Anonymous gangbang

A few years ago i knew a guy who i would sleep with quite often We used each other to play out some fantasies like sex in public, in a car, while on the phone (one of his).

I had always had this fantasy of having sex with a group of men at the same time. When i told him, he said he could make it happen if i was serious. A few weeks later he texted me asking if i still wanted it he could set it up for that night and i said yes.

He arrived at about 6:30 and told me to get naked in the bedroom, he handcuffed me and blindfolded me face down and put towels under my hips so my pussy was in the air. He told me a few guys were coming round to watch the football and would take it in turns having some fun with me... he told me i was going to be extra entertainment. A while later i heard them start to arrive, i have a small place and my bedroom door leads into the living room. it was even more of a turn on that i imagined. one of them asked what my name was and he was was told "whatever you want it to be, shes a fucktoy, not a person" I had never been so turned on in my life. From then on, they did start taking turns fucking me they'd all be watching the game while one would come in and use me - just fuck me as hard as the could until they came then they'd go back to watching the game then the next would come in. After the game they all left and i was uncuffed. i had lost count of how many times i was fucked until i saw the used condoms in and around the bin (17). I loved every second of it.

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  • It's gonna happen to me tonight

  • How old were you when this happened? And how old are you now?

  • 17 and 22

  • I have posted this again... i tried before to post one of my experiences and it never showed so if you see this again, it will tell a bit more because i copied this before i posted it and with a bit more detail. I was 19 then, 22 now

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