I want to watch my best friend fuck my girlfriend

I want to watch my girlfriend get fucked like a slut. I want her to be pleasured by another guy better than I ever could. I want her to take a big dick and love it and want it. And I know my best friend has a much bigger dick than I do and I fantasize almost everyday about watching her please it the way she does mine. Watching her talk dirty to him and tell him how she loves it. I wanna here her moaning as he pounds her and makes her cum all over his dick. And I want to see her choking on itvand getting face fucked till he cums in her mouth.

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  • It is definitely hot to watch then join inat the best time. My fav is dp. I like to bang her ass while another guy is ponding her pussy

  • Hot. I have always wanted my friend william to fuck my gf rachel, he is tall and im sure he would have a much bigger cock that would make my bent cock look pathetic. I imagine rachel comparing our cocks and laughing at my tiny dick as her mouth waters for his hard cock.

    I picture him fucking her better than me and i know rachel would love his cock inside her. I want them to look at me and mock me as they fuck and i want to lick his cum from deep inside her as she sucks the rest of his cum off his cock.

  • My boy friend has me fucked while he watches too. One time recently more than 20 guys watched a football game on our new 72 inch TV and I never got out of the bedroom till half time which I served the guys snacks and more beer. One Hispanic I never had the first half when I brought him a beer he took hold of my hand guided it to his cock and said you ok with this? He felt huge and when I looked I said right now we went into my bed room and he litterly picked me up and sat me on his cock, god I wrapped my legs around him as he fucked me with long deep strokes his ribbed cock sending wild emotions through me and I came oh god did I ever, over and over wild emotions waves of pleasure r5an through out my body then he shot his load into me deep AI swore most of it went right into my cervix we both fell into a heap onto the bed and he began to fuck me again. It wasn't long till I was taking all of his 13 inches into me for he has been fucking me for 4 years now without my BF ever knowing he has.

  • It totally turns me on to watch my gf (now wife) swallow a load of cum). I do not know what makes it so hot, but I also beat off about it constantly. Some of my best memories of are watching her take a big load in her mouth and letting it dribble out (a little) whist swallowing the rest. Happened once in front of the guy's wife. That was hot. Talk to your gf let her know what you like, maybe someday, you will have your dream come true.

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