Dog gets lucky while i Slept

Woke up at 3am, having to pee like a race horse. As I'm peeing, I realize that my girlfriend wasn't in bed yet. She works late but normally is in bed by 2. After flushing, I walk into the hallway and hear low moaning. I start creeping slowly towards the living room, and when I got to end of hallway, there was my girlfriend naked on all fours on the living room floor, with Fred behind her fucking her doggy style.... Literally as Fred is our 8 yr old black lab!!
I probably should've freaked out, but instead I was super aroused! I pulled my cock and started rubbing one off, while I watched my girlfriend moan and move and enjoy that big doggy cock in her pussy. She also said some crazy things... "oh yeah, Fred. Fuck me! I love your big doggy dick inside me! Can't wait to feel your hot doggy cum deep inside my pussy! Mmmmm, this is may favorite part of the night.. Hehe"

Whoa... I realized this wasn't the first time she had done this! Then I saw cum dripping down her thighs and she moaned louder and I could tell she was having her orgasm too. I cummed right there in my shorts, then quickly glided back to the room before she discovered me as the peeping tom. I changed clothes and jumped back in bed.

I heard her jump in the shower, then 30mins later she was in bed. I pretended to be asleep. I felt her hand on my stomach, then move down and under my shorts and she rubbed my cock and balls thinking I was asleep. After a while, I acted like I had just woke up, she kissed me, said good morning lover, then we made out and had sex.

To this day, I have watched her have sex with Fred late night dozens of times but never told her I knew.

7.4 years ago

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    • It should be great to fuck her still warm and wet pussy soon after the dog was done with her ...

    • I'd never have sex with her again knowing I'm second to an animal.

    • Https://

    • It’s really not that uncommon for women. I’ve had many sexual experiences with dogs over the years.

    • And here I am 16 still virgin 😢

    • You would still be a virgin! At 16 is no big deal if you are still a virgin. College will fix that. There a lot of 40 plus year old virgins here!

    • Takes courage for you to admit that.

    • I been going with my GF for three years and our sex life is beyond words, but what happened last month blew me away.

      We were sitting in my recliner both nude for we had just gotten out of the shower where we had made love and I was holding her and we were watching a porn on the TV when Dan cam into the room (my big great dane) and came right up to her and took a big lick of her privates and again but this time his toung went right between her lips probably deep into her pussy and she let out a big gasp and I bent down and kissed her telling her to see what he'd do. Well after her third orgasm he got up right between her legs and started in humping her and she moved down a bit and let out a big gasp and Dan went wild fucking her, grabbed hold of her by her hips pulled her tight against him, stopped fucking but started in panting really hard and my GF came again but this time really hard.
      Dan didn't get off of her for nearly 20 minutes and when he did his cum litterly shot out of her landing on the tile floor. She looked up at me I bent down and gave her a few kisses telling her "that was the hottest thing I have ever seen"
      Then she asked if I was mad and I said "hell no, it's hot" then she said for the past week Dan has been fucking me daily when I get home.

    • I've researched this and have found that "race horses" don't need to piss more than any other horses. The only difference of note is Shetland ponies don't have as far to piss !

    • Not true, race horses are hot walked after a race being given as much water as they will drink until they pee so they can be tested for drugs , thats where the saying came from

    • Last week I read this and I got wet thinking about my Black Lab.
      Well as have it I tried and I couldn't believe it he started in fucking me so fast then all of a sudden he stopped but his cock grew in size till I swear it was starting to go up my cervix. And I felt him swelling. Getting bigger and bigger almost to the point of hurtin but I pushed back harder against him and the pain eased but he4 continued to swell. He started in panting and his drool ran down my neck and a few times he tried to pull out of me but couldn't then I remember seeing dogs tied together when I was much younger then I wondered how log Tuka will be tied with me. Definitely Tuka filled my puss with his cock but what he was squirting in me began to leak out of me running down the insides of my legs onto the floor I took some and rubbed it upon my nipple so slippery yet watery I couldn't believe it.
      After what seemed like a hour Tuka turned around and we were but to but his cock was still throbbing inside of me and then it happened he pulled from me with a huge plop and his cum litterly shot from my puss all over his ass and I fe3ll to the floor in exhaustion. I mean my strength was drained from me and I didn't want to move. Tuka layed down and began cleaning himself and I thought what about me but he just kept doing it to himself. Fuck I tried to move but couldn't so I layed back down again. I must have fell asleep for when I awoke Tuka was cleaning me out. Licking his cum out of my puss driving me to one orgasm after another making me weaker by the moment. I don't know how long he was licking me out nor do I care but I knew right then and there this wasn't going to be the last Tuka was going to have his way with me.
      God I am so sore from the fucking I just got but already I am thinking of the next time.

    • Who needs a man when you have a dog

    • Yes it is a strange but hot thing to watch my wife get licked and screwed by our dog as well. She is not shy about it at all and it was her idea in the first place so naturally she is into it.

    • Love it


    • Is that your middle name?

    • Next time she is giving you head....
      "Honey, do you know the sexiest thing I ever saw ?"
      "No dear, but tell me!"
      "I will while I'm eating your pussy, it's so hot, you want to be in the mood"
      -he starts in and warms her up good-
      -once she is beginning to let know she is really feeling it...
      "do you want to know the sexiest thing ?"
      "yes, yes!, tell me quick"
      "In the night I saw a beautiful woman, someone I loved, fucking another boy"
      "really, THAT turned you on"
      "Yes, and I can't explain it. In the light of day, and before I saw it, I thought I'd be jealous or freak out, but when I saw her, and him, and how sexy they looked and sounded, and before his come shot was dripping down her thighs, I had to grab myself and come in my own pants"

      "gosh, that's sexy, and wierd -or whatver she says- !"

      "you want to know the very sexiest part, dear ?, I want to see it again and again, but I'm afraid they might catch me watching and not include me in their sexy time"

      "wow, what can you expect? maybe you can talk to her ?"

      "well, I got up the courage, and I am doing that. May I be there next time you Rock Fred's world ?"

      "I love you so much, and you make me so horny, beyond my wildest dreams, dear"

      "the guy was my best friend, Fred, and the girl was you"

    • Tell her and have her suck your dick while she does it.

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