a high sex drive and so do I now for he's made me just like him I want sex with him at any time and any where even on the hood of dad's car in the garage with both my parents home in the house. Yesterday he met my mom for the first time and he told me I sure have one hell of a hot mom and I told him you better leave her alone if you still want me and I hit him.

  • Last night the Hispanic came to our house and dad answered the doo but I saw who he was talking to and I put my finger to my mouth wanting him to say nothing and I walked past them going outside for a smoke for I don't smoke inside the house and dad talked to this guy about what for I had no idea then I seen the Hispanic turn and start walking towards me and dad closed the door and there I stood up against the side of the house and he came to me gave me a very good kiss as his hand went right to my puss and began fingering me making me squirm it wasn't long till he was fucking me with his super hard cock and I started to cum on him over and over and he shoved it in so deep I thought he went up my cervix and he shot a massive load into me kissing me keeping his cock in me and I was getting horny all over again. A few minutes later dad hollered out the door for me to come in I did and I was having a hell of a time keeping this guys cum in me and not running down my legs which some already has done and I had to walk by dad sitting at the kitchen table on my way to the bath room.

  • My kind of a girl really.

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