Can i turn my prude wife into a cum slut?

Firstly I love my wife and I do not mean any disrespect in saying I want her to be a cum slut, I just want her to LOVE cum.

My wife is very reserved in the bedroom, just a lie back type, not very adventurious.
She rarely gives me a BJ and when she does about 75% of the time its with a condom (100% if I cum in her mouth).

I have searched and most results suggest that all women have a 'inner slut' that just needs to be realeaaed, I want to know how to do this.

She NEVER lets me cum on her face or in her mouth (unless wearing a condom).

I would love to lose the condom and cum over her face and in her mouth, maybe she would swallow eventually!

Once she is really into my cum, and craving cum a lot, I would like to get her taking more eg threesomes/foursomes or more on her face.

Any ideas how I can achieve this?

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  • Dude, first off.... man up. Grab her hair and bury her face in your cock. Get a little rough. She's a lady?.... show her what a man is. She's not looking for another woman in bed, she's waiting for you to grow a pair and do her right. If you don't someone will.

  • Get her drunk, try some four twenty, I've been doing women that way for years enough booze and call your friends choo choo time.

  • That is good plan just let her run with it and your buddy’s l really think she would love it at the time or if not I betting you sure would just think if she likes it how much more you can give her

  • You should've married a slut, that's what I did. My wife was biggest whore I knew, everybody i know fucked her, I did the first night I met her. She would suck off any one and loved to swallow cum. Now she fucks anyone I want.

  • So is mine

  • Right on

  • If a hypnotist changed a woman, she wanted to change and had a good blameless reason. If she wants to be different there are lots of ways to let her feel like it's not her fault.

  • A man that can make her cum from intercourse and can fuck her to the limit of her ability and is not committed to her can make her want to do almost anything to please him. That's not you and never can be. Sorry. Divorce her and she may be what you want in a year or two but she will not want you.

  • Let me guess another... i meet my wife 3 weeks ago and we got married today... good job buddy now enjoy ur wife... more and more stupid men like u... date for 4-5 years minimum i bet u after 1 - 2 years maximum! u would have known she dosent want to swallow u and all this other stupid shit she dosent want to do... and u could just BREAK UP! and keep all ur stuff... now u can divorce her and split everything u have or take her to a hypnotism hahaha like another scum like u had posted on here.. or cheat bc ur scum who jumped to getting married to a lesbian... i say dont do anything and enjoy ur wife. grats!

  • Just get a whore on the side who will do everything you want without complaint.

  • I have a guaranteed way to change your wife because i had that situation with my wife. im gonna tell you what you need to do and i Personally guarantee she'll change and youll be ALOT happier. Step 1- take her to a hypnotism show get her into it and after the show is over talk to the hypnotist and explain your situation itll cost extra BUT ITS WORTH IT. he'll put her under and leave post hypnotic suggestion in her head. take some time and learn how to put her under as well from youll have Full control over her and dont listen to people that dont believe in it ITS REAL and IT WORKS- bbwlover

  • Anyone know a Hypnotist who would leave a trigger word in her head that upon hearing would make her want to fuck the first man to her and of course I would require a off button. Perhaps install this secret word whilst undergoing a Stop Smoking session

  • No, there is no hope in doing what you want.

  • For that u need to convince her that this is just normal and you loves almost all women there is an inner slut, i can help u out , my e mail is bbc at asia dot c0m.

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